Hakka Noodles @ Jalan Kulim, Bukit Mertajam

I am a sucker for Hakka Noodles and I would always order it if it’s available. One day I saw this Hakka food stall next to Kang’s Beef Noodle in Bukit Mertajam. And as far as I know, it is the very first in BM to sell Hakka noodle. So, I gave it a try with fairly high hopes it could rival the quality in KL.


The minced meat was OK but the noodles was a disappointment, pretty bland tasting. Sad to say it still has a long way to go before being able to match the Hakka noodles in KL. Even those prepared by foreigners taste better. The only consolation is the cheap price @ RM2.50 per bowl.


Oops, crappy photo due to backlight lol. Besides Hakka noodle, Yong Tau Fu and Lui Cha are also available. Although I am Hakka, I am not a big fan of Lui Cha at all lol. If you haven’t had Hakka noodle before but curious about the taste, you can probably give it a try.
GPS Coordinates: N5 21.245 E100 28.289

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  1. Chin

    Hakka noodles in Penang? Good try. Food in mainland Penang is cheap. Still prefer nyonya.

    vk: Yeah, most food in the mainland side are still below RM3

  2. Eric

    Never try this Hakka mee before although I’m authentic BM kia. One recommendation here, I was one of the regular customer of pan mee in Seri Kembangan or Serdang. It only opens during night time ~7pm-10pm.

    How to get there?
    From Equestrian club going to South city plaza using the old road, you will pass by a Dunlop car tyre shop beside the main road, the stall is just there.

    Sorry that I don’t remember exactly the street name. :)

    vk: Hi Eric, I think you’re referring to this stall? :) I posted about it not too long ago: http://www.vkeong.com/2008/07/30/pan-mee-serdang-raya/

  3. Tummythoz

    Hmm I’m quite familiar with BM but still cannot recall seeing such stalls. Where exactly along Jln Kulim? Near St Anne’s church?

    vk: Yes you’re right. Jalan Kulim is the road you use to reach St Anne’s Church from the town. If you can find Yin Onn (the chinese herb/medicine shop) you will see this. It’s only opposite

  4. Eunice

    Ooh hakka noodles! i LOVE the noodles itself, bangsar has some pretty good selections although you’d never get it for RM2.50. I had the worst hakka noodles ever in Chau Yang, PJ yesterday…so yeah, time to find eat a good bowl again! Any other recommendations?

  5. lotsofcravings

    use the flash maybe?? should give it abit more oomph (in terms of light)..

    vk: I am actually quite pai seh to use the flash there.. eating there alone with a camera was already weird enough for people to stare at me lol.

  6. allenooi

    have u tried the on in sungai nibong? quite famous. normally lunch time is full of people. from one shop, now they expand into 2 shops. good business lo!!!

    vk: I used to dine in Sungai Nibong quite frequently.. but I have never noticed Hakke Noodle before lol

  7. enzymo

    I believe the Hakka usually eat this noodles with a bowl of “Yong Tau Fu” type of soup or a plate of fried Yong Taufu or both, depending on what you order.
    I think it is rare if I you only eat that bowl of noodles (with minced pork) by itself. No?

    As far as I know this particular stall sells quite nice
    tasting Yong Taufu cos their fish meat filling is very soft and fresh.

    P/S: The Sg Nibong one is just next to Yaki Teppan if they still in Biz :)

  8. tee

    shoud go to “toast n roast” restaurant at 20 jalan ss2/72 petaling jaya.Its quite a new shop though the choices is loimited but they serve damn good hakka noodles and their char siew is superb.Those that melts in the mouth type.
    a must try in pj area.

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