Azuma Japanese Restaurant @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

On Christmas Eve me and my brother went to Azuma Japanese Restaurant at Queensbay Mall for dinner. I specifically chose Queensbay because it was one of the places I used to hang out a lot when I was still working in Penang, I wanted to see how much changes had taken place since then.
Well it seemed like quite a number of restaurants and cafes had established themselves in the mall, which is a good thing because I seriously felt that Queensbay lacked choices when it came to food. But I still don’t understand why they wouldn’t do anything about the open air car – the road condition is still bad!


While I am not entirely happy being having to work in Singapore because of the deterioration of quality of life, earning Singapore dollar means I get to spend more comfortably when I return to Malaysia. My brother is not much of a sashimi fan so I only ordered for myself – Kiku Sashimi @ RM35 that consisted of 8 pieces of assorted raw fish.
The sashimi was fresh and quite thick sliced, obviously something I am very happy about. I enjoyed the salmon sashimi the most and I think I am gonna order just that next time. Maguro is juicy but the texture is just not as great as salmon’s while I find Tako just too rubbery for my liking.


My brother had a piece of Unagi Kabayaki all to himself. RM22.


There was a promotion for pan fried salmon so we had one of it as well.


4 pieces of Shishamo for RM10.


Then the waitress recommended that we try their famous Makimono, either Shake Tataki Maki or Una Cheese Maki or mix both into a single order. She guaranteed to us that it was going to be ‘ho jiak!’ so we believed her lol. Hey, I am very easily persuaded.


Actually each Makimono cost RM28 for a plate of 8 pieces but RM30 if you mix them up. The front row of maki is the Una Cheese Maki (sushi rolled with eel, cheese, tamago, cucumber and crab stick) and the one at the back is Shake Tataki Maki (sushi rolled with shrimp roe, crab stick, cheese, vege and topped with grilled salmon)
True to the recommending waitress’ words, both of them were really ‘ho ho jiak‘ and cheesily delicious. Each bite gave a satisfying and unforgettable burst of flavor and for me, the Una Cheese Maki took the cake.


And lastly, Ebi Cabo Salada (prawn salad served with avocado and special dressing) @ RM15. I think this was the first salad I ever ordered at a Japanese restaurant.


Portion wise I think it was generous enough but I think they should have given more prawns because salad’s name itself emphasized on prawns. The special dressing was like a sweet and zesty mayonnaise that went well with the salad. I felt the dressing’s amount was not sufficient for the big bowl of salad, resulting in a rather dry taste.


I was happy with Azuma’s food quality but their service needs a lot of improvement. While I understand that service might not be as good on a Christmas Eve day, I seriously did not expect my first order (sashimi) to arrive only after 20 minutes. The same for the rest of our orders that night, they took a long time to come even though the majority of customers already left.


Azuma Japanese Restaurant
No.100-2-F87, Queensbay Mall,
Persiaran Bayan Indah,
11900 Bayan Lepas.

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  1. Jean

    Ate here once before but found the sushi really bad. Can’t remember what I ordered exactly but I know it was just not tasty at all.

    If you ever have the chance to go to Japan, do try their chutoro (which is a fattier cut of maguro). My all time favorite! Amazing and you will never be able to enjoy Malaysian-made sushi/sashimi again.
    .-= Jean´s last blog ..That Little Wine Bar- Penang =-.

  2. Kelly

    I heard some reviews about the food so I decided to try out . The food does not meet up to my expectations as I usually have high standards for food. Took a table behind the sushi bar. So as we were looking thru the menu, we looking at the sushi chief doing his master piece. But when I look closely… shockly to see that he was NOT wearing any gloves while preparing the food. Fine.. thinking that he must have surely wash his hand before that. Another shocking thing that I saw was that he actually put his hand in his pocket and pick up his mobile phone and sms someone, then he continue doing the next dish, without washing his hands…. Thinking that there must be alot of germs on the phone. Quickly both of us, got up, then left, swearing never again to step in. Its so un hygienic.

  3. harvard

    Azuma Queensbay have terrible service, especially the Chinese female captain & Cashier (trainee). When I pay her in counter, she is SO RUDE by giving ” 白眼“ 。

    Food is “so so”. Sakae sushi is much bettehr. (Not a sakae fans though)

    TERRIBLE SERVICE !! RUDE behaviour !

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