Bel Pasto Pizza Italian Restaurant @ Kepong

Bel Pasto is an Italian restaurant in Kepong that is run by real Italian chefs. The restaurant in Kepong is actually Bel Pasto’s second branch, with the first established at Aman Puri not too far away. Initially, I thought Bel Pasto had something to do with pasta because of the word similarity but it actually means ‘nice meal’.


Being in an Italian restaurant, it’s only natural that we tried their pasta. After all, it is their staple food. Fettucini Salmone @ RM19.50 was faithfully prepared according to typical Italian recipe. The al dente pasta, generous chunks of salmon and Parmesan cheese made made it an enjoyable dish even though I am not a pasta fan. We felt the price was a little expensive though.
We also had a bowl of Mushroom Soup @ RM6.80 but personally, I didn’t like it because of the bitterness of the wild mushroom used.


The Hawaiian Pizza @ RM15.50 was great, baked thin crust just the way I like it with loads of cheese melted on top. There’s really nothing to complain about.


But the star of the night gotta be Bel Pasto’s home made Tiramisu, the famous Italian cake. Priced at RM8.90, the portion so huge that it could be described as ‘a small block’ lol. It was full of coffee aroma, not too sweet and the biscuits held together nicely. A perfect ending to a great meal!


All in all, Bel Pasto is a cozy restaurant with friendly staff that churns out traditional Italian food. Parking is a real headache at this area though.

Bel Pasto Pizza Italian Restaurant
C-G-16, Jalan Metro Perdana 3
Taman Usahawan Kepong
52100 Kepong, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 019 631 6377
GPS Coordinates: N3 12.547 E101 36.924

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  1. M@Y

    I was recommended by someone before that it is a must to try their signature dessert Tiramisu. Of course, i will make my time to have a try. Fantastic photos as always, vkeong :)

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      1. Quirky

        Icic, looks delicious…. wanna go try it out one day…. the other day i just had pizzamade by italian at chinese kopitiam lol. Too bad the fella’s pizza skin not so good.

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  2. wong

    i like the mushroom soup. nice. you must eat the buschetta – choose the one with beef bacon on top the bread,they have 3 options-this is option c

  3. Ken


    u said this establishment is run by Italian chefs.
    u mean the cooks behind or the place itself is owned by them?
    because i see BLACK(prolly indian) cooks behind in kitchen. i was expecting to see some ang moh. ???

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  4. Shirley

    I am a Hongkonger. I am going to visit KL during Easter holiday. I want to know any nice restaurants which can reach by the monorail.

  5. snow

    i tried the Aman Puri branch few month ago, the taste there was bad then my 1st visit. Cause they hire foreign worker be their chef, i don’t think they can cook the same taste as like the Italian chef. And some more they even can not understand my order.

  6. Pinky

    Erm….i think dis restaurant is halal.they dun even sell liquor as well.but they can serve for u if u bring on ur own.

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  7. Ike

    Hi there, on behalf of Bel Pasto management, we would like thank you for your visit and your wonderful comments and we are also happy that you have enjoyed your stay there!

    However, we have been serving halal meats to the customers and we have been doing so ever since it first opened 6 years ago. Therefore, would you kindly change the halal status that you set? It would be greatly appreciated if you do so. And if you do want more enquirer about us or about the halal justification of our restaurant, feel free to email me. Hope to see you soon again there! Have a nice day!

  8. victoria

    hey everyone….im a huge fan of bel pasto…i think they serve their food to perfection taste and quality…not to mention the exquisite service…with reference to mr ike’s comments..i would like to assure that bel pasto serves only halal food…no doubt im a non muslim, but i do have muslim friends who are perfectly comfortable in dining there….so i would really like to say that i guess that as long as the food that is served there is assured to be halal….the additional compliments do not really the wine service…….

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  9. ayam390

    Hi, vkeong,

    the address that you mention in here is the second branch. but the GPS coordinate is Aman Puri main branch…..
    It just make me confuse in the beginning.

  10. Suraya

    Hi! We are the big fan of Bel Pasto. This place has become one of best place for our dept lunch. Food is very good. Set lunch is veryyy affordable. Walllaa..

  11. Eddy

    Overall,this restaurant offers the best package for everyone in terms of service,excellent food,attractive price n its cosy ambience…been there hundreds of time n it has been satisfying everytime..staffs there r very friendly n the owner himself is very humble..thumbs up to the management n keep up d gud work! grazie bel pasto…

  12. Mehdi

    they gave wrong infi , the real chef’s not itallian but he’s Bosnian .. he’s really good at cooking itallian foods , barbeques and grilled foods.. i know about this coz i know him ..

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