Floating Seafood Paradise Restaurant @ Bukit Tambun

I am continuing to explore the seafood restaurants in Bukit Tambun and Floating – Seafood Paradise restaurant was my stop this time. It is one of the largest seafood restaurant in [tag]Bukit Tambun[/tag] and located quite hidden from the road.
If you are driving a little too fast you might miss the turning as the sign board is not that big. As the name implies, the floating restaurant is the main attraction other than the food.

dried chilli froglegs

We saw the frog legs were exceptionally meaty compared to other restaurants so we just had to order it. It’s not easy to find [tag]seafood[/tag] restaurants that have meaty frog legs nowadays, skinny ones are just no no for me.
The best way to cook [tag]frog legs[/tag] to me is none other than using dried chilis (kung pao stlye) because they will rid of the unwanted smell. Some people perceive frog legs as exotic food but not for me. I have been eating them since young and have always been a fan of frog legs.
The dish was not as spicy as I expected and turned out to be a little sweet instead. Cost RM15 for about 4-5 frogs.

steamed tiger fish

Tiger fish 虎鱼, a quite unknown species to most has one of the most delicate and sweet flesh. They are grey colored and can be easily recognized from their big, bulky head.
A full grown [tag]tiger fish[/tag] typically costs RM6-8 depending on its size.
Steaming is definitely the best way to cook them to ensure they taste the freshest. Also, unlike other fish they are usually skinned before being cooked. We had two, costing RM14.

salted egg mantis prawns

Next up was on of Floating restaurant’s signature dish – Salted Egg Mantis Prawns @ RM4 each. My mom and sister didn’t really liked it but me and brother enjoyed it. They said the dish was too wet and thought it would fare better if drier. Well, I do agree with that.

fried oyster

Fried oyster @ RM10 came in a big plate alright. Sadly, we found that the amount of oysters was not only lacking but also small in size.
We felt like we were eating omelette more lol. Luckily it tasted quite good.. Only if more oysters were used, then it’d be an excellent dish.

kam heong bamboo clams

Lastly, Kam Heong Bamboo Clams @ RM15. They aren’t as big as what I’ve previously eaten in Pulau Ketam but the tastiness made up for that.
Nicely stir fried with dried shrimps and curry leaves in special chili sauce, the dish was both exciting and a palate pleaser that went extremely well with white rice.

floating seafood paradise restaurant

Now let me take you on a brief tour of the restaurant. This is why it is called Floating Seafood Paradise, the restaurant’s dining area is sitting on a huge man made pond with lots of live fish swimming around. I am not sure if they are edible or used in the dishes though.

floating seafood paradise restaurant

Some of the seafood on display to help customer make their orders. This is the first thing you will see once stepping into the restaurant. I’d certainly love to try that huge lobster but it was too rich for my blood lol.

floating seafood paradise restaurant

The kitchen area, next to the place where the seafood is located shown in the last photo. By the way, actually there’s one problem about Floating restaurant – the flies.
If you are a hygiene freak then you might want to give it a miss. And chasing the flies while trying to enjoy your food at the same time is really frustrating, lol.

floating seafood paradise restaurant

The last time I ate here was like 7-8 years ago and I am quite surprised that Floating restaurant has managed to keep their business up.
I remembered it was not as popular but there were a lot of people that day, maybe because it was a public holiday. And parking won’t be a problem because the parking lot is huge.

Address: Lot 2400, Jalan Bukit Tambun, 14110 Simpang Ampat.
Tel: 04-5883063
Map: http://wikimapia.org/#lat=5.2757833&lon=100.4454017&z=17&l=0&m=m&v=2 (not very sure)

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14 Responses

  1. J2Kfm says:

    yeah, the flies at most of the seafood restaurants there are annoying and revolting.
    seafood but no crabs? =)

    J2Kfm’s last blog post..Hong Kong/Macau 2008 – Red Ant Baked Rice, Mong Kok Street Food & Shek Moh Fong Dessert House

  2. cumi@ciki says:

    are those fangs i see on the tiger fish? .. COOL!

  3. allenooi says:

    Normally if we go Tambun to have seafood, we will have it in the restaurant at the back. I forgot the name. In front of the restaurant, there is a stall selling the jelly. I hope you know which one I am mentioning. The tiger fish looks like snake to me! LOL :)

    allenooi’s last blog post..Fun Tea Garden

  4. e-Leng says:

    I think they rare those fishes for their restaurant business. It looks like “fei zhou yu” to me. Haha!!

    e-Leng’s last blog post..TGKC IntelPro Sdn Bhd

    vk: Yaloh, I also think those are Fei Zhou Yu leh

  5. CK Lam says:

    The food looks yummy but its sad to hear of having to chase off flies while enjoying the meal. I had this same experience during my dinner at the new Chiang Kee in Nibong Tebal. The irritating flies even land on my body.

    ck lam

    CK Lam’s last blog post..Welcome all to What2seeonline.com

    vk: Haha.. yeah I know.. you know what’s worse? I had a fly dropped into a vegetable of ours (in Bkt Tambun too) before.. and the restaurant not only didn’t remove that dish from the bill.. they even charged us for the replacement one!

    • noobi says:

      i argee . 1 of mine problem is there . look like very dirty .. but when i ask .. they got many reason .. exeplain like .. old.. long time open .. is like dat .. zzzzz dis not reason la pls // vkeong… dun post on .. pls ..

  6. samyeap says:

    i like the pond in the restaurant, seems like a nice place but the moment I read flies flying around the place, I think I will not rushing to go there yet!

    samyeap’s last blog post..Penang: Nine Emperor Gods Float Procession

  7. PenangTuaPui says:

    Kam Heong Bamboo Clams is one of my favorite dish and i always order one if there is any.

    My wife dun like to having seafood at this outlet as she feel dizzy when there is kids running around the area……

    PenangTuaPui’s last blog post..Penang Food: Mua Chee – Genting

    vk: I rather have kids running around than having flies flying around, LOL!

  8. yahui says:

    i was hungry. therefore, i entered. :D

    and i hate you, let me see but cannot eat. :(

    lol just kidding. :)

  9. yahui says:

    where did my comment go?!!!!

    vk: What comment? >.< Edit: Found it, Akismet caught it as spam lulwut

  10. noobcook says:

    I like places like these … can you throw some leftover rice to feed the fish? haha (there was once I did that when I was young =x)

    haven’t had breakfast and looking at the feast right now is pure torture =D

    noobcook’s last blog post..Chicken Curry with Potatoes

  11. mommyscchoo@yahoo.com says:

    nice place for dining, good for hosting foreign guests and even non Penangnites. Price is reasonable, food are variety. Kerabu king crab eggs is quite nice.

    vk: Minus the flies would be perfect, lol

  12. tan says:

    i like the Floating Seafood Paradise Restaurant @ Bukit Tambun, seafood very fresh,i think the price is quite cheap compared with others seafood restaurants…when i visit with my friends in penang, sure i will drop down there, and enjoying fresh seafood with my friends…

  13. ec says:

    Can someone tell me how to get to Bukit Tambun ( seafood) . I will be driving either from Ipoh or Butterworth .

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