Ah Basri Satay Restaurant @ Sungai Ara, Penang

First of all, this post contains horse meat. Horse meat is still very rare for consumption in the world and it is even considered as taboo in some countries. In Malaysia horse meat is almost unheard of and even if you chance upon it, it would be most probably in those exotic food restaurants. So if you are uncomfortable with that, please do not read further.


If you didn’t know, I used to stay at Sungai Ara for about two years before I moved to KL in 2008. But I have never seen Ah Basri Satay Restaurant in the neighbourhood so they must have set up their Satay restaurant after that. The only reason I came back to Sungai Ara for AB Satay is because it received high praises from various food bloggers and some even claimed it as the best satay in Penang.
Having tasted personally, the best satay in Singapore, I had high expectations and eager to see how they both match up.


Variety is the strength of Ah Basri and you wouldn’t be disappointed with their vast selection of meat for satay – chicken, beef, lamb, deer, horse and seafood like squid and prawn too. Price is on the high side here, with chicken satay being the cheapest @ RM1 a stick, RM1.40 for lamb and beef, RM1.50 for the deer, RM2 for horse, RM2.50 for squid and RM3 for prawn.


Although almost double the price of the average Penang satay, I feel the pricing is justified because each satay stick had a lot of lean meat on it. Fat was almost none-existent. Plus, AB Satay went the extra mile by detoxifying the meat before they were marinated. I am not sure what was done to the meat in the detoxification process though lol.
Because the satay meat was so lean, the texture was chewy and hard albeit being healthier than the rest. I don’t know about you but I prefer my satay to be tender, juicy with some fats on it.


These were the horse satay that I mentioned earlier. Not only they looked like beef satay, heck they taste like one too. If I were asked to differentiate AB Satay’s beef and horse satay without knowing which is which beforehand, I won’t be able to tell for sure. The same applies to the deer and lamb satay too, which tasted like beef as well.
Because of that I was quite disappointed with how the satay turned out. The original flavor of the meat seemed to have disappeared and all you could taste is the marinate and the peanut sauce. I for one would like to savor the meat’s original flavor as well. What’s the point of offering different meats when all of them are going to taste the same? It’s like ordering a Wagyu steak that tastes like chicken.


The seafood satay had different marinate and dipping sauce too. A sweet and spicy tasting chili sauce, which is quite similar to Thai chili sauce is used.


Sad to say I found the seafood satay to suffer the same problem of not having their original flavor. Prawn tasted nothing like prawn and squid tasted nothing like squid.



Overall Ah Basri Satay is OK lah but I am not going to say they have the best satay in Penang. Because I am confident that Penang, a food haven surely has a better satay restaurant that deserves the title more. And you’re pretty sure I am going to find that out too.
Please note that after not long after my visit Ah Basri has moved out of Sungai Ara to a new location at D’ Piazza Mall at Bayan Baru. The price is outdated as well.

AB Satay (Sungai Ara branch – diagonally opposite Fisherman’s Grill)
115B, Mukim 12,
Jalan Dato Ismail Hashim, Sg. Ara,
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.

Ah Basri Satay (Bayan Baru branch)
D’Piazza Mall
56 Jalan Mahsuri, 11900 Bayan Baru, PULAU PINANG
GPS Coordinates: N5 19.203 E100 16.279
Tel: 010-4641733

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  1. Apple Foodees

    The satays are beautifully presented. Looks delicious too. But I still think Hj. Samuri’s satay is nicer. They use to have a branch right infront of Komag/ Western D. I wonder whether they are still there.

  2. JD

    I think Satay without pieces of fat is a bit too chewy for my liking. But if it’s horse meat or rabbit meat, then it’s something really different lar.

  3. Konghulang

    I like juicy satay with some fats on it too.
    About the horse meat, I have never heard of anybody breeding horses (for their meat) in Penang, so it must be frozen meat imported from other state or most probably from Indonesia, bcos horse meat is popular in Indonesia.
    The point is, if they use frozen meat , of course it got no original flavor, the same goes for seafood, deer meat or other frozen meat.
    BTW, what do you mean by “detoxifying the meat before they were marinated”

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  4. Danny Lim

    Everytime when i bet on the losing horse at racecourse ,I wish that bloody horse be made into satay and now I know where to vent my anger.

  5. samlee860407

    wah, after so long only this was posted :p

    btw, vkeong, when you say “Because I am confident that Penang, a food haven surely has a better satay restaurant that deserves the title more”

    does that means that you already find a satay in Penang that are better than ah basri already, or haven’t? :D

    1. Post

      nope, haven’t found yet lol. but I am quite sure there are better ones out there and cheaper too. to crown Ah Basri as the best satay would be a sad thing, really.

  6. J2Kfm

    Hmm, I like my satay to be fatter as well. Detoxifying the meat may mean that they use some purifying water (yes, many filters have them) to wash their meats, or in usual cases, their greens.

    I would have expected a better review though.

  7. limj

    the most meaty satay i had is located right opposite of the view condominium in penang,where the malay restaurant spore there….(next to police marine HQ i think)

    but my gf said it smells abit shitty due to the yellowish oil?

  8. Ahmad Basri

    Thank you for your comments. How we detoxified our meat? We introduce O3 into filter water for 30 min with the meats in it before we marinate it. That make all meats more tender and cleaner than other in the market.

    For sure, the horse meat is frozen but not from any Turf Club around this region. It is halal horse meat from Indonesia.

    Chicken meat is not frozen, it is the fresh as what you buy from wet market. For your information, it is pricey compare to frozen.

    You may want to try Rasa Sayang Resort Spice Garden Restaurant satay if you still think Ah Basri Asian Satay is pricey. Your feedback always welcome.

    1. Post

      Thank you for the explanation, it is indeed a new and innovative way to clean the meat

      But to compare the price of satay from a hotel with a normal eatery would be unfair.

  9. Ahmad Basri

    What you get at Rasa Sayang Resort Spice Garden Res satay is the same what you get from Ah Basri Asian Satay Restaurant. We had supplied to them for the past 2 yrs. U get huge discount from Ah Basri Asian Satay restaurant. Good day.

  10. chai

    vkeong is rite. i used to frequent basri opp pisa. the operative word here is “USED TO BE GOOD”. not anymore – no diff btw the horse n beef, in fact most of it tastes similar. visited d’piazza outlet ONCE only n decided enuf is enuf! no more. nyok lan kajang still the benchmark.

  11. Penang

    Just chance about this article while searching for food in D’Piazza. I have tried the Satay once, and wont try it again, as all of those who consume it ended up with diarheaa. Btw, saw mice running around in D’Piazza, and if i am not mistaken, i was told one of the food outlet in D’Piazza was previously close 1 week by the authority bcoz it did not meet the hygiene level :(

  12. Ravin

    I have visited the new location of AhBasri satay which is at Jalan Tengah opp Giant beside Hong Leong Bank, the satay taste really good i met the owner and i was told that they dont serve horse meat any longer but instead they introduced ostrich and turkey very soon. Me and my wife liked the calamary the best the meat is chunky and the price is reasonable the place is clean. I certainly will recommend anyone to visit this joint.

  13. Ravin

    My recent trip to try out AhBasri satay is worth the trip the satay is delicious indeed and i have recommended to my friends. The place is clean and well manered staff. You should try the cucumber juice goes well with the satay especially after a heavy protein meal, no fat and lean meat. Ahbasri has moved to Jalan Tengah opp Giant beside Hong Leong Bank. THUMBS UP to Ah Basri Satay.

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