Restoran Yin Her (Silver River) @ Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh

If you like to dine at Chinese restaurants (those serving course dishes) then Sungai Buloh is a great hunting ground to start with. There are a number of skilled chefs here and each of them have his own specialty and signature dishes.
But there are so many restaurants to choose from in the new village alone, so deciding where to eat is the real headache here. Luckily for me I have a close friend who actively explores new restaurants and then recommends the good ones to me, like for example Jeff Lee Kitchen.


The recommended restaurant this round is Silver River (Restoran Yin Her) located next to a commercial fishing pond, worthy of trying because of a few reasons: cheap, good, clean and unique with a pond view. Compared to the other pond-side or floating seafood restaurants I had been to in Bukit Tambun, the environment here is much more pleasing. There are no disgusting stench or annoying flies to disturb you from enjoying your food.


If you have little clue on what to order, the listed dishes on the whiteboard are good reference. Or you could simply ask the captain for their signature dishes, which is a better thing to do. Most of the time the captains (in any given restaurant) would just list out the normal cooking styles, what else than the usual Kung Pao, fried, steamed and braised? The same happened here. And it was only when I mentioned the word ‘signature’, Golden Pumpkin Butter Chicken (金瓜奶油鸡) @ RM12 was recommended.
The meats are fried with a coat of pureed pumpkin and butter with sliced curry leaves so they are naturally sweet, fragrant and rich in flavor. Slightly crunchy with a tender inside, it almost feels like you are having chicken nuggets due to the similar shapes. But for me the best thing about the dish is that it opened my palate to a new refreshingly delicious taste, simply a must try here.


Red Tilapia steamed in Nyonya style @ RM26 has an interesting plating with the body cut butterflied to keep its head pointing upwards. Although a farmed fish, it was fresh and had no muddy taste. I liked the Nyonya gravy a lot, which hit the right spot for being spicy and sour enough. Due to the appetizing flavor this is a great dish to go with rice. And of course if you are not keen on having a cheap fish like tilapia, alternatives like ‘Bak Sou Gong’ and ‘Ma Yau’ are also available.


Choi Heong Tofu @ RM8 – simple yet good thanks to the generous topping of crispy dried shrimp.


And lastly Kam Heong Clams @ RM12. Although the portion looks normal for the price, do note that they only use shells with meat attached. This means you are getting double the meat for the same weight if compared with other restaurants. But taste wise it was just above average, nothing really outstanding.


For a satisfying meal like this the bill came to a total of only RM58 and white rice is actually free with unlimited refills. I don’t know about you but I feel the prices are very reasonable maybe even borderline cheap. Just for the sake of comparison, we had a similar meal like this in KL not long ago but without any meat and it was 20% more expensive.

Restoran Yin Her (Restoran Yuen Hoor)
AL114, Jalan Welfare,
Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh
47000, Kuala Selangor.
GPS Coordinates: N3 11.740 E101 34.489
Tel: 03-6156 5876, 012-298 1889 (Amy)

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13 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    Nice post, the food looks like the kind of Chinese food my dad likes to eat. Thanks for the compact information and delicious pictures. :)
    Amy´s last blog post ..WHO SAYS YOU CANNOT FLY SOLO

  2. wyyv says:

    Wah.. unlimited supply of white rice? That’s really a good new for those who can eat a lot of white rice like Yv and I.. I really like the ambiance of the shop thou, looks quite clean from the pictures^^
    wyyv´s last blog post ..Lin Jies Dumplings @ Bandar Baru Seri Petaling

  3. fraulein says:

    Free rice with unlimited refill? I hope all restaurants will do that. I’ve been charged RM2 for a bowl of rice before. Ridiculous.
    fraulein´s last blog post ..Food at Jalan Peng Kai Glutton Street Batu Pahat

  4. Fbf System says:

    Looks good, I’m going to give it a try.
    Fbf System´s last blog post ..Use These Methods For Getting Rid of Unwanted Fat

  5. jason says:

    Free rice refill!? Thanks for sharing this place, looks like a great place to go with a big bunch of friends!
    jason´s last blog post ..DU Project – Bintang Kopitiam Kon Loh Noodle

    • vkeong says:

      Actually I am not too sure on the free rice refill myself :P

      But we weren’t charged for our rice, even when we asked for a refill so I assumed it’s free. hehe

      • Anonymous says:

        May I know how to go there? can’t find in gps

        • vkeong says:

          if you go to Sungai Buloh via the highway you will eventually turn into Jalan Welfare leading to the town area (where all the dim sum shop and a big field are located)

          While driving along Jalan Welfare, slow down and look at your left and you will notice a HUGE banner saying “Yin Her Restaurant” and some fishing pool thingy

          Good luck!

  6. ya says:

    erm the rice is not unlimited refill. they might know u are writing post for their restaurant only give it free XD the environment is quite good n nice. but we always deal with the problem is the the people who handle to take order which not giving us satisfaction on what we order.

  7. Gavin says:

    unker keong, mana ada free refill.. each bowl kena charge RM1 leh.. D=

  8. PerutBesi says:

    Ah! Near my house! I may try this place out this weekend :D Whee…..!
    PerutBesi´s last blog post ..Ah Lye Curry Fish Head- Subang Jaya

  9. beatlesalbum says:

    yeah.. better than that dirty place but overrated one near look-out point.

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