Village Park Nasi Lemak @ Damansara Uptown, PJ

If you like your nasi lemak with extra ingredients then you gotta give Village Park @ Damansara Uptown a try. Besides plain nasi lemak, they offer various dishes as additional add-ons like ayam goreng rempah, sambal udang, sambal petai and even rendang.
Village Park is very popular and often comes in top for nasi lemak, especially after they had been named as the best nasi lemak by FriedChillies. I don’t know about FriedChillies’ credibility, but it certainly helps in many ways. For me, I came based on the many suggestions I got from friends.


I anticipated Village Park would be very crowded because of their popularity, but didn’t quite expect the crowd to be so huge lol. On an early Sunday morning, the queue for the nasi lemak alone was shockingly long, and there were no seats too despite having tables set up over a span of three shops including the parking space in front.

But the service was surprisingly quite friendly, with the staff eagerly to suggest us on what to order. And the time for our nasi lemak to arrive was relatively short too given the huge number of customers. Looking through the menu, we wanted to try the rendang but unfortunately for unknown reasons they didn’t have it that day. So we tried the sambal udang and ayam goreng rempah combo @ RM10.30 instead.

Village Park rempah-fried-chicken

Although not cheap, you do get a whole chicken thigh. And how they chopped the chicken thigh it looked so messy, I have absolutely no idea lol. But rest assured it was fragrant and tasty, especially the cripsy skin albeit a little salty. The sambal udang was good as well, fresh with firm flesh.
It might have appealed to me more because of the additional ingredients, but take away those you would still have a great serving of traditional nasi lemak. The rice was nicely cooked with the desired separate grains for better biting sensation. And the sambal was suiting to me because despite being both sweet and spicy, it tasted more spicy than sweet.

Village Park half-boiled-eggs

I have a growing fondness for half boiled egg recently and always order it whenever possible, RM1.80 for a pair.


Do note that they do not allow any photographs within the restaurant, it was stated on a big sticker so I didn’t bother. But do linger a while at the counter and pay attention to the list of famous people who have eaten at Village Park before. One of them is our ex-Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir yo!

Village Park Restaurant (Closed from evening onwards)
No.5, Jalan SS21/37,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03 – 7710 7860
GPS Coordinates: N03 08.259 E101 37.404 (malfreemaps)

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  1. JD

    Wow, first time I read that a restaurant that don’t allow photography. As said, there’s no way we can plagiarise the food using photos right? Looks good, maybe could try it the next time I head to SS21.

    1. Post
    1. Post
    1. Post
  2. J2Kfm

    Why wont’ they allow photography inside the premise leh? Not that it’s designed with such grand ambience to be copied by others. Probably they meant no FLASH photography inside the shop.
    Or any hygiene matters to cover up?

    1. Post

      lol I don’t know man.. but if they insist I don’t really mind. It’s better than some restaurants that don’t put up the sign, yet prohibit u from taking photos.

  3. Frat Mustard

    My favourite Nasi Lemak… after renovation, so much easier to get table on a working day! For those with big appetite can I recommend to have a Milo dinosaur along with your Nasi Lemak…. awesome stuff!

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  5. pigpigscorner

    I always eat at this place when I go back cause it’s so near to my place and so tasty. Never noticed the no photography policy though, I’ve taken pictures at the food counter and noone stopped me.

  6. Psyduck

    Yeahh! I love the food from this place. But I’ve never eaten it in the shop itself though.
    Mom always tapao for morning breakfast. Love the friend chicken and the sambal!

  7. Nasi Lemak Lover

    Since I’m Nasi Lemak Lover, I will not miss this place for sure, will visit in one day.
    I know you blog when I learning to add nuffnang on my blog today, my blogger friend asked me to refer to your blog, that’swhy I’m here, will visit your blog more often.

  8. tracieMoo

    I just happen to stumble upon your food blog, and it’s amazing. Love all the photos you’ve taken and I’ve actually read your “good-food-list”. I found it so useful for people like me :P

  9. Vincent

    try this morning with my wife

    my own opinion – nasi lemak rice taste like basmati rice. personally, i prefer nasi lemak from a van that sell at Atria.they are run by malay family.if not mistaken,their stall/van is near Pos Office of Atria.

    sambal ok but not special.

    Chicken is big but expensive (around $4).

    I order nasi lemak + fried chicken (cost $6.8). i have to add extra kosong nasi lemak ($1.30) because original nasi lemak is too little.

    Overall, i give 7/10. the aircon inside it is a bonus especially this few week is hot for Selangor.

  10. Aki

    A close fren just went to this restaurant during last weekend (10th July 2010 – about 9 am), and told us about a very bad experience with the boss of this Village Park restaurant. From what she told us, anyone that heard about the incident will feel angry on the way they are treated. The chinese lady boss (the one in red t-shirt in 1 of the pictures above) drove in to the parking space where they put all the tables and chairs, almost hit my fren’s companion. When my fren told her nicely that she should’ve asked the staffs to inform earlier instead of just driving in immediately without warning. The lady boss shouted at her and the conversations are roughly like following:

    my fren: Boss, just now u drove in ur car suddenly almost hit my fren. Actually next time you can ask your staff to inform us to move earlier.
    lady boss: what? isn’t your fren alright now?
    my fren: yes, she is alright but your car almost hit her.
    male boss came out from the restaurant: (in loud voice) FUCK!! WHAT DO YOU WANT NOW ???

    my fren: I dun want anything, I’m just trying to ask you to inform earlier. Why are you shouting, is this how you treat your customers?
    lady boss: I treat ALL my customers with “respect”
    my fren : I dun wan to argue with u, u can continue to do anything u like, this will be my last visit here
    lady boss: GO AWAY
    her husband with little misai follows and shouted : GOoo AWAY !!

    Then my fren was angry now, and then just went to pay at the counter.
    my fren : Don’t add in the service tax, there is no service at all.
    lady boss (with loud voice) : sure

    my fren paid the amout and wanted to leave
    male boss (pointing outside) : wah, eat so little only, dont come again!
    lady boss added: yea, you don’t come we still have a lot of other customers.

    when they said this, all the customers in the restaurant were shocked too.

    The above is a true incident that happened. And many other customers were there to witnessed this. I’m not sure about you all, but after hearing this I have told my family and friends that we decided to boycott this uptown Village Park nasi lemak despite how nice it is.

  11. sun

    I came with great expectation lure by the many good reviews about the establishment but came off rather disappointed.

    The chicken was good – tender on the inside, crispy and flavorful on the outside, but that’s it.

    Lemak rice was above average, not the best I have taken. The accompaniments (cucumbers, ikan bilis, kacang) were pathetic and the sambal chilly has no life, just one dimensional …sweet. The sambal prawn was served cold, meat was tough and very small shrimps.

    This can’t be the best Nasi Lemak Malaysia can offer, can it?

    Not a place I would recommend others nor will I come again.

  12. Arid Yaacob

    If u wanna see UGLY Malaysians, and believe me, there are mannyy ugly malaysians and many of them like to eat here, eat at this place. Sssssoooo LOUD! The mat sallehs wld be shocked to see us in action this way. It’s worse than a zoo! Even animals know to shut up when they eat. Absolutely no respect for the food, and they’re surprised when they get stomach cancer … The best nasi lemak is at the food court in Sect 14, PJ. Still going strong after 35 years and no LOUD, uncouth people to whom talking is more important than eating!

  13. Soo Hun

    Food average but stressful environment. Ordered nasi lemak ayam goreng and nasi lemak ayam rendang. Waited 30 mins for food that customers who just sat down started eating. Asked waiter to check 3 times and the waiter raised his voice. “Not i place order. Later i check. Sit down” Is this the way to response to customer’s query ? Later complained to lady boss but found her insincere. I said..your waiter scolded me. Before more details she responded “OK, fire him”. But i have not revealed who and what happended yet. After i explained to him, she said she will feedback to him. Never ask staff to apologise.

    Wont come back.

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