My Europe Trip 2010 – London, England

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Just to share some photos of the Europe trip I embarked about a month ago. Yep, for the entire month of June I was not in Malaysia so any blog updates were actually pre-written posts lol.
Anyway, we covered England and most of Western Europe‘s countries like France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, and also Czech Republic in a span of 28 days. Also, we did a brief stopover at Belgium just to catch the Eurostar back to London. Instead of dedicating a post to detail each and every place we visited, I think an executive summary of our trip in the country would suffice.


I flew with Emirates and arrived in London after transiting at Dubai. Stayed at Malaysia Hall in London, which provides affordable accommodation to all Malaysians – cheaper if you are a student studying in UK.


We had a full English breakfast and a fresh salmon toast with scrambled egg at a cafe nearby. Almost all eateries in London offer full English breakfast at 4-6 pounds, and surprisingly our first breakfast was also our best. Even the coffee was great!


Then we visited Sherlock Holmes’ Museum at Baker Street – only saw the building and went into the museum’s gift shop instead lol. Simply because we thought the entrance fee was not really worth it – felt more like a tourist trap.


The area was quite special.. it was scattered with Sherlock Holmes’ sign especially at the Tube station (London’s underground)


National History Museum boasts a grand interior, it mostly exhibits life and earth science specimens. One of the major reasons we visited was because it is free.


And the famous skeleton of a dinosaur is the center of attraction.


Walking in one of the many London’s underground tunnels.


Which brought us to Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design with a collection of 4.5 million objects. It is seriously huge and to really look at each and every exhibit would take you forever. Again, it’s free so the experience was really worth it.










The above are some glimpses of what to expect in V&A: the countless statues, columns, paintings, metalworks, jewelery and etc, simple impossible for me to show them here. All I can say is it was a very eye opening experience – even for a non-artsy person like myself lol.

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Good food addict

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40 Responses

  1. Danny Lim says:

    I can,t figure out why the wanton mee and roast duck rice are so delicious in London, is it the weather, environment,the Hongkie chef or the ingredient ?

    • vkeong says:

      I would say its their chef (from HK) and the access to good quality ingredients..

      but the claim of their roast ducks are the best in the world, def not true haha. the person who said that obviously never came to Malaysia (or worse still, never tried the roast ducks in Beijing and HK before)

  2. stevensys says:

    bro, can share how much is the package for your 1 MONTH trip to europe?

    • vkeong says:

      hi steven.. I traveled on my own so here is a rough breakdown:

      return plane tix via Emirates: RM3050
      Eurail (train to go around Europe for 1 month): RM3200-3500
      Accommodation, food and etc (entrance fee to places and such) RM6000-7000

      so in total it was around RM13k like that. do know that I only stayed in hostels, and ate very very cheap foods most of the time

  3. wyyv says:

    unker vkeong!! u are back~! hahaha.. i guess u muz had a nice trip at Europe:) I also feel like going to Europe with my girlfriend too in future~ I really like your pictures very much , I wish that one day I could take some pictures which are as nice as yours^^
    .-= wyyv´s last blog ..Sweet Hut – Kuchai Dynasty Central =-.

  4. Psyduck says:

    Ahhh good ol’ times. Hahaha!
    Been to some of the places mentioned there!

  5. fraulein says:

    Nice post and pictures! Mind if I asked exactly how much to pay to get into Tower of London? It holds a lot of historical events and tragedies including beheadings of royalties like Anne Boleyn. Maybe that’s why it’s so killer expensive.
    .-= fraulein´s last blog ..Shogun Japanese buffet- One Utama =-.

  6. Blaze_TzeHau says:

    it surely reminds me of my visit to England 10 years back. Went to some of the places you mentioned. Awesome.
    .-= Blaze_TzeHau´s last blog ..Eyes on Melaka =-.

  7. cariso says:

    Mind jotting down the price of those meals?
    .-= cariso´s last blog ..Shong Hor Hin 松鹤轩 Daily Dessert =-.

  8. CLF says:

    whoa nice post man! great pics of London too!

  9. akachester says:

    Nice post! But talking about expensive entrance fees, any estimation on how “expensive” are they? Given the chance i would want to visit London as well :)

    • vkeong says:

      it’s 17 pounds per pax.. but if you are serious about visiting the places in London.. a London Pass would be better because it gives you free admission to many places including this Tower of London, as well as free use of the public transport

  10. Tan Li Zhi says:

    did u try the local fish and chips? its their national dish… or rather… national disaster :p
    .-= Tan Li Zhi´s last blog ..Papercraft Gundam =-.

  11. jason says:

    Very nice architectures! I wanna go see the dinosaurs’ skeletons!
    .-= jason´s last blog ..One Night Only The Jaya One Foodcrawl- Final Part – Muse -amp Brussels =-.

  12. Great trip vkeong!! Nice pictures…don’t forget about Malaysia…ok??

  13. jeffrey says:

    wow vkeong, you are one of the best photographer i’ve ever known. your pics taken are simply the best!!! you should be a famous photographer rather than a famous

  14. M@Y says:

    vkeong, you traveled alone and it costs RM13k? As in not relying on relatives who’s living there, or best buddies living in UK? Plus, everything was done by online on your own or through the tour package Free & Easy? I’m planning for a holiday some time sooner. Appreciate your quick reply :)

    • vkeong says:

      hi M@Y,

      To answer your question.. I traveled with my gf actually, and it cost me RM13k for myself only. We did not rely on anyone we knew, the flight tickets, train tickets, accommodation, food and daily activities were planned by ourselves. Or you can say it’s free and easy.

      Just for your information, the hostels we stayed were booked on and typically one night’s stay is 17-20 Euros for a dorm room (shared with at least 4 people) while private ones are totally out of our budget. Food would be around 10-15 Euros and honestly we had to tie our stomach for most of the time. Better get an accommodation that provides breakfast, it saves you a lot, really

  15. RollsRoyce says:

    Europe beefs and bacon, eggs and pasta should be really delicious! Nice coverage and of course the Chinatown’s food in every corners of the world is quite satisfying. I do want to have a try at EU and elsewhere since I’ve ventured to Perth,Korea but that was when I was pretty young. So hopefully to grab some cheap-n-run food shots! Ahahaha.
    .-= RollsRoyce´s last blog ..Loong 龍 Online =-.

  16. Cheryl says:

    vkeong, myself and hubby are eyeing to go Europe too, and would really appreciate if you can share your itinerary with us… THANKS so much ahead!
    .-= Cheryl´s last blog ..Bravo Italiana – I-Avenue =-.

    • vkeong says:

      Hi Cheryl, here it is

      London -> Paris -> Interlaken -> Lauterbrunnen -> Milan -> Pisa -> Florence -> Rome -> Venice -> Vienna -> Munich -> Prague -> Berlin -> Amsterdam -> Brussels -> London

  17. Nice photos you have there.. thanks for sharing.. I hope I can have my trip soon..
    .-= langkawipackage´s last blog ..Langkawi Malaysia Travel Guide =-.

  18. TOLANIC says:

    Is it a real skeleton of dinosaur?
    .-= TOLANIC´s last blog ..Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens London =-.

  19. ik3da says:

    Seriously, I hate coming to your blog. From food to travel stuff, damn – it is really poisoning to go through. Totally feeling like quitting and going Euro-trip now. Damn you unker.

  20. Ann says:

    Hi Vkeong, Can you share with me your london itinerary?
    and any nice place not to missed?
    any good food not to miss ?
    with affordable price hahah thank you.

    i will visiting london and certain europe place in 20days end of sept 2011

  21. Ann says:

    and what about london pass.. how u utilise it during the trip?

    what kind of very cheap food can get :p, me too want to save more..

    thank you.

  22. snowcrab says:

    Hi Vkeong,

    am desperately need your help if possible in planning for my trip to switzerland. I’ll b going in apr & plan to do bern, montreux, interlaken (if to jungfraujoch), lucerne & basel (due to leaving to amsterdam) in 7days.

    need to know what train to take & which city i shld disembark fr paris & the best travel routing before leaving to amsterdam from basel. also shld i buy any pass or point to point tkt.

    thanks a million in advance for your help!

  23. ykristen says:

    Found yr write up on london paris while reserching fpr my trip in April appreciate if you assist in how you booked your rooms in Malaysia Hall as well as your experience there and whether they were curfews. Have gone to their website but can’t find booking info.

    Appreciate it

  24. lena says:

    hi vkeong…stumbled upon your website while googling malaysian do i go there? i am planning to take heathrow connect and take tube to either queensway or bayswater (which one is nearer?)…any advice?

  25. Steve says:

    A great thing to do when in London is to go on a Rippervision Jack the ripper tour. They are fantastic, I learnt so much that I never knew about Jack the Ripper.

  26. Lea says:

    Hi, I want to know do you keep London as your last destination? I plan to tour Europe, but I’m afraid I get denied entry to
    Uk, may I know what doc u have with u during entry to uk? Any specific like air ticket ?

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