Carl’s Jr. Disappointing Charbroiled BBQ Chicken @ Pavilion

Sigh, I am quite disappointed now and I need to rant. You see, I was at Pavilion earlier tonight and was contemplating my choices for dinner – it could have been the newly opened Emperor Q by MOF, Pepper Lunch (steak restaurant), Ichiban Boshi or even Mr. Baoz!
But, of all the restaurants I chose to eat at Carl’s Jr instead. Because, I have a thing for [tag]burger[/tag]s and I thought eating at a fast food restaurant alone would be less awkward. Arrggh, it was a mistake!


Actually, I have already tried CJ at Sunway Pyramid once and their Super Star with Cheese (double charbroiled beef and cheese) impressed me. Since then, I have always wanted to try the other stuff especially the chicken sandwiches.
But then, I must be unlucky because apparently CJ ran out of BACONS. This means the sandwich I wanted to order, Bacon Swiss Crispy [tag]Chicken[/tag] [tag]Sandwich[/tag] would be bacon-less, lol. So, even though I was told that they would give me extra cheese in exchange for the missing bacon, I didn’t take it. At last, I chose the Charbroiled Chicken BBQ Sandwich – small combo meal for about RM20.


The sandwich’s small serving really surprised me.. But hey, I thought to myself, maybe it would still taste good despite the pitiful size. After the first bite, the hope was lost lol. Sandwiched between the weird looking bun (which they call it a Honey Wheat Bun) are charbroiled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato and BBQ sauce.. A pretty tasteless combination and not to mention the meat was quite tough too.
Personally, I felt it was one of the weakest sandwich I ever had.. even McD’s McChicken and KFC’s Zinger Burger tasted a lot better than this. Hmm. By the way, this failed sandwich looked so appetizing and nicer on the menu, but the real thing looked nothing similar. See it for yourself.


The consolation would be the fries (Heinz chili sauce!) and bottomless soft drinks. I think CJ’s natural cut fries are the nicest among all fast food joints. They are crispier, thicker and go very well with the special sauce (salsa?) available at the refill station.
Anyway, what I really want to say is.. I should have taken my dinner elsewhere. And if I were you going to [tag]Carl’s Jr[/tag], the Charbroiled BBQ Chicken would be the last thing I would order. That damn sandwich is just not worth the fourteen bucks, lol.

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  1. cumi&ciki

    ya lar.. that’s why we don’t eat here.. the burger is damn small… and expensive.
    burger king anytime!
    even bigmac is value for monies!

    cumi&ciki’s last blog post..Sekinchan

    vk: Yeah Burger King.. I have a post about that coming up soon hehe

  2. Chong

    Though I’ve not tried this burger, but I guess I won’t be anymore.

    I’ve always go for the Portobello Mushroom.

    Chong’s last blog post..Stand By Me

    vk: Me too.. blacklisted forever.. in fact.. I never really like food cooked BBQ sauce

  3. 550ml jar of faith

    Had the Charbroiled here at Mid Valley and it was acceptable then, but I refuse to fork out premium prices for a fast food burger meal ever again. Over and out!

    550ml jar of faith’s last blog post..Voila, Sandringham Road

    vk: Yeah.. really premium prices for burger.. I thought the Super Star was great though.. and since you get to refill the soft drink.. still OK lah if you go with a close friend.. just order a large combo and get an ala carte burger.. then you can share the drink and fries.. save cost :P

  4. lina

    Maybe they should rename it to Baconless Bacon Swiss Crispy Chicken Sandwich. :D

    But Carl’s Jr are pricey! (But hve to admit their burgers are burger than other fast food joints).

    lina’s last blog post..Hot Spring Monkeys

    vk: lol yeah maybe for that night only. what do you mean by their burgers are “burger” than other fast food joints? LOL

  5. SaeWei

    What does the roti taste like? It looked kinda unappetising sorta very dry like that.

    I’ve heard that Wendy’s burgers are nice.. Have you tried them before??

    vk: The roti very dry.. tasted like tough chicken breast with BBQ sauce only.. I haven’t tried Wendy’s yet.. seems kinda girlish from the logo haha.

  6. Jian

    Wow, I can buy 10 Ramli burgers and a bottle of Heinz Chilli Sauce with changes left! RM20?? Fast Food no meaning ady lah like that…

    vk: Ah, well it’s like fast food for the rich people..

  7. sp

    Just becoz it is a US originated restaurant , does not mean that they can charge in US dollars ! ridiculous price for fast food !! Burger King is still the best !!

    vk: I haven’t tried Wendy’s yet so I cannot comment on which is the best burger outlet.. but so far yeah Burger King is still my top choice.. I tried Carls Jr more for curiosity and blogging purposes hehe

  8. Tommy

    Next time, try the chicken steak @ Pepper Lunch (opposite J.Co donuts). I tried it on Sunday and it’s absolutely delicious!!

    Apparently it’s a big hit in Singapore.

    vk: I hope their standards in Msia is as good as Singapore’s.. and I noticed their set meals are mostly RM20 and above

  9. kokweng

    I think for Carl’s Jr. burgers, my subconcious mind will tell me that it’s better than others because I’ve paid a large sum for it…

    For fast food chain, I personally like A&W mozza burger the most….

    vk: Man, it didn’t work for me :( The reality tells me it sucks..

  10. iklan malaysia

    Hello readers,

    We dont want to sound like grandparents giving advice here.
    But the facts are real and medically proven.

    Fast food is never healthy.
    Go natural, go light and easy.
    Stay away from fried food, oily food.

    The best in health lies in our hands.

    May this new year 2009 brings more joy, prosperity and abundance of healthy meals.

    We must say good write up here.
    We have always enjoyed the articles here.
    Keep up the good work.

  11. ntan

    totally agreed to iklan malaysia advice…. stay away from fried and oily food which is vy bad for health. for a change someone should come up with healthy food – natural, light and easy!!! to some bloggers may sound uninteresting, yah?

    on the hand just look around junk food is everywhere and to most ppl is always considered the best n delicious food….right?…..dont count me out hhahha.

  12. Liyin

    I had always passed by Carl’s Jr outlet @ Pavilion KL and it is always empty. I thought to myself when there’s no sign of customers it probably means that the food is no good or the service is bad. Yesterday was my first time stepping into the empty restaurant for early dinner. I was greeted by a cocky and unhelpful staff at the cashier. Since it was my first time I was a bit lost looking at the menu and did not know what to order. And finally I ordered a western bacon cheeseburger. i waited quite a while for my burger and I went straight to the counter to asked how long more for it to get ready the staff seemed to ignore me. Also, since it was my first time I was not told that there were pickles and other stuff at the refill station that are meant for self service. The western bacon cheeseburger – first bite I thought I tasted good (cos I was hungry), but after a few more bites I found that it was really dry and hard!

    What pissed me off the most was the service. The staff was really cocky looking. And on the suggestion / feedback slip I wrote, “Your staff really have to learn to SMILE to customers! Learn from McD’s!”

    I would not mind spending that 20 bucks for that meal if the staff was friendly and smiled at me! Again, the burger was too dry. Don’t think I would recommend anyone to go there. Ramli burgers beat it anytime!

    Liyin’s last blog post..Din Tai Fung @ The Gardens

  13. ninanino

    well, the previous CJ was way better. then they closed shop. now they opened, prices skyrocket and some stuff missing from their menu.

    for chicken, i prefer the santa fe.

    the other burgers are alright. please don’t compare to McD or BK lah. that one all patties like kapchai hancai only.

    fries, of course, CJ way better.

    wendy’s not bad but more like McD or BK standard.

    you want the best burger in town? you know where or not ….. hehehe …. cook at home lah! then you know it’s 100% premium beef. and can put all kinds of stuff in it. and not that expensive some more.

    but i want to rant about the CJ teriyaki burger. the sauce so kedekut one lah! just a few sprinkles on the *bun* only. adoi!!!!!!

    pepper lunch okay not bad but again, everything can cook at home better. except for the curry black pepper you have to buy japanese curry powder lah.


  14. jeffrey

    CJ’s chicken burger is a big fail and absolutely overpriced, and totally nothing compared to Mcd’s spicy chicken mcdeluxe. their famous star and super star (beef) is the best.

  15. Anonymous

    THIS BURGER IS FOR HEALTHY PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DID YOU PEOPLE THINK!!!!!!!!!!??????????

    This bbq chicken sandwich is ptetty good actually and it doesnt come with cheese. Taste good with or with out it.

  16. Cheng Cheng Cheng cheng

    my 1st CJ was at KL Bird Park. They were GOOD. they closed. 2nd CJ was in Sgpr. they were GOOD. 3rd CJ at Subang Parade in November. FAIIIIILD BIG TIME n too expensive. I paid rm20 for Western Bacon . It was DRY n tasteless. The bun is soggy n gets stuck to my teeth. Was it supposed to be like this or were there a mistake in the kitchen? For rm20 n from past experiences , I was VERY much disappointed. It’s not worth rm20. B King beats it hands down. Do try B Kings Bacon Something burger in sgpr n u will know CJ makes no sense.

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