Senjyu Sushi Cineleisure @ Mutiara Damansara

A quick recap of the food we had at Senjyu Sushi @ Cineleisure Damansara not too long ago. I have blogged about them twice previously, and both times I quite enjoyed the food. At first I found their menu to be expensive if compared to the other Kaiten Sushi restaurant, but the prices were subsequently reduced in my second visit. Not going to elaborate much, as they have been mentioned a few times before.


Salmon Sashimi – RM8.


Thick sliced, fresh and served exquisitely.


Followed by silver plate Kaiten Sushi @ RM6 each. Unagi Tamago.


Rose shaped salmon sashimi on black sesame Makimono. Continue reading

Brewerkz Restaurant & Microbrewery @ Clarke Quay, Singapore

A boring and hot Saturday noon brought us to Brewerkz, a restaurant and microbrewery at Singapore riverside, Clarke Quay. Even though I am not a drinker, I found the homemade beer to be irresistibly cheap to ignore.
A mug (300ml) of beer is only $3.99 before 3pm and the price actually triples at night! So during the day would be the best time to sample the wide range of beers Brewerkz has to offer.

brewerkz golden-ale

I admit I am not the best person to comment on the quality of the beer but it is very drinkable, like a lighter and smoother version of Carlsberg. The Golden Ale (front) and Indian Pale Ale (back, $4.99) are two of the highly recommended beers that won a few awards too.


Actually I have been to Brewerkz before about 2 months ago but I only had my dinner here without trying any of the beers. Like I said before, the price of the beers shoot through the roof at night – certainly didn’t feasible for the sake of trying. Continue reading

Yakisoba-pan (Japanese Fried Noodle Bun) @ Feng Jia Night Market

It’s amazing how food ideas are derived sometimes – it might be a sudden inspiration, an experiment with different ingredients, a conversation among friends, or even from a comic! Japan’s culture has a huge influence on Taiwan, and food is one of it. A popular Japan manga (日式面包王) about the story of boy baking his way becoming the King of Bakery had readers actually replicating one of the sandwich featured in it.
Thus, Yakisoba-pan (炒面面包, Japanese Fried Noodle Bun) was born and proved to be a huge hit especially among the teenagers who are always looking out for new and interesting street food.


I am pretty sure that this noodle sandwich is no where to be found in Malaysia, as the idea of eating noodle in a bun alone is weird enough to drive any of us away lol.
But not for Taiwanese, they are exceptionally open to new food and drinks, which is why their night market always have something new to try. Ever wondered why their TV Shows on food seems to be never-ending? Continue reading