100C Steamboat, Teppanyaki & BBQ Restaurant @ NZX (Niu Ze Xui)

For me, the best time to enjoy steamboat is none other than rainy days. It has been raining non stop in the evenings recently so it was the perfect time to try out a new steamboat restaurant, 100C located in NZX (Niu Ze Xui). Besides being a steamboat restaurant, 100C also has teppanyaki and BBQ. This is great for gatherings that involve people who are not into steamboat, as they can order other food instead.


There are four set meals starting from RM39.90 which increments of RM20 for a bigger and better portion. We had 100°C’s Special Homemade Combo Set @ RM59.90 that came with some seafood, dumplings, wantan, self made meat balls, vegetable and two cakes of yee mee. Here, everyone will have their individual cooking pot like shabu-shabu style for none other than hygiene purposes.


The seafood included fresh prawns, scallops, bamboo clams and some self made fish balls.


Some ordinary processed meat balls. The cone shaped plastic actually contained some fish paste, which can be squeezed out shaped like noodle into the boiling soup.


11 varieties of soup is available at 100°C with Ba Kut Teh and Fish Head soup being the most popular among all. I had the Ba Kut Teh soup, which was fragrant and packed a quite strong herbal taste. This was actually the first time I had steamboat using Ba Kut Teh soup, and to be honest, it really seemed weird. But hey you gotta try everything right? We also tried the Fish Head soup, which had a smooth creamy texture and a nice milky taste. Just imagine Fish Head noodle’s soup but a lot thicker.


After trying Ba Kut Teh soup, I switched to Golden Porridge soup instead. It was a light tasting broth, with an appetizing golden-yellow color from the pumpkin added. By the way, different types of soup has a different boiling and cooking temperature. For porridge, it is advisable to maintain the temperature at 60c after it boils to avoid the base from getting burnt.


I preferred Fish Head soup because the taste simply blended better with seafood. Ba Kut Teh soup on the other hand fared better if wantan and dumplings were cooked with it. On the seafood’s freshness, it is there but not the freshest I ever had. The easiest way to know is simply looking and at the prawn shell. If the shell turns black after being cooked, or soft and sticks to the flesh when you try to deshell, you would know the prawns are not at the freshest.
Besides, it would be better if sea tiger prawns were used instead of reared ones. I am damn particular when it comes to seafood especially prawns, my palate could differentiate the quality very clearly. If you tasted prawns caught from the sea before, you would know their sweetness and texture far exceed reared ones.


100°C’s special dipping sauce is made up of five different condiments, as prepared by the staff for us. Slightly spicy, sweet and nutty it was a nice for the steamboat. If you are feeling creative, there are 20 sauces to choose from to experiment for your very own condiment.


100°C’s menu also features some cheese baked dishes such as Cheese Baked Escargots @ RM9.80 for half a dozen. Nothing special about this dish because the snails were quite tasteless and purely depended on the cheese for the flavoring. I noticed there were sand in the snails as well. Maybe the shells or snail were not cleaned properly before being popped into the oven.. not really sure about that but it surely had a bad effect on the dish.


Hu La La is a new upcoming dish that would be featured in 100°C’s menu in March. It was basically some fried buns oven baked with lots of cheese, best enjoyed warm. Since it was not on the menu yet, there wasn’t a price for it.


Named ‘Mei Ren Yu’ in Mandarin, or translated to Mermaid in English, this dish is a combination of deep fried butterflied anchovies and macadamia nuts in a sweet and spicy sauce. It was also a new dish which wasn’t on menu but I am guessing it is more of a finger food looking at the serving size. Mermaid was one of the dishes I enjoyed the most for its crunchiness with its sweet and spicy taste hitting the perfect spot.


Next was 100°C’s top seller from their BBQ menu – Chicken Chop on a stick marinated with black pepper and turmeric @ RM6.80. The chunks of chicken meat were very flavorful after being marinated for a long time. Quite spicy too.


Fried Fish Head with Chili Oyster Sauce was another personal favorite of mine. The fish head had plenty of flesh, crunchy on the outside and soft inside. But what really made the dish great was the chili oyster sauce that gave the spicy kick.


I was quite surprised to know that Baked Squid was available too. The sourness and spiciness level were just right, making it a very appetizing and tasty dish if eaten with rice. Very recommended.


Cheese Fondue set @ RM18.80 was a disappointment mainly because of the cheese itself. I felt the cheese had a weird taste, and the fire was not strong enough to melt the cheese hence making the food felt stone cold. It came with some fried chicken, nuggets, fried buns, fries and broccoli, with none of them was nice really. So, it seemed like the cheese related food was all let down for me.


Two drinks we had that night were Fruit Punch (front, to be introduced in menu later) and Pineapple Strawberry drink.


There are two floors of seating area at 100°C. The ground floor is a normal steamboat area, where the indoor is reserved only for steamboat meals while the outdoor would be solely for BBQ and steamboat in the near future. If a more unique dining experience is preferred, you may head to the 1st floor where the steamboat area is of Japanese Tatami style. The ambiance at this floor is nice and warm.


Both floors have a sauce counter where all the 20 types of sauces are placed.


Overall my dining experience at 100°C was a pleasant one, quite a nice place for steamboat for the huge variety of food to choose from. Service was good too because you get attended to almost instantly just by pressing the buzz button located on each table. Ah well, if only the cheese related food fared better.

100°C Steamboat, Teppanyaki & BBQ Restaurant
H-2-01, block A, No 2,
Jalan PJU 1A/41B,
Pusat Dagangan NZX,
Ara Jaya PJU 1A,
47301 PJ Selangor

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17 Responses

  1. konghulang says:

    Overcooked prawns, Overcooked scallops, Overcooked fish balls, are you sure your palate could differentiate the quality very clearly ?
    Sorry dude……What a waste ! What a waste !

    vk: Why don’t you pay the restaurant a visit yourself and judge it for yourself :) The prawns were definitely not from the sea

  2. SkyNet000 ( Chris ) says:

    Ohhh come on MR Kong .

    I had tried it once … the prawn is actually like … ehh …. weird la ! not so tasty … like …. aghhh hard to describe … you try it urself … as Mr VKeong said ….

    vk: Hehe, don’t mind him too much.. he likes to comment like that :P Got used to it already

  3. allie says:

    How come Penang don’t have such restaurant one?? *Geram*
    That’s really a great varieties of sauces they have ! For me the soup base and the sauce are important for steamboat. And of course not forgetting the fresh ingredients.

    allie’s last blog post..Penang Food | Fettes Park Western Food

  4. iamthewitch says:

    The sauce bar is really something impressive! Never saw anything like that before. The prawns certainly didn’t look very fresh huh… Maybe I’ll go try those non-steamboat dishes. They looked tempting!

    iamthewitch’s last blog post..New Year Celebration in Beijing

  5. Chin says:

    The 20 dipping sauces and the 11 varieties of soup is worth the visit. Is the soup free or got to pay?

    Chin’s last blog post..Pasta Zanmai Japanese Revisited – 1 Utama

  6. this looks so delicious yummy! :) great for current rainy weather!

    Big Boys Oven’s last blog post..

  7. Thomas says:

    Everything looks so nice here… But I prefer a steamboat at home. Much more radiating warmness to cure depression on a rainy day.

    Thomas’s last blog post..Wall Of Dreams

  8. email2me says:

    This restaurant is featured in 8TV Hochak too for their Fish Head Soup and Bak Kut Teh Soup Base steamboat.

    email2me’s last blog post..COCA Restaurant at Subang Parade [Thai Food]

  9. The variety of soup base sounds really intesresting and the amount of different sauces! Wow!

    Pigpigscorner’s last blog post..A Week Ago – My Valentine’s Day @ The Borough Market Part II

  10. looks appetizing for staff luncheon meeting. superb shots.

  11. carlist_my says:

    steamboating scallops? what a waste. but bak kut teh soup base sounds interesting!

  12. J2Kfm says:

    hmm, i’ll take the cooked dishes anytime.
    steamboat with BKT soup?! strange. the herbal taste will cover up everything.

    J2Kfm’s last blog post..Motormouth Survived Hanoi … & Turns ONE !!! Yay ?!!

  13. the snacks look far more interesting than the steamboat haha

    kampungboycitygal’s last blog post..Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe @ One Utama (Updated)

    vk: Kinda agree on that lol. I liked the fish head and “Mermaid” the most

  14. konghulang says:

    Most of the readers like me can only judge from the photos, you can look at the scallop photo yourself, it is definitely overcooked, and the thing abt seafood is that you cannot overcooked.
    The prawns may not be fresh but the way you put it is not correct, that’s why I challenge your “palate”.
    1.You said : “If the shell ……….. soft and sticks to the flesh when you try to deshell, you would know the prawns are not at the freshest.” NOT TRUE because each time the prawn grow bigger, it will have to get rid of the old-hard shell and form a new soft shell, that’s the same thing why we have “soft shell crab” so soft shell prawn doesn’t mean not fresh.

    2. Tiger Prawns taste difference from White Prawns that your mom buys from BM market, that is for sure.

    Just my 2 sen oni. Jangan marah.

    vk: Thanks for your input. From my experience of dining at (most) steamboat restaurants, the prawns provided always have soggy shells which are very difficult to remove when they’re cooked. And their flesh is soggy as well, which I perceive as not fresh. So, is that a coincident that ALL the prawns were at the growing period? That aside, I have always wanted to know if you know me personally? From your comments, it seemed so.

  15. konghulang says:

    No lah, I dunno you personally it is just a common statement, if you are from BM, of course yr mom goes to BM market.
    Anyway, I suggest you talk to your mom abt the type of prawns and how to determine the freshness. Tiger prawn is only suitable for BBQ, baked or fried (butter/garlic prawn , Asam prawn,.. ) and it’s shell color looks very nice but Not suitable for steamboat lah. White prawn on the other hand can be cooked with any type of recipe.
    If the flesh sticks to the shell, then it is Fresh, not the other way round, the same goes to Mantis Prawn.

  16. Fat food guy says:

    The photos make it look so nice. I am not sure I could stomach it but I’m used to bad food. This looks wonderful, thanks!

  17. sabulite says:

    Well, food taste normal, but with more variety. Not bad..

    Tonight order for a fish (ikan bakar), but unfortunately, the fish with amonia smell/taste…my godness.. stop eating and no more mood anymore..so sad..although they apologize, but feel like vomit now…

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