Kang Beef Koay Teow Soup @ Jalan Kulim, Bukit Mertajam

Kang Beef Koay Teow Soup @ Jalan Kulim, Bukit Mertajam was recommended by a fellow reader. I have always knew about the stall and its popularity among BM’s [tag]Beef Soup Koay Teow[/tag] lovers, just that I didn’t have the initiative to try it. But, I finally tried it on my last trip back to hometown.

beef soup koay teow

I ordered the dry version which cost RM6 for the smallest order. Price wise it was kinda expensive if compared to the ones I could have had in KL. Anyway, the preparation was really simple – by adding dark soy sauce and chopped garlic with oil on it. Sad to say the noodles tasted pretty bland – I could only taste dark soya sauce and nothing else.

beef soup

For dry beef koay teow, the beef meats are served separately in a bowl of beef soup. It tasted quite good with plenty of ingredients. I think I could have enjoyed the soup even more if there weren’t so much chopped coriander leaves in it. Although I don’t particularly dislike coriander, the amount was just too much and overpowering for my liking.

beef soup koay teow bm

If you can read Chinese, you will see that they serve bull penis as well, just add RM8. Well, I am not that daring yet lol.

stor beef soup koay teow

There aren’t many Beef Soup Koay Teow stalls in Bukit Mertajam. So, unless you are willing to travel to Butterworth or Penang island for the really good ones, Kang’s is still quite OK to satisfy some cravings for beef koay teow soup.

Map: http://wikimapia.org/#lat=5.3540448&lon=100.4714298&z=18&l=0&m=a&v=2
GPS Coordinates: N5 21.247 E100 28.286

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18 Responses

  1. PenangTuaPui says:

    hi , vkeong,

    why dun you try the penis…. i knw it is a bit disgusting…. but… i think it is worth of trying at least once…

    we will try in case we happen to drop by BM..

    btw.. why recently can get hold of you through MSN… wonder… :(

    PenangTuaPui’s last blog post..PenangTuaPui V2 : Food and Dine Launched

  2. Motormouth says:

    bull’s penis? haha..that’s interesting. give it a try ma…c got aphrodisiac effect not, for RM8 only, way way way cheaper than modern med.

    Motormouth’s last blog post..Motormouth’s BACK from Hong Kong/Macau trip … & Darn Exhausted !!!

  3. allie says:

    Bull’s penis? Hmm.. . I don’t think I dare to try ler…

    allie’s last blog post..Breeks Cafe

  4. fooi says:

    The price shown on the pictures not cheap leh.. Is not somewhere located in KL so that is expensive.

    fooi’s last blog post..Lose 20 Lbs in 10 Days With Regular Food

  5. wmw says:

    Oooh la la….haha, not for me!

    wmw’s last blog post..Exotic Enigmatic Egypt! Part 12

  6. cumi@ciki says:

    wow.. 6 bucks for small is not cheap eh? but then again, beef and parts are more expensive than say chicken i suppose. Just add 8 for the penis.. hahaha.. cheap date;P

  7. allenooi says:

    expensive huh….. for me, i also not dare to try lo…. but maybe will order for the sake of taking photos. or maybe try one bite. haha.

    allenooi’s last blog post..Dragon-i Restaurant

  8. ziyi says:

    I prefer the one in penang opposite the balai bomba one. If you noticed, the meat they served in bm are way too thin compare to the penang one. So stingy. more. i also don’t like the thick black sauce with the noodle. And they put too much garlic.

  9. CK Lam says:

    Prices are not that expensive as we all know beef cost more than pork.

    Btw… would you be able to change your mind and take some time to join us in our Penang gathering this Saturday… just as email2me says….tu bak very tempting lor :)

    CK Lam’s last blog post..Dragon-i Special Promo for What2See Readers

  10. jason says:

    I don’t like coriander too and bull’s penis? O.o
    Isn’t that considered as exotic food?

    jason’s last blog post..Baan Nok

  11. Lewis says:

    Hmm…$6 for a bowl kinda expensive for a daily fare of noodle. Yup, meat is expensive due to inflation..haha. Restaurant price it seems but I think the portion must be super big rite? Or only the bowl is big..Anyway, have money will eat.

  12. Yup, price is bit expensive, taste is strong and you will need 10 liters water later.

    mommyscchoo@yahoo.com‘s last blog post..Hot or Very Hot

  13. Simon Seow says:

    I read that Lai Foong sometimes also got bull penis available. You have to ask lah.

    Simon Seow’s last blog post..Chili Pan Mee @ Super Kitchen Retaurant

  14. KT says:


    Do you happen to notice that there is a Kelang Lama laksa stall at the opposite far end of the beef stall? Do try their laksa together with their cracker. It’s pretty unique way of eating laksa. You can try their ABC as well.


    vk: Hey you know what I did notice that Laksa Stall.. I will try to find time to try their laksa one day :)

  15. cycbhd says:

    the Lai Foong in KL? Hmmm. NIce.

    Anyone ever try the one near Ferry Teminal Penang??

    cycbhd’s last blog post..Weird- leaf like insect

  16. bm kia says:

    u should’ve tried the soup version…that’s what the stall is famous for!!
    i’ve been having the beef koay teow since i was a little kid.
    try going at around 3 smtg in the afternoon..
    the soup is superb by that time

  17. jy says:

    i feel like i have the obligation to defend this lol. i think this is really nice. and yea the soup version is definitely better. the portion is pretty big considering that it is small.
    it has many “liao” inside too! i always end up having “liao” after finishing all the koay teow.

  1. January 2, 2009

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