Pan Ki Dim Sum @ Sri Petaling

On the first day of Raya, I started off the day by having a wonderful [tag]dim sum[/tag] [tag]breakfast[/tag] at one of the best dim sum [tag]restaurant[/tag] in Sri PetalingPan Ki. Surprisingly, it has the same Chinese name with Phang Key – another good dim sum restaurant nearby in Happy Garden. I don’t know if they’re related but their dim sum is really different from each other.

har gao

The variety of dim sum at Pan Ki is wide and they have a big steaming station. Bamboo steamers stacked as tall as a man are used to cope with the huge customer turnout. I had to wait for a while before finally getting a table for two.
But the short wait has proven very worthwhile. The Har Gao was nice with succulent prawns wrapped in thin translucent skin that didn’t break easily – a proof of the chef’s skill.

siu mai
dim sum

Other steamed dim sum like Siu Mai and Har Mai are pretty good too.

fried dim sum

Deep fried minced meat dumplings were crunchy and delicious. Most importantly, it did not have the undesirable odor from reused cooking oil.

gai wo bao

‘Gai Wo Bao’ (鸡窝包) is a specialty of Pan Ki and it was promoted in many Chinese dailies before. The bun has a curly shape with lots of different fillings inside like glutinous rice, chicken, mushroom and salted egg.
So, basically it’s like ‘no mai gai’ wrapped in a bun. Even the taste is quite similar.

fried radish cake

Hong Kong style fried radish cake is also a popular item in Pan Ki. But, I didn’t really liked it because it was quite oily.


Then, we finished off with a small bowl of rich porridge which looked authentically gluey. If you like dessert, Pan Ki also sells good ‘Sai Mai Lou’ but you gotta be early before it finishes.

pan ki dim sum

A meal like this consisting of 10 different items including a pot of Chinese tea cost RM30.40. After working out the cost, the dim sum is priced roughly around RM2.50 to RM3.00 each. Pretty reasonable if you ask me, highly recommended.
In case you didn’t know, Janbo the restaurant that serves dim sum buffet is situated just a bit further down the same road.

GPS Coordinates: N3 04.107 E101 41.441 (malfreemaps)

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  1. allenooi

    For dim sum, my favourite will be lor mai kai, char siew bao, har kao, egg tart and hk style chee cheong fun. All these normally will in my order list during my visit to the dim sum restaurant. i never try dim sum in KL. Must have a try next time when I go there.

    allenooi’s last blog post..Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

  2. Lady

    The dimsum looks sooooooo tasty.

    And kudos to your shot compositions… the macro shots are awesome. :)

    Lady’s last blog post..China stocks may peak in 2008

    vk: Thanks! I still felt they can be improved though. I can’t take too long when shooting the dim sum because they won’t taste as nice when they turn cold.

  3. kayshoun

    I really don’t want to spoil the party here, but this is a true story happened about 4 years ago. When I first came to KL, I lived with my friend in Sri Petaling. I love the dim sum at Pan Ki and I’ll have it on Saturdays and Sundays with friends.
    Then, about 4 years ago, I brought a friend from Penang over to Pan Ki. I ordered the customary dishes plus 1 lo mai kai for my friend. She dipped her fork into it and she found not one, but HALF of a cockroach in the lo mai kai.
    The lady boss came to apologise and said that our meal is on her. But we couldn’t eat anymore and we left. And that was the last time I went to Pan Ki.

  4. joey cheong

    hello, can i recommend another dim sum shop?
    its at happy garden,
    nearby the night market which is on every saturdays.

    i think its the same family as well.

    personally i think its better den this seri petaling ones.

    just my 2 cents :)

    vk: I think you mean Phang Key? I went there before :) It’s good

  5. fahimi

    hi, im dim sum lover. but it hard to find Halal dim sum except at expensive and so so taste (not value for money). vk or anyone, have any suggestion place?

    vk: Hi Fahimi, I heard that you can get good halal dim sum at Sime Darby Convention center, it’s not a hotel so I think it suits ur need. Hope this helps.

  6. jackson

    i think there is a dim sum house located in btw kuchai lama & happy garden is much more better. ” Kam Hin” HK dim sum house….can try. Another one is very old old style is located opposite previous MTC company,chan show lin, only open after 8 or 9pm till mid nite. The “big” bao & Red bean bow is very famous….always finish sell b4 12am…..can try but parking is a challenge….beside highways…..hehe

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