Joe Char Koay Teow Bukit Mertajam @ Puchong Prima

Now you don’t have to go as far as Bukit Mertajam to enjoy the famous Malay Char Koay Teow (Koay Teow Basah) that I highly recommend, because I found a stall in Puchong selling it which tastes almost the same. At least 90% similar.
And it’s good to know they are not just using the name Bukit Mertajam for publicity purposes, because according to the owner they are indeed my fellow BM kias. Thanks to my friend staying in Puchong who discovered it and eventually recommended it to me knowing that I am from BM as well. There is no better candidate than me to verify the authenticity hehe.


The Char Koay Teow stall is called Joe Char Koay Teow and can be found at Puchong Prima. Although the stall looks like they are already open from 6pm onwards, the cooking won’t happen until at least 7pm. Trust me on this because I went there early and spent 45 minutes waiting for them to get ready lol.


A plate costs RM3.50 and comes with at least three prawns of satisfactory sizes and freshness, with some cockles and very little koay teow. So little that after finishing a plate you confirm won’t feel a thing lol. But, I wouldn’t mind the small portion because it tasted really good.
Compared to the one at BM, the main differences I noticed in the Char Koay Teow here were the gravy, which was much thicker and had much lesser amount of cockles. I think the ingredients here are more costly so I won’t blame them for that, RM3.50 is still a justified price to me.


This is not the average plate of CKT ok. My friend doesn’t eat prawns so he gave me all of his. Lucky me! I felt I was eating Char Udang more lol.


Joe Char Koay Teow Bukit Mertajam is recommended if you are curious to know how the Malay Char Koay Teow at BM tastes like, but not yet ready to travel all the way north just to try it.
Directions: From LDP, turn into Puchong Prima and proceed straight. Take the 12 o’clock turning at the first roundabout and you will reach another roundabout. Take the 9 o’clock turning at the second roundabout and proceed along Persiaran Puchong Permai until you see OTK Supermarket. The stall is a corner one in front of the supermarket, facing the main road (via Wikimapia)

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    1. Post

      I think the Malay style of Char Koay Teow actually originated from BM.. and the normal CKT I would refer is those fried by Chinese hawkers.. not wet one :)

  1. trieiCrisis

    I love char Koay teow….!!! I love those with lots and lots of cockles…. but now a days those damn cockles are so small I can barely taste them.. sigh… kl/selangor is no heaven to seafood lovers….

    trieiCrisis’s last blog post..1700 18062009

    1. Post

      I think Joe CKT was never at BM. The CKT I was referring to at BM is the one opposite the post office, next to Alka Ria near the market.

      This Joe CKT at Puchong, the chef is from BM :)

  2. angel36

    OMG……….this is a good appourtunity for me cause I am leaving in puchong prima that is just the opposite of that stall. and i am a big fon of char kuew teow.

  3. madam ct

    Apa kata kepada “kaki char ko teaw” sesekali try trun setiawangsa,,,stall tepi jln jer,depan giant setiawangsa dekat tangga nk ke bsn @ maybank,,,kena sekali nk lg,,,x caye try la dulu,,sepinggan yg biase rm3.50 klu kecik,besar rm4.00,,special pn ader,,,kecik rm4.50,besar rm5.00,,special ade udang,kerang & t.mata,,,klu nk dibandingkn dgn char ko teaw kt nz nagn bunga raya 2,,,mmg jauh beza la SEDAPNYER!!!!Sekali kena pehhhh,,,,mesti nk mai lg!!

  4. Kruel

    From the pics, it remind me of the Malay wet CKT at Taman Bunga Raya (TBR), Setapak near TAR College. Its quite nice too , but a bit pricey. Their Nasi Lemak also quite nice. If not mistaken, the stall is called Mali’s Corner. Its a stall at the corner in front of the shop lot.

    1. madam ct

      mali’s conner 2 x SEDAP,,,on my taste la,,,,dia baru bukak 1 kedai area danau kota,,,myb sewa kt c2 kot,,,,sesekali ko trun rase char ko teaw kt setiawangsa 2,,,pehhhh garenti jauh pn ko sanggup trun,,,dgr citer costumer diaorang dr subang,s.alam,klang,puchong pn sanggup trun sini,,,toke dia muda lg myb around 30-35 tp bkn toke dia yg goreng,,,,tukng msak dia yg lame dh berhenti skrg dh jd toke kt johor myb kluang @ kulai,,,not sure!

  5. joe char kuew teow

    hello mr v keong.i nak ucap terima kasih sebab u promosi i puya kedai.
    kalau boleh i nak jumpa sama u lah.
    no tel:016-3490222 atau 0172539290

  6. BM sharon

    hey!.. i’m in puchong perdana office now.. i’ve been talking about wonderful koay teow basah since last week but i can only balik kampung earliest next month end.. will go over to hunt for it after work to fulfill my craving for now :)

    eh! joe lu mau belanja v keong :D

  7. zackCKTcrzy

    wah…….sdpnye….kat utara i dh round smue CKT bsh Joe,Sg 2,Pmtg pauh,Tluk air tawar,Key. Paling best kt tluk air tawar.Pergggg.sdp beb!Abg joe pya dah follow 10 thn lbh,dulu leading ranking skrg sikit kurang la mb indon bt kot dulu smua local masak.Kt sp pun ok jgk ada CKT sham,Zam /kuala Ckt dpn sek cik tom,key.Haa kt sp try kat Zam/kuala Ckt… sluuuurp.Group kami 5 org akan jelajah satu utara cari CKT bdsarkan info mbr2.Dah 15 dah bt keja nie………

  8. seorg perantau

    char koey teow memg bes…. kwan hrp korg semua akan sokong lg menaikan nama char koey tiaw paneng tpi mau kna yg ori bru kaw…kalau nk mkan kt bm singah mai alma plg sempoi ar…mesti tbh lgiii…2 blah bm. kalau mai blh puchong singah ar puchong prima.JOE CHAR KOEY TEOW PENANG BUKIT MERTAJAM sempoi….hri2 dtg..

  9. joe char kuew teow

    saya sebagai pemilik joe char kuew teow puchong prima mengucap kan terima kasih kepada anda semua kerana sudi mempromosikan gerai char kuew teow saya.jasa baik anda semua saya hargai.jika anda semua ada apa-apa cadangan boleh lah hubungi saya di talian 0172539290 dan 016-3490222 joe.. dan kepada sesiapa yang ingin mempelajari teknik memasak char kuew teow latihan dan tunjuk ajar akan di berikan.

  10. Farid

    I mmg minat char kue tiaw I nak kongsi sedikit pengalaman laa…ttg kebersihan..jgn hanya nk memburu untung kalau mengabaikan kebersihan makanan..cuba laa basuh udang tu sebersih2nya..buang janggut udang tu , hilangkan bau hanyir udang. Ttg kuah nya masak laa terlebih dahulu dari rumah , jgn bagi kuah yg tersedia ada yg belum dimasak sepenuhnya. Bayangkan menggoreng Char kuew tiau dengan api besar tak sampai 2 minit dengan hanya mengelegakkan kuahnya sahaja.. tidak kan ianya mengundang hapitetis A maupun B..Masak laa terlebih dahulu kuah , udang dan kerang.. Maaf laa kepada peniaga Char Kuew Tiau semua..sbb ni pengalaman saya..sampai sakit perut dan cirit birit kepada peniaga yg hanya mengejar keuntungan sahaja…

  11. shah

    FYI, there is a nasi kukus stall at the other end of this kuew teow stall, quite good. u should try it if by any chance u go to puchong prima. next will try this kuew teow

  12. Fifi

    Just tried these!! Thanks for the recommendation. The ckt is so good!!! You will get 4 big fat prawns each plate. Taste is superb. Place is quite full.

    On contrary from pervious comment. The place cleanliness is ok. So much better than average roadside mamak. I do not get tummy ache.

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