Cafe Cafe KL – Romantic Restaurant @ Jalan Maharajalela

If you read my dining experience at Banquet, then you should probably know what I got to say for Cafe Cafe. Although not as disastrous, it was still quite a disappointing experience. For those who have never heard of Cafe Cafe before, well it’s a well hidden restaurant along Jalan Maharajalela, which happens to be the favorite restaurant for Amber Chia as well because of its deco.


Honestly, I didn’t like the main courses we had that day. What I feel about Cafe Cafe’s food is probably the exact opposite of what the rest of the food bloggers have written.
You might say that I don’t know how to appreciate fine dining and the sophisticated flavors. True. For me, it’s really simple – if the food tastes good then it’s enjoyable and worth paying for, regardless of the ingredients used whether its foie gras or truffle. Taste is just a subjective thing.


And because of that, I am not going to lie to you saying how good the Chef’s special of the day – Scrambled Egg was. It was very runny and you must really love garlic a lot to appreciate the super strong garlic smell.


I knew Cafe Cafe was going to be expensive so I was not very shocked when I saw the orange juice being priced at RM18 a glass, or RM14 for an imported French Pink Lemonade.


This is one of the highly recommended dish at Cafe Cafe – Burgundy Cheeks of Wagyu with Red Wine Sauce, served with Du Puy Lentils and Seasonal Mushroom @ RM72. If you’re wondering, the cheeks mentioned here do refer to the facial cheek of the cow. Lentils are those bean looking things, which are basically tasteless but very nutritional.
While I do admit the cheeks was amazingly tender – so tender I almost couldn’t believe I can break it with the softest poke using my fork, I disliked the Red Wine Sauce a lot for its bitterness. Not the kind of sauce for me, I guess.


The Lamb Shank was served with red wine sauce as well, so.. read what I had to say about the Wagyu Cheeks again?


The dessert – Chocolate Tart was good though. It’s easy because chocolate is loved universally lol.


Despite the fact that I disliked the food (actually just the things we ordered, I don’t know about the rest like Duck Confit or Foie Gras) – it’s undeniable that Cafe Cafe is one romantic restaurant. The decorations might be a weee little bit too much for me personally but the ambiance will definitely get you into mood. It is the kind of place where a guy would want to bring his special one for a mesmerized evening over a candle-light meal.

Cafe Cafe KL
175, Jalan Maharajalela
50150 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Open daily 6:00pm to 12:00am. For lunch, please call to inquire.
Tel : 603-21458141
GPS Coordinates: N3 08.164 E101 42.208

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  1. JD

    I would expect fine dining to have food that is on par along with it’s deco. It’s ok if the one that you are bringing don’t eat much (hence the food is not important) but for me, food is the main part of the restaurant. I don’t mind paying for ambience along with good food, but I would mind paying for bad food with nice ambience.

  2. M@Y

    vkeong, do they have Tiramisu in their menu? I heard rumours that Cafe-Cafe have great Tiramisu. Don’t know that’s true or not. I wonder.

  3. Kenneth

    Vkeong, thank you for all your nice blog. However, we would appreciate if you could include GPS location as it is difficult to locate some makan places you have mentioned. Thanks

  4. Shirley Tan

    Hi, i am planning a romantic evening (dining) to celebrate my fiance’s birthday. Any suggestions from this restaurant?

  5. JLean

    Dropping by ere. Seems like the food there is not as good as it looks huh Bro Vkeong. Any suggestion for any fine dining restaurants which is nice and have an affordable price?

    1. Post

      oh hi, I am not really fine dining person so I don’t think I can recommend you any restaurant.. and most of the fine dining restaurants I been to ended up having bad experience one. sorry about that.

  6. Koshua

    I had my birthday celebration at there last nite, it was the bad western food i tried in KL.
    i will enjoy their coffee if i will be there next round…..
    Hope they awake to improve the food and look into the comparison for the pricing & food taste….not worthy at all….

  7. annonymus

    Hi there, i was planning to bring my bf there celebrating his birthday. Could you give me some advice on which set of meal is more affordable and whats the price? Kindly reply to my email :)

  8. sohhooi

    Thanks for the honest writeup. I was contemplating celebrating my birhday with my family and extended families. Didn’t realise it’s a fine-dining restaurant and I’m not one who fancies mini-pretentious food. Off to other options……


    1. Post
  9. Sandy

    This is by far one of the best restaurants for fine dining in KL. It is on par with many restaurants in France where I have dined. Having resided 10 years in KL we have brought many of our european and malaysian friends to this place and everyone loved the food as well as the ambience of the place. I would highly recommend It as the food is of the highest quality which is sometimes difficult to find in this city.

  10. RaymondLum

    The food was sucked & pricey ! Fish & Chips knife on the dining table for Beef? Wtf ?! That junk piece of meat that I ate was tasteless, award winning for fine dining?? Haha.. Not for me. I would encourage the owner to close it down.

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