Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant @ Taman Pekaka

Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant @ Taman Pekaka WAS a restaurant that I used to condemn. But seeing many people are still recommending it after my first visit, I decided to give it another try. After that, I was convinced and it totally changed my impression on the restaurant. I wonder what went wrong in my first visit.

dim sum
abalone dim sum

Razor Clam Dim Sum. It could’ve been much nicer if the razor clams were fresher. Not that it’s not fresh, just that we arrived quite late in the morning. So, the freshness is bound to drop and the texture became a bit rubbery. Although it was way past breakfast hour, I found that many people are still eating. They are quite famous in this area and business has always been brisk.

fried prawns

Very delicious looking and tasting fried prawn dumplings. Best of all, there’s not a hint of oil smell. As always, they are to be dipped into the mayonaisse, good stuff.

egg tart
dim sum

Har Kao is not bad too. I think a dim sum chef needs to be very skillful and experienced enough to ensure the skin is done just right. If the skin is too thin the prawn fillings may break out even when you pick it up using the chopsticks.

dim sum

Chicken crown dumpling, nice too. And followed with some assorted siu mai.

dim sum

Most of the items here are standard [tag]Penang[/tag] [tag]dim sum[/tag] price, from RM2.10 to RM3.00 per basket.

dim sum
maxim dim sum restaurant

I guess I owe Maxim Dim Sum restaurant an apology for labeling them as ‘sucks’ earlier lol. They’re pretty good actually, even better than some dim sum restaurants in Georgetown hehe. Oh and by the way, they serve some pretty awesome chicken porridge, very recommended ah.
For those studying in USM or working in Bayan Lepas are no stranger to this restaurant in [tag]Taman Pekaka[/tag]. It’s located just next to Tesco Extra as shown in the wikimapia. This restaurant is also related to Max Gourment opposite Queensbay, which serve Hongkie style of food. I am guessing they sourced the dim sum here.

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17 Responses

  1. Allie says:

    I like the dim sum here. But it’s been quite sometime since my last visit.
    I noticed that they no longer operate at night. Previously they used to operate for dinner.

    I like the fried fishball and also the yong tau fu there. Yummy.

    Allie’s last blog post..First “war” in my new kitchen

    vk: Yes, they don’t operate at night from my last visit to that area. I was eating the ‘Chau Fan Wang’ – Fried Rice King and noticed they were closed. If they open at nights, I bet the restaurant would be FULL!

  2. Criz Lai says:

    I have tried the dim sum here earlier and found that they have improved their quality a lot. The reason you found it to be horrible earlier was that this is the 4th owner of the shop. They have changed the management now. I believe that they also have a branch somewhere near Queensbay Mall.

    Since you are into dim sum, why don’t you come over my blog and check out the contest I have at the moment. I believed that they are the only dim sum shop around Penang island that will serve its customer from 12 midnight until 12 noon daily effective 4th August 2008. Who knows with your photography skill and good reviews, you might win back RM100 worth of food vouchers. Do check it out :)

    Criz Lai’s last blog post..FUN TEA GARDEN REVIEW CONTEST 飯點心茶樓回顧比賽

  3. Mark says:

    Dim sum here is great, loads of variety and it’s quite fresh. Been here a few times, does not disappoint…except maybe trying to find a place if you come during peak morning hours at 8-10 am =)

    Mark’s last blog post..KFC Breakfast Meals

    vk: Yeah.. I have eaten a few times and took away too. One of the nicest place to have dim sum in Bayan Lepas/Bayan Baru area

  4. PrettyGirl2u says:

    Yummy. Can’t wait for it already. Where sell dim sum for dinner? :P

    PrettyGirl2u’s last blog post..cccserene Annie

  5. sakaigirl says:

    Hi, I think your blog is the best food blog i ever visited! Great job! You have actually inspired be to write a blog of my own! I’m really new on blogging…There are still alot of things that i’m still trying out…I’ve tried using WordPress but it requires own domain to be able to add Nuffnang Ad. So i finally use blogger,but still have some prob with the
    All the best! Happy Blogging!

    vk: Thanks sakaigirl. Enjoy your blogging too! Don’t rush into Advertlets/Nuffnang yet :) I only added ads when I had a good traffic. Good luck again!

  6. CK Lam says:

    Wow, looking at these dimsum on Sunday morning makes me having difficulty of swallow my bread. :( Will definitely go for breakfast at this place next Sunday.
    Nice of you to share this interesting outlet.

    CK Lam’s last blog post..Penang Bloggers Gathering at Hai Nan Town Restaurant

    vk: No prob. I hope you like it. Just to let you know, I ate at this place like a year ago.. LOL. Now only I posted it.. not sure if their quality is still maintaining.. Happy Eating!

  7. Noir says:

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    I would like to invite you to visit Food Promotions blog at for all the promotions throughout Malaysia. Do link us at your site. Thanks for your support. Hope to see you soon at Food Promotions Blog.

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  8. PenangTuaPui says:

    aiya.. why like that one… i dun like to see this la….

    I shud see this at weekend.. not weekday!!!!….

    kek sim….. weekday only canteen roti :(

    PenangTuaPui’s last blog post..Announcement: Penang Tua Pui Photos display issue

  9. cumi@ciki says:

    red color siew mai… how cute !

  10. konghulang says:

    Good to hear that you finally like the Maxim dimsum now.
    Next you probably need to go back to Sg Nibong Koay-Teow-Teow-Th’ng on Tuesday and taste their famous “Pipe-water” Koay-Teow-Th’ng, then tell us if it is still the Best in Bayan Lepas…..just a suggestion. Jangan marah ya.

    vk: Hey, nice to know you’re back. I have been wondering where’ve you been :) Anyway I won’t have chance to try the Koay Teow Soup anymore lol. If you have any suggestion where to get a good one in Bayan Lepas feel free to leave a comment!

  11. konghulang says:

    The one next door is much more better, anyway forget about Koay-Teow-Th’ng in BL all are not up to the standard to consider “good”.
    Try this new Hokkien Mee stall at this same coffee shop (at the back of the pipe-water KTT) , an old lady with her husband is selling Yummy & Cheap Hokkien Mee recently, probably the best in BL.

    vk: Thanks for the suggestions! I will be going back to PG in 2 weeks time, I will have about 4-5 days to do my food hunt in Penang. Will try to try the ones you suggested.

  12. buzzingbee says:

    Heard about this shop lots of times from friends but somehow still didn’t go there myself to try it out. Everything there looks good!!

    buzzingbee’s last blog post..Foodies Gathering

  13. Nsync23 says:

    Guys, some extra info about this shop.
    They open a new branch just opposite Queensbay mall.
    They serve alot of food others than DIM SUM.
    The shop operate till 9pm.

    This shop definitely 1 of the best restaurant in penang with cheap price + nice food.

  14. These are some of the best looking dumpling I’ve ever seen :)

  15. Xiao Ping says:

    Used to hang out here with friends in the morning then some shopping at TESCO Extra just opposite ^^v

    Dim Sum here are satisfying & of good quality

    A quite nice place to have breakfast with refreshing atmosphere

  16. Anonymous says:

    i had tried a 2 inches screw inside the dim sum before. nightmare….

  17. Enqvist says:

    just visit and give me a good impression, been long time never visit.
    Enqvist´s last blog post ..Aza Aza Starvil

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