J.Co Donuts @ Sunway Pyramid

It’s somewhat official: I have run out of food to blog, lol. So, let me dig up a super old entry that I should have post like 4 months ago. Back then, the craze for J.Co donuts was still strong. People would still line up at those absurdly long queues just to purchase the donuts, especially at the Pavilion branch.
Me, I wasn’t that curious enough. But, one day I noticed the surprisingly short queue at the Sunway Pyramid‘s branch so it was the perfect timing to try the famous donuts.

jco donuts

Half dozen costs RM10.95 at the time of purchase. From the top left: Al Capone, Caviar Chocolate, Jacky Chunk, Jcrown Oreo, Why Nut? and Berry Blue. The only ones worth mentioning for me are Why Nut? and Berry Blue.
I didn’t really like some of them especially Caviar Chocolate and Jacky Chunk – those are the ones with peanut and mini chocolate balls toppings. Why? Because it’s just a bit torture for my mouth to eat the really hard toppings. And the worse thing is, the toppings tend to get stuck between my teeth quite easily.
It could be a personal issue for me but still, I didn’t have this problem at all when eating Big Apple‘s donuts.

jco donut

And thanks to the rude staff who attended to my order, I am biased against J.Co now, lol. I won’t talk about the incident but to be frank I don’t think I’d ever buy from J.Co again. Yeah J.Co your business is doing well and you have lots of fans lining up for your donuts. But, that doesn’t mean you can be rude and arrogant towards your customers.
That aside, I noticed only one thing from their donuts, too damn sweet. I know donuts are supposed to taste like that, but *THAT* sweet? Not impressed at all. Thanks but no thanks, I am going to stick with Big Apple instead – even though they are said to be a copycat of J.Co.
In your opinion, which is better? Big Apple or J.Co?

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  1. K.L

    Frankly say i still love J.co more. For me is less sweet then big apple and taste better.But after all the donut craze is like over ad. i haven had 1 since months ago…. I dun like big apple because of the smell of their frying oil… Personal comment , no offense to Big Apple Fans.. After all Big Apple is M’sia brand, we should proud of that…

  2. Serene

    I prefer Big Apple…J. Co is too sweet.
    But for me the best is still the original sugary ones which can be bought from any normal bakery…
    I miss the donuts from Ipoh Bakery in Taiping.

    vk: haha, those sugary donuts were my childhood favorite, only RM0.40! There’s another type which is shaped like a ball.. those are good too

  3. Amny

    For me, Big Apple wins hands down. They have a wider variety of simple chocolate donuts. And I agree with you about JCo donuts being extremely sweet. It’s as if the staff tripped over and spilled a bagful of sugar onto their pastry.

  4. MQ

    I vote for Big Apple! I’ve tried both J Co and Big Apple and though I am never a big fan when it comes to donuts, I ‘ll go for Big Apple. And is it true that Big Apple is a Malaysian brand?

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