Auntie Christina Sarawak Laksa @ Kedai Makanan Nam Chun, Bangsar

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This time I went to Bangsar for Auntie Christina Sarawak Laksa, which many claim is be the best Sarawak Laksa in Klang Valley. Kolo Mee aside, Sarawak Laksa is another hawker food from Sarawak that I fancy a lot.
The most memorable Sarawak Laksa I ever had was at Choong Choon Cafe 2 years ago during my trip to Kuching. It tastes somewhat similar to curry mee with a sour twist and having a totally different garnishing.


I don’t know if other types of noodles is used but a bowl of Sarawak Laksa typically comes with bean sprouts and a special type of vermicelli, which is a bit thicker than the ones we usually have. It is then garnished with omelette strips, prawns and coriander leaves. A bowl cost RM5.00.


I like the fact that the prawns are de-shelled and de-veined. The freshness is commendable too.


OK I haven’t had any decent Sarawak Laksa in a while (the last time was at Kuchai Lama’s Rajah Brooke Cafe, it sucked) so I can’t recall the exact taste anymore. But Auntie Chrisina’s Sarawak Laksa’s was tasty enough to bring back some nice memories. The only notable difference I found in the soup was that it was a lot thicker than those I had in Kuching previously.
While I enjoyed the soup and fresh prawns, I didn’t like the vermicelli’s texture at all because it was way undercooked. It was a major spoiler and I didn’t finish the laksa because of that.
When I complained about this to some of my friends who tried the laksa before, they commented that the vermicelli is intentionally prepared that way to give it a slight crunch so they didn’t have any problem with that. Well, I don’t know lol. To each his own I guess.


As you can see Auntie Christina’s Sarawak Laksa has been featured prominently in the newspapers. Honestly speaking it was good but not great, because I kept comparing it with the ones I had in Kuching you see. But in Klang Valley its standard can be considered as quite good already.
I would recommend it to those who haven’t had any Sarawak Laksa before, just to experience the taste and all. But for those who have had the real thing before, might end up slightly disappointed like me lol.


Auntie Christina’s Sarawak Laksa can be found at Nam Chun Coffee Shop next to the wet market. On top of it is a huge reflexology center.

Kedai Makanan Nam Chun
2-4, Lorong Ara Kiri,
Lucky Garden, Bangsar,
Kuala Lumpur

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30 Comments on “Auntie Christina Sarawak Laksa @ Kedai Makanan Nam Chun, Bangsar”

  1. ai wei

    aunt christina was once open a stall in mid valley oasis food court last time. tried and the laksa and ‘suan pan zi’ are great.! too bad, they closed down not long after that. >___<
    guess the rental cost is too high in MV

  2. asstha

    i hvn’t tried this so I’m not sure which one taste better but there’s dis coffeeshop in kelana jaya opp d old customs flats beside d driving school… dunno wat’s d name of the coffeeshop… we always call it sauna cos the place is friggin hot… there’s a sarawak mee (not sure if it’s d same thing as kolo mee hvn’t having tried the original one myself) stall dat sells sarawak laksa… sometimes the soup base is not so consistent but me n my colleagues realise the earlier the day of the week u go… the better the taste… say for e.g. Monday tastes way better den Friday… the coffeeshop’s kinda packed during lunch hours and the sarawak laksa sells fast so if u wanna try it best to go b4 11.30 or sharp 12… oh n on wednesdays they serve red wine noodles or some sort… hvn’t tried dat tho….

  3. Danny Lim

    Tried both the Kuching laksa and Bangsar laksa, can,t tell which is better coz dun like them both. Just can,t understand why sarawak laksa and kolo mee can made an impact here.

    1. So What

      Same question also can be posed to why wantan mee and fookien mee can be so famous in Klang Valley – they taste like shit!

  4. thenomadGourmand

    LOL. YEs the Rajah Brooke one suck big time! All their so called Sarawakian dishes were quite disappointing.
    As for the way the noodles were cooked, yes it was said by a chef friend of mine that it is supposed to be undercooked like that.
    Hm.. have to verify that with my Sarawakian friends!

    1. So What

      It depends alot on preparation style. Some would like it overcooked to the point it is soggy and can hold up more laksa gravy. The most important thing is not the noodle but the gravy – less laksa or less coconut milk and that laksa will be boycotted!

  5. J2Kfm

    and I thought Rajah Brooke’s food is good.
    i went once, but the foods all finished!!! yes, they’re literally operating with no mains to serve already.
    at about 3 in the evening. hmm …..

    but my exp at Nam Chun’s was passable, i didnt have any problems with the noodles being undercooked.

  6. JD

    The picture looks really good but looks can be deceiving. Haven’t actually try Sarawak Laksa before so maybe it’s a good to try just to know how it taste like. I think Secret Recipe also introducing that right in the recent Ho Chak show, but also don’t really look that appetizing.