Cao Cao BBQ Lamb and Wantan Mee @ Jalan Kuchai Lama

In Kuchai Lama there’s a hawker stall called Cao Cao specialized in selling BBQ Lamb. Yes, you’re seeing this right, the hawker stall actually shares the name with a Three Kingdom’s warlord lol.
It’s a rare sight if you ask me because usually when lamb chop is mentioned, it’s associated with either Western Food stall or restaurant. When I first heard about it from a friend, it was surprisingly cheap @ RM6 per portion, and most importantly it was said to be quite tasty too.


I think I was too late to try the BBQ Lamb when it was at only RM6. The night SL and I went, the smallest portion was selling at RM8 already. It was served with some chili and mint sauce for dipping.
Portion wise I found it to be satisfactory, with the lamb nicely cut into bite size pieces that had an even distribution of fat and meat. Tender, juicy and flavorful – I quite liked it. But do note that the lamb they used had a very strong smell, that even a lamb lover like me felt it was a little overwhelming.


BBQ Chicken Wings can also be ordered from Cao Cao. They were not bad but the waiting time for us was quite long because they forgot our order.


And this was our actual dinner that night, Wantan Mee that came highly recommended by the locals staying around. The specialty here is the thinner noodles, which is made by the owners themselves. The dry char siew aside, it was indeed one of the better Wantan Mee (above average) we have tasted so far.


Besides BBQ lamb and Wantan Mee, the Prawn Noodle and Hokkien Mee here seemed quite popular too so they should be worth a try. For me, the main attraction here would still be the BBQ lamb. If you are here one day to try the BBQ lamb, do read the stall’s description, I found it quite interesting – something related to Cao Cao of course.

GPS Coordinates: N3 05.471 E101 40.568
Wikimapia Location: Cao Cao BBQ Lamb
Direction: Somewhere near Kuchai Lama’s Talipon steamboat restaurant. If you are coming here from PJ via Old Klang Road, turn into Kuchai Lama after the old wet market. You will see a small street with some hawker stalls operating in front of some shop houses. You can also use Wisma FGA (the stalls are next to it) as a reference as it is one of the taller buildings around. *This is a road side stall so don’t expect too much on cleanliness.

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17 Responses

  1. Oh my goodness! Wan tan mee!!

    The lamb was very flavourful and nicely seasoned. Love it.

  2. ck lam says:

    It is nice to have something different like the bbq lamb among the other hawker food…great find!

  3. Danny Lim says:

    Famous Hong Kong writer cum connoisseur Chai Lan once said : a person who love lamb meat is a good person. True connoisseur generally love lamb meat with some gamey taste, I think you qualified.

  4. a friend took me here b4..
    the lamb was damn awesome..

  5. taufulou says:

    lol..the name itself already attractive~

  6. -JY- says:

    have been following ur blog in awhile now. great introduction as usual.
    tried some of the food u intro. it’s great!

  7. I nvr regret try vkeong recommendations.

    this location is so hard to park! Unless you reach at 6pm ;)

  8. -JY- says:

    Re : Holland

    Yeah. Ur right. mostly of vkeong recommendations is FAR away from my area which is in Subang Jaya.

  9. Queenvi says:

    Of the three items, the chicken wings tastes the best!

  10. J2Kfm says:

    yup, one of the better ones.
    succulent cutlets of lamb.
    i like mine gamey, which kinda explains why i like indian outlets’ curry muttons. very dense flavour.

  11. allie says:

    I can’t stand the overwhelming of lamb smell ler.. :P
    But this is a special one to find grilled lamb as a hawker food

  12. snow says:

    nearby this stall also had porridge, and it was tasty also you should go there to try out. Actually at Kuchai Lama opposite the guardian had a Taiwanese restaurant own by local Taiwanese, Chef, food all imported from Taiwan. The Mi Sua, Oo Jian…. all the Taiwan local food you can find there, but dun go there too late you will crazy for waiting seat.

  13. meow says:

    erm… do u know the business hour of this lamb stalL?

  14. freddy lazaroo says:

    the wantan mee is my favourite. the stall closes around 11.45pm.

  15. Michael says:

    actually opposite wan tan mee store got a Malay Satay…oh god the lamb satay is incredible…i can say is most delicious since ever i try b4…i am a Satay finder…so get yourself a try…wan tan mee with mushroom chicken leg is awesome too !!

  16. Eater says:

    went there yesterday, nothing special really..
    won’t go back again.

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