Chung Wah Chicken Rice Ball @ Jonker Street, Melaka

Besides Hoe Kee, Chung Wah is another famous Hainan Chicken Rice shop located at the start of Jonker Street (Jalan Hang Jebat) in Melaka town. Hoe Kee is famous for their Hainan Chicken while Chung Wah is well known for their chicken rice balls, said to be tastier and packs more flavor.
Chung Wah Coffee Shop was intended as my first stop for chicken rice balls, but too bad the chicken rice was already sold out when I arrived. According to the locals, Chung Wah usually sells out before 3 to 4pm so its best to visit this place during breakfast or lunch time to avoid disappointment.


The next day, we went early and were one of the earliest customers. As usual we ordered a larger portion of chicken and very little rice balls. The chicken felt tough because chicken breast was given.. I think I should have specified a more tender part like the thigh or drumstick.
Because of that we didn’t really enjoy the chicken. And I have to agree with the locals that Hoe Kee’s chicken is indeed tastier.


But when it comes to the chicken rice balls, Chung Wah has the upper hand with their more compact and flavorful rice balls that do not crumble that easily compared to Hoe Kee. The rice balls were so flavorful you can eat them on their own.


And lets not forget the very spicy chili sauce, it’s nice!


It’s only 9am and the coffee shop was full with customers already. That explains why they would run out of chicken rice before 3pm.


The chicken chopping area was very messy and the since the chopping was done in a quite cincai way.. which is why the chicken pieces looked so unappealing in the first photo. Well it doesn’t really matter lah since it’s gonna end up in the stomach anyway.


Chung Wah Coffee Shop is extremely easy to find. Just cross the bridge from the Stadyhus (Dutch Square) and you will see it on your right opposite OCBC Bank, at 3pm location of the roundabout. Across the road is Sam Shu Gong, a nice shop to buy some local products especially the white coffee.
Since I have already tried two of the more popular chicken rice shops in Melaka, I plan to try the other chicken rice shops recommended by my readers that are said to be equally good. I have listed a few but I can always use more recommendations. So if you have any to suggest, please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks!

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  1. vixar

    The last time i visited to melaka and plan to eat here, but i can see alot of people queuing with umbrella outside the shop.. they are so enthusiasm, dunno they are local or visitor.. haha really so nice meh?
    Since it was raining, then we decided to change place.. and end up eating nyoya food, also nearby jonker street =)

  2. Skol

    Ya ya, I know this shop too, very famous, recommended by my uncle. I went there once with my girlfriend while in MMU Malacca, its rather pricey but the taste of the chicken rice ball is best I’ve tasted so so sooo far. Chicken wise not so bad la, we went there about 1pm on a Friday before heading to MP to grab a movie, and believe it or not, tons of Singaporeans and Pinoys were there eating too, proves how famous it is. But the chicken rice ball was superb, though we only got about 6 of it, since thats whats left. Haha. 1pm, sold out!

    There is this aunty selling cendol in another part of Malacca, I think its simple and nice, or maybe I like it cause the friendlyness of her made me like it, I will try to get the address for you the next time I head there, all I remember is that its located between Cheng and the seaside, along there. Hehe

    Skol’s last blog post..Japan GT cars

  3. TangCC

    I’m from Melaka. These 2 shops are for tourist and definately the oldest in the town. I usually had my chicken rice balls meal at Taman Melaka Baru (Behind Perodua, Opposite EON Bank shop lots). This is much better shop, easy to park your car, serving is fast and the chicken meat & rice balls can beat these 2 old shops. They had been around since my teenager time. Price is much more cheaper. You can try, usually open for breakfast and lunch time. Along the same shop row, when you drive to the end (Beside Pos Mini Malaysia). There is 1 baba nyonya that sell curry laksa and nasi lemak. These are the best in Melaka town and sold out before 10 am, which serving breakfast only.

    Try this out when you in Melaka. Avoid the crowd and jam around Jusco. When you drive down from Ayer Keroh toll, keep to the right and use the new FREE highway to Masjid Tanah. You will pass through MITC (Back Junction), keep left to Batu Berendam Air Port, and go straight to Melaka Town road. You will find Taman Melaka Baru.

    Have Fun! Enjoy your holidays.

    1. Shally Tan

      Thanks Tangcc for your recommendations! Are you sure it’s Taman Melaka Baru? I don’t seem to see it on the map. What I could see were only:
      1. Tmn. Melaka Mall
      2. Tmn. Melaka Perdana
      3. Tmn. Melaka Raya
      4. Tmn. Melaka Raya 1

  4. npm

    thanks for this post! both are really popular despite their occasional rudeness. having eaten chicken rice balls since young, my fmly & i still never get bored. my 11 yr old nephew’s favorite each time he goes back to mcca. even my muslim s’porean friend also ate there at hoe kee & raved abt it…very open-minded indeed!

    npm’s last blog post..Nyonya Spicy Cucumber Salad

  5. tam jia gui

    erm…i like chicken rice ball as well, bt lately i found there is another new chicken rice ball shop appear in jonker street, it also opposite the old OCBC bank, bt is a small shop lot lah…they nt only have chicken rice ball, bt also having nyonya pongteh chicken as well. they have a lot of side dishes like stewed pork, tau geh, tauhu telor, fried roast pork and many other side dishes…if go there with a big groups of frend then u can order a lot of dishes and share together. i guarantee u after makan sure u feel very very satisfied!!! good good good…..the boss here very friendly also!! so now whenever my fren cum to malacca sure i will bring them here rather than hoe kee or chung hua. the name of this chicken rice shop is ” jonker street chicken rice ball” there is a big chicken sign board outside the shop, so is easy for all the makan kaki recognize oh…!

    1. Jude Tay

      Hi Jia Gui, do you know the name of this small stall you mentioned @ Jonker Street? From Singapore and heading there with my wife and friends. Since you mentioned that the main Chicken Rice ball shop is crowded and the stall holders rude, I wanna know what other better alternatives are there. Do tell!

  6. Kelly Tan

    The food is nice, but rude service. There is a new restaurant serving ipoh food near my place, love their ipoh curry and oyster sauce chicken. Good service n food. It’s in wangsa permai, kepong, just behind station 1 cafe. go try!

  7. Doreen

    Don’t like this shop. People there is plain RUDE. When we ordered our meal, they specifically said we cannot add later on. Used to go there for rice ball rice but now i frequent Woh Kei instead.

  8. jayanmy

    Already boikot Chung Wah since 1990’s. Very rude. Prefer to go to the one in Taman Melaka Baru infront of EON Bank.

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  10. lim seng

    Yes, I agree with some your commenters. Rude and the chicken rice balls is bland. Personally their “balls” cannot compare to Hainanese Chicken rice from the stalls at Jalan Sisi, Muar.

  11. Enqvist

    i think this place is overrated, the chicken meat is tasteless and dry. shop owner lock the door and let customer queue under hot sun, another shop has shaded area with fan and much more friendly service.

  12. Ley

    i was looking for a buffet Japanese restaurant and bumo into your blog.

    Is good food list meaning only good food under this list? other than good food you will post under food mosaic?

    TQ for sharing, i know it is not easy to be so consistantly writting a blog. Keep up the good work.

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