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On my quest to search for the best Bak Kut Teh in Klang, Seng Huat Restaurant was one of my stops. Famously known as one of the earliest [tag]Bak Kut Teh[/tag] [tag]restaurant[/tag] in [tag]Klang[/tag], it is also widely hailed as the best too. The restaurant is also known as “Under the bridge Bak Kut Teh”. Reason being its location next to a pedestrian bridge, not really under it as I thought.
I tell you, it’s really hard to find this restaurant and this was actually my second attempt. My first attempt failed miserably and I ended up eating at other BKT restaurants. And the traffic jam, road maintenance works and the many one way roads in Klang town only made things even more difficult.

bak kut teh

Ehh.. is that some hair on the meat? LOL.

chinese tea

We were there early about 5pm and the restaurant was not prepared for any orders yet. They needed another 45 minutes to get ready so we enjoyed some [tag]Chinese tea[/tag] while waiting.
I usually choose Tit Gun Yam for tea, or Hiong Pin (Jasmine Tea) if the former is not available. Drinking tea is a must for me when eating Bak Kut Teh to “wash” down all the meat consumed. Besides, tea also helps in the digestion later!

seng huat articles

Well I couldn’t be drinking tea for that long lol. So, I decided to snoop around the restaurant since it was pretty empty. There were some newspaper cuttings about famous chefs along with TV crews who travelled all the way from Hong Kong and Taiwan just to try the Bak Kut Teh in Seng Huat.
The documentary about Bak Kut Teh filmed by the crews was aired in Astro before, it was quite interesting. I know because I watched it like twice, lol. Apparently Ah Xian was here before too, can you spot him?

bak kut teh price

The prices are nicely displayed on the wall along with another newspaper cutting of Hugo Leung, 梁文韬. A successful chef back in Hong Kong, he is more famously known as “God of Eating” – 香港食神. It says he was in Seng Huat twice for the delicious Bak Kut Teh. BTW, this guy was featured as the food taster and narrator in the Bak Kut Teh documentary I mentioned earlier.

bak kut teh sifu

Finally, it was time for the sifu to cook and for us to get our much awaited clay pot of Bak Kut Teh.

klang bak kut teh

Although it was not the best Bak Kut Teh we had in Klang, it did not disappoint. The meat was nice and tender which to me, is the most important factor for good Bak Kut Teh. You can have the nicest tasting herbal soup in the world but if the meat is tough, it still fails. Nothing is worse than have to eat tough meat because it’s a torture.

bak kut teh
seng huat bak kut teh

On the “Under the bridge Bak Kut Teh” name, this photo explains it all. And I think it’s a good idea to come early before 6pm, before the number of customers start to grow.

seng huat 6pm

At 5:19pm, no one at all.

seng huat 7pm

At 6:04pm – restaurant was almost full with patrons including the restaurant’s extension.

bak kut teh sifu

Overall I think Seng Huat‘s Bak Kut Teh was a good try and it did live up to its fame. There’s one thing I am not sure though – is Seng Huat really where Bak Kut Teh originated from? Some said it is while some claimed it’s actually another restaurant.
Well, I don’t really care which restaurant is the original one as long as the food is good. But I would really like to know. So if you have the answer, please drop me a comment and I will plan a trip to Klang again to try it. Thanks!

Address: Kedai Makanan Seng Huat – 9, Jln Besar, Klang.

Other Bak Kut Teh restaurants I have tried in Klang before:
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  1. allie

    I like both the soup and the dry version of Klang Bah Kut Teh. Yummy.
    Too bad… can’t find the dry version in Penang.

    allie’s last blog post..Swensen

    vk: I tried one dry Bak Kut Teh in Bkt Mertajam.. not nice at all :(

  2. whimsicaljottings

    My in laws have been loyal patrons of this shop for the past 20+ years, and knew the PARENTS of the cooks who used to cook here. :P IL’s house is about a five minute drive away. I was told that they have different cooks at night and in the mornings. You may be surprised to note that it will be PACKED TO THE BRIM in the mornings instead of evenings, esp on weekends. If you go on a weekend morning, you’d most likely bump into my in laws heheh.

    But yes, I tasted the BKT in the morning and at night, and I gotta agree, the one in the morning tastes better.

    Also, apparently, this owner of this shop used to work at a different shop (just the next street), right beside a Chinese Medical Hall. So, perhaps thats the original one? You might want to try that one out.

    Good luck.

    P.s. : Darn it, I wish I had some BKT now. Woe is me. :(

    whimsicaljottings’s last blog post..It is always darkest just before the dawn….

  3. royalz

    Melly, if u don’t want to get lost another alternative would be by taking train to Klang ktm station ..from KTM station turn right u should be able to see the bridge. Or from there u can ask ppl around there, they should know! Anyways, i tried teluk pulai one before. But from what I heard Pandamaran in Klang have the best bah kut teh. Too many bah kut teh in Klang. Different people will have different taste.

  4. Carl

    I read one of the comment suggested Fei Kay BKT in Tmn Bayu Perdana .. :-P Ppl tends to remember this shop because of the name (Fei Kay = Aeroplane). The BKT is nothing special. Another overrated is Yeo’s BKT @ Hokkien Association .. This one for noobs (outside klang resident) to bring their friends for BKT pretending they know Klang BKT well .. Be warned ..

  5. amy

    Seng Huat still the best BKT i Klang.Others place i try already but the taste of the soup not nice.I like the type that have heavy BKT taste.
    Its true what our fren:whimsicaljottings say the place is pack in the morning. sometimes you would see people queue especially weekend.
    Klang now is really jammed. so just take KTM stop at Klang station.
    Drive to klang ???? :-( unless u use Kesas highway and find the way to there.

  6. Jon

    greetings ….

    I was born and breed in klang ….. grew up having bak kut teh for breakfast , lunch and dinner (supper as well)

    What I heard is that the “under the bridge” BKT shop isnt the pioneer. He is the brother of the original seller who’s son is manning a shop neaby there. Unfortunately the quality of tat shop isnt tat good anymore.

    The good news is, the sister opened a shop in Selayang (good news for KL people) which is one of the best I have ever tasted !!! Better than most BKT in Klang

    If u want to try something different, there is a shop (open 6pm-2am) in Pandan Jaya that sells DOUBLE BOILED Bak Kut Teh and they serve yam rice as well !!!! Try out their Pepper Pig Stomach soup as well , its blow ur mind

    1. Food Lover

      hi Jon
      i always hunting BKT at Klang Valley, but never know that at Selayang also got best BKT even i stay there. Do u mind tell me where it located?

      1. Post
  7. klang_ppl

    i was born in klang and stay in klang till now….just very angry on ppl that dont know how to tasts the BKT…every 1 thought that eating BKT must have dry or claypot with lot of stuff like vegietable,meat ball,or yau char kuay…this is just for comerical so that can earn alot!
    actually, the most origin of BKT is use traditional bowl with simple meat and soup…just that all! but ppl nowdays who try BKT with the soup is herbal soup say delicious…..haiz….let me tell all u that the most origin BKT is to taste the soup is not the soup is herbal but little and it will have the taste of meat!
    at here i would say there is a shop in klang whom sell the most origin BKT with no claypot or dry BKT! but the shop owner dont like to fame and had been refuse for many of interview and visit including the God of Eating from Hong Kong…(i cant say the name of the shop) but my statement is true if u ask all the old folks in klang that who are the most origin BKT shop in klang!
    (This is just part of my opinion and i not critist or recomend any of the BKT shop)

  8. sally

    i’m agree with Klang_ppl. I’m klg ppl as well, and ate BKT when i was small..from what i knew was the so called “under bridge BKT” is another bridge, but not the 1 VK introduced. But honestly, the BKT shop also known as under the bridge is actually just beside a small car park, and the shop is not that looks hygine. But the 1st hand ppl to cook BKT – the father already passed away, so now is his son to do b/z over there. And they are a few brothers – and opened own BKT shop around klang area. 1 of tat is at “Lan Hua Yuan” – 陈庆祥BKT, jus opposite the padang, he is selling the traditional type BKT-the bowl + meat. Another bros shop is jus next to the way towards banting road..but i dunno wat the area name.

    I love BKT too !

  9. BKT_King

    hi vkeong,

    the first and original bakuteh is just 2 blocks away from seng huat. it is actually seng huat’s father shop.
    he (the father) died few yrs back and the sons (one of it is seng huat) branched out. the other sons are located in taman rashna and another occupy the original (father) shop. also their cousin operate in bandar baru klang. if u try all of it, u will
    notice all their bakuteh tasted almost similiar. but i still prefer the 1 in tmn rasna (lan hua yan)..heh

    do gimme a buzz when u plan to come down klang and i’ll be happy to bring u a BKT tour

    of sorts :)

  10. BKT_King

    i totally agree with Carl. Aeroplane (Fei Kay) Bakuteh sucks to the max. It is the worse Bkt i ever had. don’t let the catchy name fool u. nothing special. Haha and yeah, it’s for noob to bring their outstation friends to show off. be warned

  11. Born and breath in klang!

    You got it all wrong bro! unfortunately this is so not the famous and earliest under the bridge BKT,in fact this shop only comes up after like 20yrs from the original one.
    The original BKT in klang is only meat and soup,no mushroom,veg etc…all those only spoil the original taste.
    The original under the bridge BKT in klang starts at 6am and finish ard 9am,its very near this seng huat can actually park at seng huat and walk to the street right opposite seng huat and you’ll see a carpark,just before the carpark turn left and walk about 50meters and the shop is at ur right (a corner shop) that is the original one. been lasting for 3 generations already.
    but one thing this shop caters for the regulars,so the best meats are reserved for them,thus go as early as possible.

    1. Post
  12. KlangDude

    Sorry to break it to you vkeong,But id have to agree with the other klang locals here.Thats not the “real” under the bridge klang bak kut teh.
    As the previous person has mentioned,the “real” one opens at about 6am to 9am and serves nothing but pork and bkt. (without the other additives like vege,tau pok etc.)
    The shop im referring to is so old,that the name sign of the restaurant is covered with dust,so heavy that i cant even make out its name myself.Its right beside an abandoned parking lot just below the bridge.Just a few blocks away from SengHuat.SengHuat is nearer to the bridge,but that shop is within a few meters from the bridge.
    Thats the best info i can give you about the way to get to that shop.But id recommend if u asked a local klang bkt lover to bring u there.You were very near to the shop that day!!

  13. delicious

    Wow, I’ll take my hat off to you, mate! Looks like you’re really the Klang BKT expert! We were there recently to try this delight and were really taken by the BKT at Teluk Pulai, how does that one measure up against this one?

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  15. kimmoilian

    31/12 12.30p.m i go that but bkt finish liao,气人啊!next time must be early bird,i must try it next time…………

  16. Erin

    I too grew up having BKT for breakfast (4am) , lunch, dinner and supper. There was a time when BKT for breakfast is like Dim Sum to the rest of the world. BKT breakfast in Klang starts early… very early. To avoid disappointments, kids were woken up, bathed, powdered, dressed and bundled into the car before 7am. Everyone knew the best cuts of meat would be sold well before 8am.
    Aah…those were the days…..

    These days, BKT has lost its true essence erring towards bulging bank accounts.

    BKT was once about Family. It was once about familiarity. It was the thread that weaved generations of families, families who once sat together, laughed together and shared together.

    There were invaluable lessons to be learned at BKT meals. Lessons on tradition, respect, appreciation, loyalty, integrity, perseverance and a sense of community.

    These days BKT is about profitability. It is all about riding the waves of publicity and commerciality. It is about compromising authencity to please the masses. It has transformed a simple wholesome lesson packed broth into a circus. It offends me when a BKT seller from KL comes to town to sell me BKT in my backyard.

    These days … BKT is just a bowl of soup.

  17. Peter Chew

    Vk, I am from Klang where Bkt originate. You missed out on Samy in Pandamaran which is one of the top 5 Bak Kut Teh shops in Klang.

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