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No doubt Tenji Japanese Buffet @ Solaris Mont Kiara is the latest craze in town. It has been forwarded in emails, blogged by numerous food bloggers, and perhaps the most attractive thing about it currently is the buffet luncheon promotion @ RM49.90 per pax. If you are a fast eater you might even grab it at RM29.90 for the first hour, followed by an extra RM10 for the subsequent hours. I was there yesterday and there are a few things (not mentioned in other blogs) you ought to know:

  • The luncheon buffet is fully booked until 15th Jan 2009 Good news, the luncheon buffet has been extended to 17th Feb for RM55 nett per pax. This means there’s no more per hour dining.
  • If you did not make a reservation, you might as well forget about going to enter as a walk-in guest. Because only guests who made reservations were allowed to enjoy the buffet. Unless, you are willing to try your luck to see if any of the guests who made reservations did not turn up, then you could take their places. Chances are pretty low to be frank.
  • The full luncheon buffet costs RM54.90 per pax, inclusive of 10% service charge. No government tax.
  • Like some have mentioned in forums, the restaurant is not full even though they say they are fully booked. I guess they want to restrict the number of guests in order to maintain the service and food quality. Or simply because they might not be able to cope with the volume of customers, since it’s a new restaurant.
  • Tenji’s [tag]Japanese Buffet[/tag] is pork free.

That being said, let’s move on to the food!

sushi platter

The sushi was good, I enjoyed the salmon sushi the most. The rest you see on the plate were so-so, because the lobster salad was pretty bland tasting. If you are wondering, the maki behind was not made with soft shell crab. I must admit I was tricked into taking it because it certainly looked like soft shell crab maki.. but in fact it was just fried prawns (the tail part).


Then I went to take some sashimi and oysters. Tenji’s [tag]oysters[/tag] are seriously huge, just humongous – at least 50% larger than the largest I have had so far. If you could down it in one mouthful, it would be really impressive, lol.
You can see it is as long as the plate, with plenty of flesh too. They were fresh as well but some had sand in them for not being cleaned thoroughly, which was the only gripe I had. If you are an oyster lover, I bet you would be 110% delighted to have joined this buffet.


For drinks, I drank the imported coconuts mostly, as the fruit juices were very diluted and didn’t taste nice. By now you would have seen quite a lot of complaints regarding the coconuts not being replenished fast or often enough. But, when I was there, I noticed the coconuts were always available even at the buffet’s peak. So it’s either I was lucky, or the management noticed the complaints and made improvements. The coconuts are a must try because they had a nice, aromatic pandan flavor. Very different from the local coconuts.


There is a station for Japanese paper steamboats and it’s perhaps the most relaxed among all. The huge tiger prawns caught my eye and I just had to try it. Besides, I have never tried paper steamboat before. After picking the other ingredients like mushrooms and vegetables, you can then choose between spicy and miso soup, then delivered to you when it’s ready.
A [tag]paper steamboat[/tag] holder is on every table but it won’t be lit up to keep the steamboat warm, hmm. The miso soup was OK, but the prawns were a let down. Despite being really fresh and having super tender flesh, my palate told me the tiger prawns were reared type and not those caught from the sea. Hence, the lack of sweetness.

Because this post is too long, I have broken it to 7 pages. Please click on the following page links to navigate to continue reading.

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145 Responses

  1. abel says:

    hmmmm…i went again to tenji during supper last Jan 2010…. the service is better than before, the quality of the food is still maintained, only crowded by other people. Maybe i’m lucky not to have this bad experience as yours. Looking forward to go there for the 3rd time this sunday-also for supper.

  2. Anonymous says:

    restoran halal food or not?

  3. abel says:

    i notice that the person who is in charge for the sashimi, sushi, udon etc is a malay -if i’m not mistaken.

    my last 2 visits- me & my partner were the only malay but the last visit…they were a lot of malay people also went to tenji.

    my last visit i tried to order the thai’s steamfish & crab…very nice…..think that i am very2 lucky not to have bad experience

  4. na says:

    my dad personally know one of the owner of tenji… there are 5 owners all together…
    and my dad’s friend is a muslim. he said that the food in tenji is all halal.. except for the alcohol beverage of coz.

  5. yu says:

    went thru tenji last saturday v my gf for b’day celebration, their service is very nice and the food is quite delicious, but after dinner went back to home, both of us stomach ache like hell.. n today, i was headache also…izit our immunity not good enuf? nobody having this problem??

    • JJ says:

      perhaps you took too much oysters =p
      anyway, i think the effect after meal depends on individual cz some ate too much, some took something that they don’t even know they are allergic to..my last visit was nice. i was ok but my frens r not..

  6. sk says:

    Went to celebrate my wedding anniversary
    after hearing so much from word of mouth
    and moreover, have not been to Solaris or heard of the place.
    We wanted to go at 8pm but the person there told us to come for supper instead.
    At least they told us the price difference unlike the one in Starhill where we went there 10 minutes before the discounted fare.
    We were wondering why some of them did not enter until after the lunch.
    Any way coming to Solaris, we lost the way.
    The downloaded map was hopelessly misleading.
    We went to Solaris Dutamas and the guard there was of no help either.
    We past Regency 1 & 2 without realising Tenji
    is there.
    By the time we discovered the place and arrived at the restaurant, the queue was alreading snaking its way to the elevator
    even with reservation.
    We waited for 25 minutes before we gained entry.
    Though there was enough seats left inside, they put us outside at the smoking area.
    Food wise. Mediocre.
    Starhill much better & wider range of food.

  7. Kylie says:

    I recently went to Tenji, paid RM88++ for dinner on a weekend and seriously the food sucks… most seafood (cooked or raw) not fresh, oyster ok only, sushi look like its 2 hours old with the seaweed already turning black, tempura not nice, steamboat not nice, most cooked food was yucky, service was slow.. saw a lot of workers just sitting there and doing nothing even though there are clips in the bowl..

    the only passable stuff that I ate was fried rice, coconut drink, haagen daas ice cream, and stir fried belacan kangkong.. can’t believe I paid this much to eat this kind of low quality food..

    • vkeong says:

      It’s always good to read the people’s comments so you know what to expect.. many have complained about bad experiences here.. OK OK food, only worth considering when there’s a 50% discount

  8. TIng says:

    So disappointed for this restaurant.My friends recommend me to this restaurant last month,it was so great when i 1st came to this restaurant they serving good red wine and beer for free,and the foods quality no bad for that time.After that i start bring in my friends to this restaurant again,this time we having supper buffet,but i was so disappointed this time cause they dun serve the red wine again,even the black herbal chicken is only the stand hanging there they told us no more for that too..so , i thought is maybe only serve by dinner..So i decided to bring my family to dinner again,and i keep strongly recommend to my family for the foods quality..but,after last night it will be my last step to this restaurant.
    i had making reserved a dinner for my family 8 persons before 4days ago,but they bring us to the outside door open air table with out notice me and some more they squeeze us to a 6persons table,the table is far from the buffet counter is so inconvenient for a pregnant women like me to walk in and walk out for the food,and i almost fall down through the dirty floor..and is no service at all for clearing our table some more is so small for the table, is so disappointed again they totally dun served the red wine /beer anymore with out inform me the price was changed even when i asking the price when i calling for reserved they told me it was 79++ when i went there the price changed to 50++ and again the black herbal chicken is not serving only the stand showing there! It was bad also for the salad bar no refill at all ,i walk to the salad for many times they dun even refill for it.
    And the last to warning for all,the Soho car jockey cant be trusted.We left a handphone in the car after we find out and back to the car after dinner it was gone..and the jockey keep saying he never saw it..my husband just give up and said to me won’t come to this place again.And it was so disappointed to my family too.

  9. Gozaimasu says:

    go or no go? canon gave a “buy 1 free 1″ buffet at Tenji. contemplating.

  10. Stephen Ling says:

    Heard so much about this place and decide to take my family out for year-end dinner. Lot of choices of food and drinks. Seated inside but air-conditioning unit was malfunctioning. Then the food was rather tasteless and not fresh. Drinks was so-so. My wife and I give thumbs down for the price we paid that doesn’t live up to it. We felt it like a hawker center except the food is lousy. Never recommend any friends or biz associates to this place at all. I think the mamak at the corner is very good.

  11. Geoffrey Chang says:

    Standard has dropped, food quality bad….variety limited…..Shogun looks much better for that kind of pricing….

  12. Fat Man says:

    Standard has dropped tremendously, variety reduce, ……better go to Shogun for that kind of food vs price.

  13. Sar says:

    I will never go to Tenji again, got food poisoning while dining there, the mangament also do not handle my complains professionaly. Still waiting for their reply since last year Novemeber.

  14. Eunice says:

    I wanna ask got any offer if we celebrate birthday at Tenji???
    How much for a person if dinner at Tenji on Friday???

    Please reply me as soon as possible.

    Thank you.
    From : Eunice
    email : g_eunice0106@hotmail.com

  15. My colleagues ranted and raved about Tenji…but after reading thru all these comments, I’m scratching my head…don’t seem that great after all.

    Maybe Shogun….tried and tested the outlet in One Utama. Food quality good, Ambiance good, food spread good! Somemore can go shopping or movies afterwards :)
    Sweet Tim at Best Dessert Recipes´s last blog post ..Chinese Dessert Recipes That Are Simply Authentic!

  16. GG says:

    i went to Tenji today. it is my first time.. i have never been there before. heard from people that its a good restaurant. first step into the restaurant, i think that its a high class place. many workers and food displayed. but.. half way thru my dinner. i discovered that the service wasn’t very good. evryone was snatching for the coconut. everytime i get up to check whether there’s any coconut, there’s a crowd of people swamping the area =.= i see many people with 2 coconuts in their hands and was wondering where did it come from ? when i ask the worker, they asked me to get it from outside =.= i spotted a table with at least 5 not open coconut on the table for 2. how can they be so greedy ? then the table tht was opposite me had a waiter served them at least 10 coconuts. when i asked the waited to get 1 for me. he told me to get it from outside. i mean, WHAT THE HELL ?!
    and they took at least an hour to refill the soba and the noodles =.= bad service. heard that they drop standard. it was much better before.
    oh, they have chocolate fountain there. why cant they serve simple things like, MARSHMALLOWS? it tastes awesome with chocolate dripping all over it. but yet, they juz serve biscuits =.= (again)

    oh, Shogun in Sunway pyramid is much better than One Utama’s :)

    • Chris says:

      Hello I when on the same day as You.

      I Have seen the same situation. I Feel that Tenji has drop from 10 to 3 rating..

      The pricing is RM80++ For this price i will be able to go to JOGOYA in starhill which their Japanese coconut would never run out of stock, neither will the restaurant will be giving excuse such as (Our supplier has RAN out of stock)

      Excuse me I went to the VIP ROOM i saw THOUSANDS OF COCONUTS OVER THERE . I had to beg them for my children’s and family to try the coconut (IT WAS GREAT)

      All i want to say it ”WHAT THE HACK” You’re a freaking high class reataurant and you’re telling me that your supplier ran out of stock ? WTF ??

      Just because your customer scolded your manager and you can serve them 10 coconut .. while my whole freaking dinner i have to get up the chair every 20 min to check on the coconut ? and i could not even get 1 ? i have to freaking go in the VIP room and BEG ?? \


      Your rating is not 10 to 3

      it 10 to 1 okay ?? never going back there till they really improve and i see this blog has many good comment

  17. linda sabri says:


    halal food or not?


  18. chan says:

    I really hope that you have to reconsider to go for Tenji before you go for this lousy restaurant. All the food is not fresh, serving plates and cups are dirty…..we did complain to the restaurant manager but she seems like cannot do anything. We were so disapointed after the dinner buffet and everybody still feel hungry after the dinner………can anybody image that.

  19. Huong says:

    Very tasty food. I gotta go there soon! :)
    Huong´s last blog post ..Prawns in Sweet and Spicy Tamarind Sauce – Tôm Rang Me

  20. Max says:

    Omg, i went to Tenji the other day with my girlfriend. I wanted to treat her a fantastic meal. So i thought of Tenji Mont Kiara, as i knew the place was fantastic. I made earlier booking to avoid sitting outdoor. Woah the 1st thing i went in, i felt like i had went into fine dining buffet. Great atmosphere, lighting at night was really something. Before i went in, I even ask if is halal so I can recommend to some Malay friends. They said food is halal but does not have cert because Tenji serve alcohol drinks but I saw few Muslim Chef. The food selection was great, Sushi, Sashimi, Teppanyaki, Soba, Steamboat and many more. Salmon was fat and juicy and oyster was fresh and WOW!!. Im so glad that my girlfriend love it but she did not take much. hahahaha. scare fat. Tenji serves Japanese, Chinese and Western Cuisine. Found out from their website stating more than 400 selection. Outdoor even got grill and dim sum and WOW the grill lamb was tasty. Finally, Tenji serve HAAGEN DAZ, BASKIN ROBBIN and KINDORI. HOLY GOD!!. I keep sapu the ice cream XD. Anyway Tenji is great, they have 2nd outlet in Puchong, i will bring girlfriend over there to try the different. YOU MUST TRY TENJI ^^

  21. yusann says:

    I went there just for once because there has a promotion price… Since then I have not been there already….
    yusann´s last blog post ..Concert 1 – Jay Chou – The Era 2011 World Tour

  22. Lifestylekl says:

    I have malay friend who go there as well
    Lifestylekl´s last blog post ..Johor Premium Outlet

  23. Gordon says:

    Wish they had something like this locally at my city. The pastry looks delicious.

  24. Nim says:

    I think Jogoya is better than Tenji, their food is nicer and fresher and the atmosphere is definitely of higher standard. :)

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