Western Breakfast Set @ PD Eating Point, Port Dickson

On my last Port Dickson trip, I searched everywhere to get info for the best place to have breakfast in Port Dickson because the hotel package we took did not include breakfast. The conclusion of my research was that everyone who visited Port Dickson before highly recommended PD Eating Point for their popular Western breakfast set.
Not wanting to take risk, we followed their advice and had the same breakfast at PD Eating Point just like they did.


This is the famous Western breakfast set at PD Eating Point, consisting of double sausages, double eggs, double toasts and some baked beans. You can choose between scrambled egg and fried egg, whichever you prefer more.
For the first day we had the fried egg set, and it was a nice breakfast. The portion was quite big as well, which is a good thing to help us stay full longer. By the way, this photo was taken using my 50mm lens, which came out nice and sharp.. Now compare it to the next photo taken with kit lens..


Here it is.. the one taken with kit lens.. notice the HUGE difference? Man, this really makes me wanna throw my kit lens away (which I already did by the way) If you are wondering, this was not our second round or someone else’s breakfast lol. It was just our breakfast for the second day of our trip.
See how good it was? We decided to return the next day to try scrambled egg version because it tasted so nice. Sorry but I couldn’t remember the price anymore but it was very reasonable so don’t worry.


Besides the Western breakfast set prepared by the coffee shop, some other food like roti canai, nasi lemak and noodles are also available. The nasi lemak seem like a big hit with the locals as well from what I noticed..
If you are planning a trip to Port Dickson soon and don’t know where to eat for breakfast.. I am going to join the bandwagon and recommend you PD Eating Point. And do come early because plenty of marine personnels and students have their breakfast here. The restaurant fills up very fast and you could hardly find a table for your own by then.

Direction courtesy of Autopsy of Ann:

P.D. Eating Point – Next to Le Paris Hotel and PD Catholic church.
Somewhat vague directions – Make your way to PD town. You will reach a roundabout. Take the right turnout. Pass over some railway tracks, go straight on (the road bends to the left and to the right) and you should come up to the coffee shop on your left (it is a corner coffee shop). Catholic Church will be on your right opposite the shop.

PD Eating Point

No.8, Taman Sejahtera, Jalan Seremban,
71000 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.

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  1. allie

    The fried egg with half-cooked egg yolk is my favourite!

    I have heard my friend complained about his Canon 450D kit lens too. Luckily my kits lens still ok. :D

    I’ve just got myself a 50mm too, but since it’s mounted on my D60, I need to do manual focus which sometimes make my picture blur. *sien* But I luv the lens. :)

    allie’s last blog post..Penang Restaurant | Xuan Xin at Gurney Plaza

  2. email2me

    Agree with you the 18-55mm Canon kit lens are sucks …. Even with the new set that come with the 50D …. I love the 50mm lens ….

    I had my breakfast here too the last round I went to PD but too bad it is extremely pack during school holiday so end up we go back to the hotel to take out breakfast. Nice intro by the way …. coz PD hard to find good food to eat.

    email2me’s last blog post..Amuleto By Crystal Jade

  3. Cassie

    I hate the breakfast set.
    Bcoz i from pd..I knw tat place well..

    vk: Hi Cassie, what do you hate about it? Is it because you are having it too frequently?

    1. Frankie Yong (Malacca)

      Cassie, you should recommend here instead of complaining. I have been to PD few times but still cant find good foof

  4. Nicole Tan


    In seremban, NS.D.K, there is few place you should go and eat.

    1.Seremban Siew Bao, needless to say. is famous.

    2.Ngao Lam Fan (cantonese language) is beef noodle.

    3. Hakka Mee.

    4. Yau Yu Mai Fan

    Number 2 to 4 you could find it in Pasar Besar Seremban (the old one)

    Please take note, Tue the shop is close.


  5. Chris Teh

    Going ga-ga over a “Western Breakfast Set”? Really? Anyone with Basic Cooking Skills 101 can whip up a fried/scrambled egg, sausages, toast bread, and even open up a can of baked beans. And throw in some kopi, and one is set.

    I have been to PD many times but I have yet to find a really good place to eat, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


  6. noel de silva

    Thank you for the review on my restaurant. It was well written and I really appreciate it. If you happen to be in PD again, do pay me a visit. Thank you once again.

  7. legend port dickson

    wow…looks yummy..especially when waking up in the morning from a good night sleep in PD.
    wish i had known of this place during my last visit to legend port dickson..
    can take a drive and enjoy the food.

  8. alpha1

    Hi Vkeong,
    Your pics really amazes me. Splendid pics and really like the way you took them! You must be a pro photographer! I was wondering if you can give me some advise on lens? I have a canon 50D camera with a 18-200mm lens. Have problem once in a while taking close shots on foods. It really take a long while to focus if i put in at AF mode. Could this be that this lens is not meant for close up shots? When you mentioned 50mm lens, does that mean that i goto the camera shop and tell them that i wanted a EF 50mm f1.8 II lens? Is this lens recommended for close up shots, particularly food? Please advise. Thx!

    1. Post

      alpha1, I am not a pro photographer and I am still learning. Anyway, for your lens I am not really sure why you have problem taking close shots, as at 200mm it should be able to take some really macro shots. I think since you have the AF on, it could be due to you are not focusing at the right place. Try not to focus on areas that are too white/dark?

      for the 50mm, yes the shops should know which 50mm you are referring to, as there are only 2 canon 50mms available in the market, 1.8 or 1.4 (which is insanely pricey) The 1.8 is good enough IMO.

  9. alpha1

    Hi Vkeong,

    You’re really quick in replying! As you mentioned, maybe i did not focus properly on the right spots using my 200mm, do i still need the 50mm? Btw, is the 50mm meant for really closed up shots or? Maybe you may enlighten me? Once again, thanks for your time!

    1. Post

      I feel you wouldn’t need the 50mm. 50mm is not meant for close shots, it’s meant to be used for portraiture, which happens to work well for food too since they are all stills.

      I’d suggest you go to the shop and ask to test out the 50mm lens before deciding. For me, I decided to buy it because it was only RM270 in Penang, and it’s worth the quality and sharpness of the photos it could produce. Just keep in mind the build is plastic so it could break very easily. I broke one a year ago when it fell to the ground from 1m.. very fragile indeed.

  10. alpha1

    Noted! Thx for the advise! Will check it out and see how it goes from there. Btw, if you are going to eat at PD Eating point again, forget about the nasi lemak. Cold, mushy rice and less than a spoonful of sambal. Luckily it costs only RM1.20. Keep in touch. Cheers!

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