Kopi Time Kopitiam @ Atria Shopping Centre, Damansara Jaya

Just when you thought there couldn’t be more Kopitiams, new ones are coming up every now and then. It could only mean one thing, yum cha is Malaysians’ favorite past time, and Kopitiam business is still a growing business in Malaysia.
Some of my friends like to yum cha a lot, and they go Kopitiam hopping around frequently. And one of their recommendations is Kopi Time at Atria Shopping Center for the toasts. By the way the Kopitiam’s name is quite catchy.. Anytime someone asks “Hey what time is it?” You can simply say “It’s Kopi Time!” lol lame joke. Anyway, good yum cha place must be shared right?


The main reason the toasts are popular is because Kopi Time doesn’t stinge on the butter and the breads are charcoal toasted (located next to the counter), which gives it a nicer fragrance. It’s a no-brainer really. Just make sure your toasts are generously coated with butter and kaya, reasonably priced and the crowd will come on their own.
Usually I won’t want to blog about Kopitiams, because I feel they are way too commercialized and the food quality deteriorates with every new franchise opened. But I will make an exception for Kopi Time. Besides, I think this place is well known among the locals but not featured on food blogs prominently enough yet.


A set of two slices is around RM2.20 to RM2.50, forgot already.


Besides the usual butter kaya or French toasts, Kopi Time offers something new – Tuna Sambal Toast. The first bite quickly reminded me of the spicy tuna bun produced by Gardenia. The taste is quite similar but with butter added, and a lot spicier. Not bad at all.


My only complaint is that the drinks here are quite pricey. A normal cup of teh ais or teh o ais limau would have set you back at least RM3.


There are two seating areas, air conditioned one that is within the shopping complex, and the outdoor one which is quite windy even during a hot afternoon. Not a bad alternative for TT if you are bored with your usual place.

Kopi Time Kopitiam (opposite President Club)
G-06, Atria Shopping Centre,
Jalan 22/23, Damansara Jaya.
Open from 7.00am to 10.00pm

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  1. JD

    At least by the looks of the Kaya Toast, it’s actually more thick compare to the ever growing franchise. There’s only just one in Atria? Or there are other outlets as well in Klang Valley?

  2. Danny Lim

    In M,sia if u walk along “kaki-lima” and killed by falling sighboard, 50% chance it,s the kopitiam sighboard. That,s the problem with M,sian, if one business thrive 2000 others will follows…rotiboy,donuts,cha chan teng,snooker craze during 80s and many more. Anyone who can toast bread and make nasi lemak open a kopitiam..those who dun know bread toasting join franchise….some genius made millions in turning the business into maney scam. They are evrywhere..it,s red ocean.So, we can,t diffrenciate which one offer good food…for me I avoid going. The only good thing is that they are killing Starbucks.

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      1. Danny Lim

        Ya, heard that the boss made Rm14million, and now in Thailand doing the same trick. P/S . Read your article on sunday star on P.D breakfast, really helpful, there,s one nasi lemak stall near Shell refinery which is quite good also.

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  3. Psyduck

    Nice to hear that there is a good Kopitiam shop. Hate seeing those Old Town Kopitiam and others popping out everywhere.

    The last picture of the outdoor of the Kopi Time, looks pretty nice and cosy.

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  4. lim seng

    The so-called “kopitiam” these days are not actually “kopitiam” per say. They are actually modern cafe shamelessly decked up to appear as “kopitiam” and charge you cafe prices.
    Personally I still go to authentic “kopitiams” if I come across them. I think there only a few left in KL and PJ. You can still find them in smaller towns. It is where they only serve drinks, and snacks like toasts, butter cakes, curry puffs, butter roll and packet nasi lemak (for breakfast). Oh yes, plus free daily papers to read and stray dogs or the owners’ pet dog idling around the shop!

  5. Regular

    Sorry la! just happen to see Kopitime’s comments and want to add on! I’ve tried their nasi lemak. Its fantastic! good serving to fill your tummy.
    Btw their curry puffs are always sold out speaks for itself, ya!

  6. Follower

    For followers of KOPITIME, Atria Building is going to go by end July. I was told they are moving nearby to 36, grd flr, Jln SS22/25 – blk in front of Kopitime(near Nasi Kandar Restaurant.)
    We can still have our “Roti Bakar special” Haha ha!

  7. Joe Wong (Marketing Manager of Kopi Time)

    Thank you for the wonderful comments posted about us so far. Please also do share of any negative experiences you had with us so that we can improve. We have opened a new outlet at First Subang Mall Unit G20, Jalan SS15/4G Subang Jaya. The outlet is still in the midst of minor touch ups and renovations. However, this will be our first concept or flagship outlet in which you will get a very different experience compared to our 2 other outlets in 36 Jln S22 and OneUtama once it is fully touched up (pricing of food will be the same! Even though its situated in a more expensive shopping mall). Please do feel free to visit us there and share with us any of your valuable comments. Thanks to all the long time Kopi Time fans who have sticked with us since opening of our first outlet in Atria. We hope to move back to Atria soon, once the building is re-renovated.

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