Roast Duck Rice @ Everyday Food Court, Puchong

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When having dinner together one night recently, a close friend of mine AhJames mentioned to me that Everyday Food Court‘s Roast Duck Rice is quite good. Heeding his recommendation, I purposely dropped by Puchong one day for lunch at the said food court even though my office was located at Cyberjaya. This food court was one of my favorite places to have dinner when I was still a undergraduate in MMU.

roast duck rice

I specifically ordered for roast duck drumstick but was given a normal plate @ RM4 instead. Ah well, never mind.



The roast duck meat was lean but was quite fatty under the skin. Taste wise it was not bad at all, nothing to complain about.


Then I tried the Roselle drink, which is basically a type of Hibiscus drink and its calyxes (the flower shaped things) are edible too. If you are wondering, the calyxes have a very crunchy texture and tastes sweet.
It’s a nice drink actually and its marketed as a health promoting drink. You should give it a try but do note that it wasn’t exactly cheap, around RM2.50 if not mistaken.


Everyday Food Court is located just opposite Tesco Puchong. The stall selling the Hong Kong styled roast meat/chicken/duck stall is called ‘Wan Li Xiang’. Some other recommended food here are Sarawak Handmade Noodle and Taufu Fa (night only).

Wan Li Xiang Roast Duck Rice
Everyday Food Court (opposite Tesco)
Pusat Bandar Puchong
GPS Coordinates: N3 2.276 E101 37.097

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13 Comments on “Roast Duck Rice @ Everyday Food Court, Puchong”

  1. M@Y

    Argh, i just went to Puchong last week to visit a relative… (>A<) Will take note once i’m there to visit again ;)

  2. JD

    Looks good. Have you tried the ones in Paramount, PJ State as well as the one in Connaught. Some of them are not bad either…

  3. Mr. Holland Gan

    This roast duck is pretty good, I go there about once a month to eat the roast duck rice.

    HOWEVER, the chili is not too great.

  4. Wang

    My house has 2 roselle trees, what my mum did was, take the roselle flower boil them add with sugar water, make it like concentrated drink . So every time we want to drink, just add with water and ice. It is quite nice.. but i think is quite a cheap drink as my mum could plant them herself at my house garden area

    1. vkeong

      The sarawak mee there is not bad, but if possible ask them to omit the char siew sauce because it will make the noodles very salty. Will post about it in future :)

  5. Joe Yap

    One good roast duck rice in Puchong that you all might want to try is SOON LOK. It’s at Jalan Kenari 21(??) They have a branch just a few roads away at the Good Will Restaurant. Worth a try.. Crispy crispy skin.. :)

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