Jolly BBQ Steamboat Restaurant @ 8-Row, Krian Road

Nothing better than having steamboat in cool and rainy days, don’t you think? I know [tag]Penang[/tag] is having the same funky weather like what we are having here in Selangor recently – hot like hell in the noons and raining after evening and night time.
I feel that Penang‘s steamboat restaurants have a better atmosphere because most of the popular ones are renovated pre-war shophouses. Among the many BBQ steamboat restaurants in Penang Jolly BBQ Steamboat restaurant at 8-Row, Krian Road is another favorite of mine.


Unlike Golden BBQ which places the food at the sides of the restaurant, Jolly places them in a room behind instead. The entrance is not too big so there could be some congestion when the customers grow.

As you can see I was there early so I had the whole room for my own to take photos lol. Anyway, having a huge selection of food is no doubt one of the factors for a successful BBQ steamboat restaurant. It always impresses customers and gives them a perception that they are getting their money’s worth.


Another factor is to have a reasonable amount of fresh seafood. Jolly’s seafood is not as fresh as it can get but still acceptable for me. Then again, let’s get real.. how many buffet style steamboat restaurants can afford to provide the freshest seafood at a fixed price eh?


Vegetables, noodles, eggs and salad.


Many different processed food – meat balls, fish balls, crab sticks etc. Pandan chicken is also available for your BBQ pleasure.


Also, some hot dogs and marinated chicken wings meant for BBQ. Never ever put the marinated stuff into your soup.. my friend did it once and it was a disaster, lol. Yeah, I am laughing now but it wasn’t funny when it happened.


Food cooking in the process.. it’s really fun. That’s all I am going to show because things were really messy after that lol.


The four condiments available from sesame oil to sweet and chili sauce.


After your meal, help yourself to colorful the jellies for dessert.


I snapped this photo under the heavy rain.. talk about being a dedicated and hardcore food blogger eh? If you’re not into steamboat, there are other Chinese restaurants and a couple of bistros for beers at 8-Row as well. You can find the full restaurant listings at oomph.
Finding Krian Road should be relatively easy even if you’re not really familiar with Penang’s roads. From Komtar, turn into McAlister road and look for Red Rock Hotel on your right, shortly after that is a turning to the left. Take that left turn and you will be in Krian Road already.

Address: 2-22E, Krian Road, 10400 Penang
Map via Wikimapia

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Comments 11

  1. TC

    wow… this look nice…
    must get a trip to there soon
    btw how much per person?

    vk: About RM20 per person. Not sure if the price increased already

  2. miku

    vkeong kor kor, now i know y u asking bout weather…:hehe:

    how much per pax ah? i noob nvr been there…:p

    vk: haha.. clever girl :P it’s under RM20 a year ago.. now not sure loh.. should be around that price also i guess

  3. ntan

    steamboat is fun…….hv you try the ‘hu tao law’ @sungai puyu…it has got fish head and yam boiled to make the soup base…. its really vy delicious. the price depends on what you order on the table …… check it out and be there early as it is vy difficult to get table.

    vk: Thanks! Will KIV your suggestion :)

  4. penangTuaPui

    it is always a good tricks for food blogger to get great shot is to go early where all the area is ready for anything….heehee….

    nice shot…… and I love steamboat too… this is one of the frequent hang out spot…

  5. miku

    guan lai…vk kor2 not need pay punya…so nice…i also wan be food blogger or commentator la…:p

    vk: wah who say no need pay ar :P you go start a food blog la.. i support you!

  6. Nate

    Awesome assortment of delectables for steamboat! Makes me want to pull out our burner and hotpot to make our own.

    But no way we can get so many different kinds of things to cook!

    Nate’s last blog post..Tau Yu Bak (Pork Braised in Soy Sauce)

    vk: yeah.. and the environment is important too.. plus, you don’t have to clean up yourself after the meal, hehe

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