Authentic Kuching Kolo Mee @ Bintang Food Court, Taman Kinrara Puchong

My visit to Kuching about three years ago opened my eyes (and mouth) to some really nice hawker food like Kolo Mee, Sarawak Laksa, Sio Bee and Teh C Peng Special. Among all I missed Kolo Mee and Teh C Peng Special the most.
It’s difficult to find someone who prepares Kolo Mee like how they do it in Kuching, mainly because most of the recipes have been tweaked to suit the locals’ taste buds. If you frequent hawker centers in KL you will find many stalls claiming to sell Sarawak Noodle or Sarawak Handmade Noodle, only to be prepared by foreign workers. Although some of them are actually quite good, it’s nothing like the real Kuching Kolo Mee.


Then I read about a stall in Puchong that sells Kolo Mee which tastes like those in Kuching at headsteadi’s blog. I have always wanted to give it a try but somehow I’d just totally forgotten about it, until last weekend. Based on headsteadi’s clear direction and armed with a GPS, it was extremely easy for me to find the food court where the Kolo Mee stall is at.


This is the first time I saw a ‘Sarawak Kolo Mee’ stall in Klang Valley.. the rest just go by the name ‘Sarawak Noodle’.


A normal plate costs only RM3.80 and the portion is satisfactory too. Well I am not a Kuchingite so I won’t be passing judgment on the Kolo Mee’s authenticity. I just know it’s delicious, and surely beat the hell outta many Sarawak Noodle/Kolo Mee I tasted before. Not even Rajah Brooke Cafe’s (claims to sell authentic Sarawakian food and even appeared in 8TV’s Hochak @ Kuchai Lama) Kolo Mee can come close to its awesomeness.


The springy egg noodle, lightly coated with char siew sauce that gives it a hint of sweetness and topped with minced pork and char siew slices.. simply appetizing and gets better with subsequent mouthfuls. I love everything about Kolo Mee except for the fried shallots. It is something I have hated since a small kid lol.


Too bad they didn’t have Teh C Peng Special.. or it would have been a complete Sarawakian meal


The uncle manning the stall is soft spoken and polite. He is from Sarawak and the noodles he used to prepare the Kolo Mee is also sourced from Sarawak. Only the garnishing and sauces are sourced locally, which do not make a huge difference to the taste.


According to some other Kuching bloggers this is the most authentic and best tasting Kolo Mee in Klang Valley. Kudos to them for testing the various Sarawakian eateries around. As for me I won’t be claiming it as the best in Klang Valley yet – not until I have tried and tested the others.
So, my next Kolo Mee destination will be Restoran Gembira @ Taman Megah. For the direction to Bintang Food Court, do refer headsteadi’s blog as he did a good job explaining it.

Kolo Mee Stall @ Bintang Food Court (one row behind Taman Kinrara’s Bintang Supermarket)
GPS Coordinate: N03 03.751 E101 38.778

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35 Responses

  1. Alangovan says:

    Restoran Gembira at TMn Mega is another very authentic Kolo Mee and Sarawak Laksa Stall… Two Thumbs UP!! From the color of the noodles to the texture and taste, it just reminds me of the plate i had in Kuching few years back… will definitely checkout this stall if arounf the neck of the wood…
    Corner shop Lucky garden’s sarawak laksa also ranks one of the best in Klang valley..

  2. Ian says:

    this one looks pretty good. i tried the one in restaurant gembira, the noodle texture is way different.

  3. Chef Mel says:

    it looks almost similar to what they have back in Kuching (i’m a Kuchingnite)! it’ll be great if he served it in the classic porcelain bowl instead of a plate. :P

  4. ai wei says:

    good one! now we don’t have to travel to kuching for the authentic kohlohmee

  5. Tmn Megah one is not so authentic. Me thinks this one the most di! Frm the looks of it also got me salivating!!
    thank god i got GPS!!

    And yes, That Rajah Brooke dare they claim to serve authentic s’wak food.. the laksa doesnt come close!

  6. Duckie says:

    i read about this kolo mee a lot but never tried them …

  7. Nate says:

    Looks pretty good. I don’t recall getting mushroom in my kolo mee here…also, it looks like he puts a bit more veg in his kekekekeke

  8. You should try Old Kawan Kopitiam in Kuchai Entreprenuer park.
    It serves authentic and tasty Sarawak food that is unrival!

  9. Chin says:

    All Sarawakian noodles! It was a case of near yet so far. I have lived in Puchong for 16 years only to find out too late. Maybe make a special trip there. Most Kolo Mee I ate in KL is ordinary.

  10. jason says:

    None of my Sarawakian friends found any good, authentic Sarawak kolo mee in Klang Valley… but this look promising though. :)

  11. Great looking noodles there… Kolo mee is pretty much foreign to me for I’ve only tasted one forgettable version before in KL, and never been to Sarawak but so much has been said and blogged about it that it’s like a mystery I must unearth!! I hate fried shallots too, so will ask uncle to hold when I do make it here.

  12. cumidanciki says:

    looks like another great noodle place! must check it out la, when have the time..

  13. J2Kfm says:

    tried a few, esp in pandan indah area. not good at all.
    maybe this would do the trick?
    i find the kolo mee rather dry most of the times.

  14. Psyduck says:

    Looks tasty. Damn I’m hungry.
    But from the picture, is the amount of minced pork and char siew a bit little? But it’s Rm3.80, so that why?
    Or.. is the minced pork and char siew hiding?

  15. OMG! I’m so gonna give this a try.

    Miss Kolo Mee a lot ><

  16. skol says:

    Haha, dang!! Now my GF (sarawakian) wants to go there eat now. Haha, we tried a lot of “Sarawak Noodles” before, such as the one at Asia Cafe, terrible! I had my share of fresh Kolo mee, there are two kinds though, the black one is normal and there is another one, red one, is added with “Sau You”. I prefer red one, wonder Puchong there got or not. Going to ask my friend working at Mercedes in Kinrara to guide us there. He too went to Kuching and tried the Kolo before, so we have two locals and one Sarawakian to test it. Haha

  17. Walter S says:


    IMO, nothing in Klang Valley comes close to this shop, I lived in Sarawak for most of my life and i frequent this shop every week without fail. Did similar review in my dusty blog too..

    The one in Taman Megah does come close to this. Also best you call the uncle to prepare it “DRY” as he tend to serve it a bit soggy to cater for the people here. The real kolo mee in sarawak is dry, but the noodles are coated with just the right amount of oil.

  18. goku says:

    i just go there today. it look like 70% same but quite different taste. only have 60% taste from real kolo mee kuching.

  19. mewantkolomee says:

    there’s this kolo mee stall at Restoran Tar Chong (behind Jusco Taman Equine, Seri Kembangan). the mee tastes similar, maybe 70-75%. nevertheless…KOLO MEE…thank god i live nearby the Restaurant!!!!! …

  20. era says:

    guys..any halal kolo mee around klang valley??

    • Suh says:

      Yes, the 2nd stall in the Food Court of Giant Bandar Kinrara 5. Operated by a close relative to this uncle in Bintang Food Court! It’s halal.

  21. era says:

    thx for the info suh!!

  22. fat b says:

    can try kolo mee in singapore @ golden shoe car park aircon food court too. it’s taste nice! :)

  23. Ignatius Sia says:

    Guys, I’m from Miri, Sarawak.
    I’ve been to Gembira one. This one. That one. And many other onces.

    You want the my opinion which onces are the closest to the most authentic kolomee? I haven’t been everywhere but to a lot of shops. The best in my opinion is Asia Cafe, SS15.

    Even the price is not near the stupid RM4.
    Back at Miri, the standard price is still RM2.5

    Kolomee is good not for just taste but price. The actual standard additional ingredients are spring onions and minced pork ONLY. Any others are just BS.

  24. JonisertP says:

    Agree that Tar Chong, Seri Kembangan has an awesome Kolo Mee stall.

    Rajah Brooke doesn’t even come close and yeah Vkeong is right, all “sarawak handmade noodles” shops are inauthentic.

    Then again, we Sarawakians tend to differ on our definition of Kolo Mee as different cities/towns have slightly different variations.

    In Miri, it just be dry with minced pork only. Others could be dry, springy mee and charsiew. Yet others, could be springy mee, sliglthy soggy (oily) with fishcakes/balls and udang. Vegetables pun sometime tambah2. Or mee could be soft sikit, hmm.

    But still whatever style it is, Kolo Mee is still Kolo Mee. Hehehe

    P/s IMHO, the pork/charsiew should be fresh, not ‘smelly’, baru boleh makan….

  25. Eunice says:

    Ohh…. i miss Kuching Kolo Mee. Ever since i back from Kuching about 10 years ago, Kolo Mee has been my number 1 Mee in my food list. You guys are right, Until now, i still yet to find a right Kolo Mee in KL. And most disappointed thing is, many sellers claim they are selling authentic Kolo Mee from Kuching…. all BS-lah!! Wasting my time & money!

    Will definitely try out this Puchong Kolo Mee and hope it won’t disappoint me again! :) Thanks for sharing guys!

  26. janet law76 says:

    hello..where should we really find the ori the authentic the
    Real taste of kuching kolo mee?? i am looking for the ‘Q mee’ type of the noodle like the one i ate at 101 hawker ctr at kuching..damn yummy! so so hard to get the one like 101 there???? Q Q one the noodles!!!

  27. Jordan says:

    Hii, if you like the ‘Q mee’ you should try out this new stall at PJ, name of the coffeeshop is Restoran Arlison at SS2/1, the taste of their sarawak kolomee is most original.. very authentic, the best in town for me!!

  28. Meng says:

    Im from Kuching n this stall better b good. I have also found that there is a kolo mee stall at equine park, seri Kembangan that taste as good as any kolo mee stalls in kuching, except for the fact he uses different type of noodle. None the less, the taste is there.

  1. November 13, 2009

    [...] could’ve sworn i took more photographs but it doesn’t seem to be the case, hence, head here to see photos that do this dish justice (it also gives directions on how to get there). another [...]

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