Gai Wo Bao @ Clan Dim Sum Restaurant, Sri Petaling

Hi guys do you notice something new on my blog’s sidebar? There’s a list of food I have yet to blog about, which has been accumulating since last year lol. A rough estimate would be 50 posts, and that number excludes my travel related posts to Melaka, Cameron Highlands and Sabah omg.
Based on my current update frequency, the backlog of posts would take at least 5 months to clear lol. Anyway, I was at Clan Restaurant, Sri Petaling many months ago to try their famous Gai Wo Bao, which translates to ‘Chicken Nest Bun’.


I have tried Gai Wo Bao in the other dim sum restaurants nearby and found it to be so-so only. And since it is said that Clan Restaurant is the originator of this bun’s recipe, I had pretty high expectations. In fact, the main reason I went to Clan Restaurant was to try the Gai Wo Bao only.


But woah, as delicious as the Gai Wo Bao looked it left me greatly disappointed. The starchy pork and onion filling was pretty much tasteless and the bun had a really bad texture. Sorry to say this but I really don’t understand what’s so special about stuffing Loh Mai Gai into a bun.
Either the quality has dropped drastically over the years, or the Gai Wo Bao here is just simply overrated. And I feel Pan Ki just 5 minutes away serves a better (although not great as well) Gai Wo Bao if you ask me.


I already forgot how the dim sum was but generally it was ok, nothing to be shout about. Pricing seemed to be on par with the other dim sum restaurants nearby.




Although the Gai Wo Bao and dim sum didn’t impress me at all, Clan Restaurant still enjoys good, brisk business daily. I do hope they have something else to bank on as their signature dish, because the Gai Wo Bao was really ng dim for me lah.

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  1. buzzingbee

    I had the gai wo bao before in one of the sri petaling dim sum shop. Something different but like you said, it’s over-rated.

    vk: Yeah I think the dim sum is OK, but gai wo bao.. definitely no-no for me from now onwards. A few tries is more than enough for me

  2. Melissa

    I’ve been staying in Seri Petaling all my life(so far that is haha!) and I dont really fancy those dim sum restaurants on that street cause it’s over-rated like what u said but I do not know why alot of my friends + people came all the way here just to try the dim sum and gai wo bao cause it’s only so-so. But i do like the dim sum at overseas restaurant, the siu mais and ha gaos and others as well are better in my opinion. =)

    Melissa’s last blog post..My Easter Study Break

    vk: hey thanks for the tip, will check out overseas in my next trip to Sri Petaling. I think that’s one of the two dim sum restaurants I have yet to check out

  3. konghulang

    Totally agree with you this time, stuffing Loh Mai Gai into a bun is the silliest thing I’ve ever heard of .
    BTW, any recommendation on where to find good Loh Mai Gai ? You know lah most of the time what we have is only Loh Mai “Pork” witha a small piece chicken breast meat……

    vk: I am not a big fan of Loh Mai Gai actually.. never really had any good ones too in these few years. The best ones I have had were those when I was little.. a seller at night making the rounds in the neighborhood, carrying the dim sum on the back of his motor

  4. Tham

    The pao was ok to me but it was kind of oily. Anyway, it was something new and interesting I never had before. Everyone should try it…..the price is reasonable but not the venue. The table was set on top of bare earth and some crusher run with uneven ground. Watch your steps around…!

  5. Omnimon

    not tat good
    i agree with Melissa
    i been staying in seri pertaling for 4 years ,
    i not really like the dim sum around there,
    and make sure to ask for the price nicely
    some of the staff there will trying to give overprice so they can get some tips illegaly.

  6. David


    how to reach to this place if i come from Petaling Street. is it the lrt can reach there? if not how much will cost go there by taxi? sorry i from Sabah.

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  7. Karen Tne

    The gai wo pao is nice . I saw your blog , need to ask u , where is the Sang Har Mee @ imbi ?
    Please reply to my email. Thank you.

  8. LunchKaki

    What other restaurants selling gai wo bao? I tried once in this restaurant and i think it’s nice. But can easily get fulled if too greedy to finish the whole bao alone. =)

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  9. jojo

    didn’t try d gai wo bao, but d kam sa bao there tastes not bad though :> althought d size is kinda small n cost RM2 for jz 1 small bao (which can finish in 2 or 3 bites), yet nice aromatic n runny kam sa… mmm mmmm….

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