Loy Kee Best Chicken Rice @ Balestier Road

As far as Chicken Rice goes, Loy Kee at Balestier Road serves the most impressive looking one. Their special chicken rice set, which is also Loy Kee’s signature dish always comes in a wooden tray of roast thigh meat, rice, a serving of vegetable, a bowl of soup and condiments served in ceramic pottery dishes at $6.


Loy Kee goes back as early as 1953 when they started from a small stall at Raymond Market. And now they have two main branches at Balestier and Woodlands. From what I researched, Loy Kee was famous in the 90s and considered an icon when it came to chicken rice. Something huh? But I only knew about them from a friend who used to work in Singapore last time.

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Ah Basri Satay Restaurant @ Sungai Ara, Penang

First of all, this post contains horse meat. Horse meat is still very rare for consumption in the world and it is even considered as taboo in some countries. In Malaysia horse meat is almost unheard of and even if you chance upon it, it would be most probably in those exotic food restaurants. So if you are uncomfortable with that, please do not read further.


If you didn’t know, I used to stay at Sungai Ara for about two years before I moved to KL in 2008. But I have never seen Ah Basri Satay Restaurant in the neighbourhood so they must have set up their Satay restaurant after that. The only reason I came back to Sungai Ara for AB Satay is because it received high praises from various food bloggers and some even claimed it as the best satay in Penang.
Having tasted personally, the best satay in Singapore, I had high expectations and eager to see how they both match up.

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Murni Discovery Mamak @ Aman Suria, Sunway Mas PJ

Ah Mamak Restaurant, how I miss thou! When it comes to mamak food I dare say Malaysia has the best. I cringed when I saw my plate of maggi goreng was fried with ketchup in Singapore. Seriously? Ketchup in Maggi Goreng? omg.
So I always make it a point to get myself a mamak fix whenever I return to Malaysia, even if it is a short trip. So recently (well not so recent actually), the famous Murni Mamak restaurant from SS2 had opened a branch at Aman Suria. It is a good news for frequent Murni goers because the original shop at SS2 is simply too crowded. And not to mention the hygiene is questionable too.


This photo has Murni SS2 painted all over it lol. If you are a first timer at Murni the only drink you should order is their signature Ribena Lychee juice. They are not stingy with the Ribena syrup so the taste is really ‘kao’. At the SS2 branch usually it would be served in a bottle though.

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