Pulau Ketam Trip Part One

Pulau Ketam is a small island located off the coast of Port Klang and is accessible by ferry from Port Klang. Literally translated, Pulau Ketam means Crab Island. I was there for a one day trip after hearing some good things about the seafood on the island. Actually, driving to Port Klang was a huge mistake, it was a long journey. And we got lost on the way too. It’s more convenient to use the KTM, as the jetty to Pulau Ketam is just next to the Port Klang KTM station.
First thing we did reaching [tag]Pulau Ketam[/tag] was of course to find some [tag]seafood[/tag] to eat!

kuai lok hian

We chose Kuai Lok Hian because the other restaurants were too full. Tourists especially families and fishing groups were coming in droves that day, making full use of the public holiday.

fried calamari

We wanted to order crab since we were in “Crab Island”. Come to Crab Island of course must eat crabs, right? But, the price was just too expensive – RM40 per kg. Even crabs in KL don’t cost that much! So, we had to opt for other seafood like this Fried Calamari @ RM8. Nice and crispy, very well worth the price paid.

kam heong mantis prawn

Second dish, Kam Heong Mantis Prawns @ RM12. I was really surprised at the cheap price. And you can see that the mantis prawns are quite big and meaty. Not only it’s cheap, it tasted great too!

bamboo clams

Next dish is one of Kuai Lok Hian’s signature dishes – Bamboo Clams cooked using their very own traditional recipe. Priced at RM15, this dish is a steal. Look at the size of those bamboo clams, humongous! I have eaten a lot of bamboo clams in my life, but none has ever come close to this size. Taste wise, it was similar to kung pao style minus the spiciness.

la la chien

La La Chien, or fried clams is a popular dish in Pulau Ketam. It’s fried like the normal fried oyster, just substituting oysters with clams and adding bean sprouts into it. Not sure if you can spot the clams though lol. They are the very tiny species. La La Chien is so popular in Pulau Ketam that you can find it here

pulau ketam la la chien


pulau ketam


pulau ketam

and here

pulau ketam

Too bad I didn’t realize there were other stalls before I orderd my La La Chien. If not I surely would have tried this Lau Zhi Hau’s. From the looks, their La La Chien seems to be the nicest of all..

pulau ketam

Funny thing is, seems like all stalls claim theirs to be the famous one. And each has their very own newspaper cutting to back the claim, lol. I simply couldn’t try all stalls in one day. But the one I had in front of Kuai Lok Hian was certainly not impressive at all. Protip: Try the others ok?


The people in Pulau Ketam do not ride motorcycles or drive cars due to the small island size and the narrow roads. Instead, bicycle is used as the main mode of transportation and some are even modified to be motorized. Most restaurants and shops in Pulau Ketam rents bicycle as side income but I wouldn’t recommend it on a crowded day like this because it’s very hard to navigate through the tourists.


Many shops sell seafood products.


Look at the cheap price, RM6 for 10 packetsRM10 for 6 packets! LOL.

pulau ketam SUNDRY SHOP

These shops are all located just after Kuai Lok Hian. There are about five to six shops on both sides on the road selling the same things.


Fancy some colorful sandals?

pulau ketam crabs

I will stop here and continue the rest of the trip in the next post. There are just too many photos! Meanwhile, take a look at some genuine Pulau Ketam crabs.. do they look any different to you? LOL.

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  1. Lili

    Hai VKeong,
    I have sent email to you regarding Sunway Hotel booking, and wondering if you have received and how is it so far ? pls let me know.
    Thanks, Lili

  2. PenangTuaPui

    If I am not mistaken, that is not an island, but a group of long legged village instead…

    I like bamboo clam la…. look yum yum….

    y u din tell me.. can go together ma… but wonder the boat can fit us in… high risk…

    PenangTuaPui’s last blog post..Four Seasons Tea Restaurant

    vk: You’re right.. it can’t be really called an Island.. most buildings are built on stilts.. cement.


    Pulau Ketam should be off Port Klang right? THere’s plenty of seafood around this area but not sure what to choose. Mantis Prawn – what does it tastes like better than prawns?

    JENCOOKS’s last blog post..JENCOOKS VIEWERSHIP hit 1000 viewers on 8.8.2008 at 1.18am

    vk: Yep, off Port Klang. Seafood is abundance but only certain types are cheap. The meat texture of mantis prawn (or shrimps) is different from the normal prawns. As for the taste, it depends on the individual I guess.

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  5. Jen

    I’ve just bookmarked this page, the photo’s have made my mouth water. I’m researching destinations for a trip to KL next March and definitely want to visit Pulau Ketam…I love seafood!\..plus it looks a pretty unique community to visit. Thanks for sharing your experience, fantastic

  6. Jowe Lee

    I have a group of friends came from Hong Kong & China, and I brought them to Pulau Ketam. However, it was a bad experience for us. We have been cheated by a couple who claimed to be the only trasport provider when we reach Port Klang Jetty on 31-Aug. The Lady with a loud speaker was getting all the tourist before they reach jetty, and the price was RM15 per person (much higher than the normal speed boat RM7, which i found out when i reach Pulau Ketam, besides that she also get all the tourist wait with more than 30 mins where she claimed the boat has not arrive yet. There has been a lot of story about her, after i get to known a guy from Pulau Ketam. Besides me and my friends, i saw a lot mat salleh also getting very very dissappointed with the service where i think it bring negative effect to tourism in Malaysia. After all, she and her husband is running this business without proper license, and yet, she is an Indonesian!!! I wish the relevant dept from govt will take action on it.

  7. Randall Chong

    Hello, thanks to your blog, I went to Pulau Ketam today. The food was good. However, razor clams was out of season, so I tried the steam clams instead and I was not disappointed. Very fresh ! Overall though, other than the food, I thought Pulau Ketam as a destination was a major disappointment. I am temporary living in PJ and it took about 2.5 hrs each way to get to the island by bus, train and train. So, for that kind of time, I felt it was not worth it. Thank you though.

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