Umai-ya Weekend Japanese Buffet RM46++ (Lunch) @ Damansara Utama

Umai-ya Japanese Restaurant’s weekend lunch buffet has got to be one of the most affordable around @ RM46++. It is an ala-carte buffet, the kind I prefer because you won’t have to rush for the food and the dishes always arrive fresh.
The choices of food are plenty with quite a number of expensive items. And since any Makimono or Sashimi would probably cost more than RM20, I feel the buffet is much more worthy to try. But of course not all the ala carte items are included in the buffet menu, like for example sea urchin and cod fish. The descriptions of the food will be brief, as most of them are good (unless stated otherwise)



For sashimi alone there are about 5-6 types but the ones I would really recommend are salmon and maguro. Both were fresh and satisfactory for buffet standards and we enjoyed it. Although the butterfish sashimi slices were thick, they had a frozen, refrigerated taste and felt watery inside.


The Sukiyaki‘s portion is huge with generous beef slice, shiitake and tofu. The broth’s seasoning is strong with heavy flavor, which could be mistaken for being salty. And actually you are supposed to dip the Sukiyaki’s ingredients into the raw egg, not pour the raw egg into the pot like we did, lol.


This was our first time trying Unagi Tempura. It was quite delicious and also a refreshing change from the usual Unagi Kabayaki.


Dragon Maki made by wrapping tempura prawn in a sushi roll then topped with Unagi, very nice.


Kani Unatama Maki, a chef recommended dish of wrapped soft shell crab, tamago and Unagi in seaweed.


Soft shell crab tempura is a bit oily but enjoyable nonetheless.



The illustration of the California Cheese Maki in the menu actually had Unagi as the topping but missing in the actual dish. But still the sushi was delicious and had a very interesting texture thanks to the crunchy fish roe that pops in your mouth.


Tempura Moriawase, the prawns are seriously long and meaty.


Umai-ya’s Chawan Mushi had lots of ingredients inside but the steamed egg’s texture was a bit too soft and mushy, not a biggie though.


Miso soup, loaded with golden needle and shiitake mushrooms.


Grilled chicken wing was tough, quite bad actually.


Shishamo was slightly overcooked and even burnt at some parts especially their heads so the flavor was affected.


Yakitori was tender and juicy but I felt it needed a heavier coat of teriyaki sauce.


I forgot the name of this dish but it was some deep fried fish cake like thing filled with crab stick, which I strongly advise against ordering.


As for desserts we had all three flavors of ice cream available in the buffet, namely vanilla, chocolate and wasabi. I would say the wasabi ice cream is really something new that’s worth trying if you don’t mind the nostril-stinging sensation that emerge after the initial sweet taste.


Before I end this post, just let me say that Umai-ya Damansara Perdana is no more and there are only two branches of Umai-ya, one at Damansara Utama and another at IOI Puchong Jaya Boulevard.
I need to make a mention of this because I actually drove to Damansara Perdana looking for it (after reading some bloggers’ experience who ate there not long ago, and nearest to us), only to find the outlet had changed to another Japanese restaurant.

Umai-ya Damansara Utama (WWW)
No 49G,Jalan 21/37 ,Damansara Utama.
GPS Cooridnates: N3 08.179 E101 37.417
TEL: 03 77264410

Lunch .Eat And Drink all Your Can !!
From 11.30am to 2.30pm
Adult – RM48.00++
Half Price for Children
(below 12 years old
-Promotion valid on Saturday and Sunday from 11.30am – 2.30pm

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  1. wyyv

    haha.. another post about japanese cuisines.. they are all very nice, its dinner time now.. im really hungry after seeing the pictures.. how i wish i could eat all those too =] nice pictures there, vkeong.. i really like ur pictures a lot.. keep it up ^^

  2. M@Y

    Gasp! I didn’t know about the Sukiyaki and raw egg part. Always used to do like you did, vkeong. But didn’t stir the egg lah. Would try to follow what you’ve said :P

  3. Psyduck

    Eh I think I’ve been to this restaurant. The door is pretty weird looking right? But I had the normal ala-carte dinner. Didn’t know there was buffet. Nice!

  4. AhLok

    i went to the Puchong branch and the food there is NICE! :D
    btw. the price is RM48++ not 46 :P
    and the carlifornia cheese maki looks kinda lame without the unagi on top

  5. waited

    worst service i’ve ever seen.. this place is not worth going at all…i felt as if i was robbed…imagine, more than 10 ppl and they served us a little bit of food almost every half an hour…we had to wait…wait…and wait….we waited until we didnt really feel like eating anymore…

    order 17sushi rolls, only 8 came and others, never came…

    a few more dishes that we ordered, never came…

    the lady in black shirt, which i assumed was the manager, has the worst attitude ever….i mean, she even came to tell us, “last order” while so much more of our food not being served yet…

    the reason why we felt so cheated was because, it was as if they wanted to serve slowly so that they could earn more from us…(this is just what we felt)

    the thing started at 11.30 and we were there…we left after they said LAST ORDER and we left, feeling that stomach not being filled up at all…no one was feeling full….we barely ate anything…

    this is my sincere feedback…..i really think it’s not value for money and i will never go back there anymore…

  6. jean

    oh i echo with waited, as it was our first visit there and didnt order as much as we shld hv in advance, we were made to wait up to 45 mins to 1 hr for each item to be served. and at the end we didnt get 1/2 the order we placed and were already been told ‘last order’. we had to go to the nearby village restaurant mall for our nasi lemak fix thereafter. it was a complete let-down experience for us.

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