The Pink Sage Diner And Pantry @ Jalan Dang Wangi, KL

** The Pink Sage has moved to a new outlet at Solaris Dutamas. Details here **

I remembered blog hopping one day and stumbled upon epicuriousgirl’s dining experience in a diner and pantry called The Pink Sage at Dang Wangi. The images of the hearty breakfast stuck in my head ever since, because it looked just too good.
And much to my delight Shaun Chan, one of the three partners of The Pink Sage Diner and Pantry invited me to sample their latest dinner menu two weeks ago.


Although I was supposed to have a go at their dinner menu, it was only noon when I reached The Pink Sage. So, all-day breakfast seemed like a good choice considering I haven’t had mine yet that day.
Acting on Shaun’s recommendation I had one of their stacks, Stacked Breakfast @ RM17.50. It comes with an egg, a sausage, streaky beef brisket, some potatoes, mushroom, beans and a toast – stacked up like its name implies. Wow have you counted the number of items in just a breakfast meal? This was definitely a first for me, I felt it was amazing lol.


The Stacked Breakfast is quite customizable too. You get to choose your preferred toast (Cheese White, Rye or French Village Bread), sausage (Beef, Chicken or Lamb) and egg. My choices were Rye, beef sausage and scrambled eggs. Albeit a little under seasoned, the scrambled egg and bread were still enjoyable when had together with the bacon, which provided much flavor.
The same couldn’t be said for the sausages though because I found them to be too mushy. Looking at the portions, I don’t see how the Stacked Breakfast’s wouldn’t satisfy anyone’s appetite. But hey, if you’re a champion eater then the Big Breakfast is for you. It has the same things in a Stacked Breakfast but comes in even bigger portions @ RM27.


As you may have already known from the first photo, we had a burger too. But the question is, what type of burger? Oh, you didn’t notice it? Scroll up too have a look again lol.


According to Shaun, their homemade burgers are something customers always come back for. And I absolutely agree with that! It was one of the best American Classic Cheeseburger I ever had, so delicious it (swallowing my salive like mad at the time I am writing this) made forgot the Stacked Breakfast I had earlier and left me regretting not ordering it.
Sorry to say this about the Stacked Breakfast but I felt the burger was just far too awesome if I were to compare them. The cheeseburger patty is a simple homemade one, with the recipe belonging to another partner of The Pink Sage. It comes in a deluxe version too, with a patty of 300g given instead of the usual 160g.
And do you know what is the best thing about the Cheeseburger Deluxe? It’s only RM3.50 more expensive than the Classic Cheeseburger (RM17.50)! Paying only a fraction of the price for almost double the patty’s size? Man that’s a great deal alright.


We were stuffed after completing the mains. But, there’s always a room for dessert. A small one that is. Shaun was nice to offer us a small slice of Banoffee Pie, baked by one of their friends who drops by once in a while. Sinfully delicious especially at the toffee base, perfect for the sweet tooth.


The restaurant has a simple yet appealing design, filled with sunlight through the glass wall.


The pantry showcasing the various cakes and desserts in The Pink Sage.


The cheeseburger alone guarantees future visits and I am pretty excited to try their dinner menu one day. If there’s anything The Pink Sage needs to improve on, I feel a bigger signboard is required to attract and alert the passer-by. The only signboard with their name on it is blocked by a lamp post from many angles.
But if you are having trouble locating it, just look for Wisma RA because it’s at the ground floor. To reach here by public transport just alight at Dang Wangi LRT station and take a short walk.

The Pink Sage Diner & Pantry
Ground Floor, Wisma RA
No. 12, Jalan Dang Wangi,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 2693 6000

Closed on Mondays. Operation hours: 8am to 7 pm

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  1. Mary

    A great blog you have written about our Malaysian food and places of interest. Staying in UK, your food pictures make me miss home and food, yet help me to stay connected to our Malaysian way of life and culture. Keep up your good work. Enjoy travelling and enjoy eating.

  2. Skol

    Wow, I was conned for a moment when you said RM3.50! Stacked breakfast cost RM17.50, while the burger only RM3.50, I was tempted to scroll down and look for the address before noticing RM17.50 for the classic. Haha. But I really loved home-made burger instead of the frozen one where you buy from Tesco and such. There is one in MMU Cyberjaya (Tau Cafe), they offered burger, but only during certain hours, but it sells out fast on sunny days, I’ve seen IS (International Student) buying 8-10 burgers (tapao). They make the patties themselves, it was available last semester though, since I am on Industrial training now, I don’t really have the chances to go back and buy it.

    Skol’s last blog post..Awake

  3. Anonymous

    but one thing..the boss very stupid..dont have f&b experion,but act like all she know..same like the bf..all the menu find from internet..what the hell..when have a function,all the things buy last minute..and give a problem to the staff to prepare the ok,but not at all..the boss?need to improve their knowledge and time management..

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  5. JP

    The rest of outlet not sure.. but i had the experience in Ah Wet Bandar Puteri,..the price is my family members not eat crab.. i actually ordered a crab (1 ekor) but what shocked me is the 1 ekor crab and not so fresh somemore charged at RM57.00. I thought that the cashier must charged wrongly.. what a supprised a Siamese girl responded me that “I should asked how much it cost” before i ordered….and told me that… the estimated 500g of crab is around RM45++ (Means that the 1kg is around RM90++ya…) and tambah the egg masin … another RM10++ .. for the salted egg crab…. i think they thought all the customers are mathematic idiot ya.. the way she responded was the calculation add on to RM57++ for a small little crab… will never go there again…and what a supprised, 2 adult and a kid.. had a simple dinner RM100++ (for a simple stuff of tong fun.. and fried rice..1 single bowl tong yam and 1 crab…).. will never step in any Ah Wet anymore!!!!!

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