Adsense Payment via Western Union received, RM1000!

Last weekend, I went to CIMB Bank to receive my 1st Adsense payment via Western Union. This is my second payment from Google, with the first received via check. There are a few reasons to change your payment method to [tag]Western Union[/tag] if you’re a Malaysian because:

    It’s free, no bank fees incurred.
    It’s fast, no need to wait for the check to arrive in the mail. Just check your account’s payment history.
    It’s great for those who are excited and impatient about their first payment. No need to wait for the long clearing times. Receive your payment on the spot, cold hard cash!
    It’s convenient, just go to your nearest bank which has Western Union service.

Before I received my payment, I was quite confused on the procedures. Here, I will write a simple and easy to understand guide to explain the procedure.


Firstly, you need to qualify for payment. This means your balance must reach at least $100 by the end of the previous month in order to receive payment this month. Simply put, if your balance at the month of January reaches $100.10, Google will send you your payment by the end of February.
My balance reached $272.76 at the end of December 08, so my payment was issued at end of January 09. The best time to check for your payment is from 25th onwards.
To check if you are eligible for payment, log in to [tag]Google[/tag] [tag]Adsense[/tag] and look for “My Account” tab. If Google sent you a payment, you will see a “Payment issued” in the description. Click on the “details” link.


If you have Western Union set as your preferred payment method, you will see the above. What’s important here are the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), payment amount and Sender’s information. Write down all these on a piece of paper.


Look for a Western Union agent nearest to you. Usually banks with this service have a yellow and black signboard as shown here.


I chose CIMB Bank because it was said to process Western Union the fastest, and it was the nearest to me. Besides CIMB, I know that you can receive money via Western Union at RHB and BSN too. The procedure would be the same.


Time to get your money! But first, grab a Western Union Money Transfer form. Be sure to take the correct form with “To receive money” clearly stated at the upper right corner of the form. If you unsure, the form looks like the one shown above.
Fill in your name, address, telephone number and the sender’s information. This is where the info you written on a paper earlier comes handy. This is what I have filled in for the sender’s information:

First name: Google Inc
Last Name: (blank)
Address: 1600 Amphitheatre Review
Street: Mountain View
City: CA
Country: USA
Postal Code: 94043


Next, fill up the “Amount expected” field with your payment amount. For me it was USD272.76. Then fill in the most important detail, Money Transfer Control No., as specified in your payment history. I hope you wrote down this number in a piece of paper before going to the bank.
Lastly, sign the form and present it to the teller with your Identification Card (IC). Wait for five to ten minutes for the processing, and receive your payment in CASH! My USD272.76 was worth RM978, with a conversion rate of roughly 3.58. Pretty good if you ask me.

Here are the checklist again:

1. Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), can be found at your payment history page.
2. IC, for identification purposes. (Photostat copy is required, but the staff will do it for you free)

To be honest this is really the method I would recommend to receive your Adsense payment. You can get the money immediately on the next day your payment is issued, it doesn’t get any faster than that considering the money is being sent from USA. Western Union payments must be picked up within 35 days or it would be credited back to your balance. If this happened, you will have to wait for another month or more to receive it again.
Lastly, another thing I want to emphasize again, is that you don’t need to have a “money making blog” or “make money online” website to earn with Adsense or any ad network. I am an example that blogging for food and travel can get you some good money too. Don’t put too much trust on blogs that claim to make money but doesn’t show any proof at all, especially those newbies in blogging. Good luck and I hope this guide had been helpful! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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  1. Elaine

    Wow, that’s good. I still patiently waiting for my blog to earn me some cash.. hopefully someday I will received it….sigh..

    Elaine’s last blog post..X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    vk: no worries, I used to be like you.. also waiting to earn. Just keep blogging and enjoy the process, it will come naturally :)

  2. adel

    wah..good for you! i like the fact that you share your $$ happiness from blogging with your readers! that’s utmost honesty and sharing!
    Keep it up :)

    vk: Thanks!

  3. cumidanciki

    congrats… eh, can you not blog so fast or not.. cannot keep up with you ler.. lol :P

    cumidanciki’s last blog post..Buddy Restaurant Sea Park

    vk: lol.. I had to blog fast, because I have like 10-15 backdated folders of food I ate LAST year which I still haven’t blogged yet :( but now I cannot blog so fast already.. heavy work load..

  4. lingzie

    congrats vkeong!! i also cashed out my adsense a few months back vis Western Union at CIMB and was found it was fast and no hassle at all.

    Of course my cash out amt not as high as yours

    congrats once again and happy valentine’s day!

    lingzie’s last blog post..By Invitation: Louis Cafe @ Argyll Road

    vk: haha, actually my payment was set to hold for a few months, which explains the rather huge amount. But I ain’t complaining :P

  5. A McGhee

    Hi all, i am thinking to send $$$ to my son in Penang from the US. I have a question about WU. Is there any age limit to accept $$ from WU at the bank? My son’s age is 13 yrs old. Thanks

    vk: I don’t think there’s an age limit on receiving WU :)

  6. ravi

    hi dear friends
    i want to know one thing right now i am in uk and trying to search a goood accomodation on rent .But on same time i found a good flat and after conversasion between me and landlord she is out of town and she told me you first send me payment through wester money union but i dont know about her .so is it safe for me or not because she want only a scaned copy of recipt for proof of i am able to pay or not .so any any can take mony with scaned copy of recipet .
    please suggest me as soon as possible

  7. andie


    i love your blog. i live in bandar sunway, and there are many food places in sunway pyramid that i hope u can write about. one that is not yet in ur blog is tony roma’s which i like a lot.

    and, i have to thank u so much 4 giving the step-by-step process in making a withdrawal via western union at cimb bank. i have been prompted to withdraw but my earnings is only US$10.xx, being a newbie in blog writing, so i’ve decided not to withdraw yet. with ur very clear instructions, i am more confident now with western union. thanks!

    maybe u can also share info on how to make adsense posts? i am struggling with it. i want to add more but somehow got lost.

    best regards

    andie’s last blog post..Google Adsense & Withdrawal With Western Union

    1. Post

      Hmm, I am not very sure what you meant by making adsense posts?

      Actually I covered Tony Roma’s before but that was in Pavilion and Midvalley :)

  8. azman

    I live in Jerantut Pahang
    some friend want to send me money from cote d ivore to me in malaysia
    which bank can i received the money by western union
    how much the limit can i received it
    How much the limit they can send the money to malaysian ringgit for a day.

    vk: You can receive the money in any banks that have western union service. just look for the yellow sign outside the bank. for the rest of the questions please refer to the bank

    1. Post
  9. dev

    is there address at sender part at the form?
    me go to public bank and only got

    seder first name, last name , money sent from, and amount expected(in RM……)
    why so diffrence?
    seem like i need to go CIMB, did i need to has CIMB account?

    1. Post

      Yes there is a sender address required. But different bank has different forms I guess.

      You don’t need any bank account to receive western union, just make sure the payee info and MTUC number is correct

    1. Post
  10. Fee Bee

    Can i used my Driving License today since i lost my Identification Cards yesterday to withdraw or receive money through Western Union urgently?

    1. Post
  11. R.O.M.E.L.O.

    The first payment is always the best. :) It assures you that the program isn’t a scam and it just makes you feel good.

    Getting paid by Western Union is very convenient. I used to get paid by Check by Google and it was such a hassle.

    1. Post

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