Bone & Pot (Yau Guat Hei) Steamboat Restaurant @ SS25, Petaling Jaya

Frequent commuters of LDP would notice a rather new steamboat restaurant called Bone & Pot just before (or after if you are coming from Kepong direction) Kelana Jaya station. The restaurant’s Chinese name – 有骨气 (Yau Guat Hei) is rather catchy too, as it doubles in meaning as “person of high integrity” and also to tell that their signature broth is prepared with pork bone.


Naturally there are three things that make a good steamboat meal: broth, fresh ingredients and dipping sauce. Bone & Pot realizes this very well so they put more emphasis on the broth’s quality by simmering it with big pork bones for over 24 hours – until it turns milky white naturally rich with pork bone flavor. Because of this, unlike the average steamboat restaurants that gives out their MSG-laden broth for free, Bone & Pot actually charges RM15 for their Signature Pork Bone Broth.


Bone & Pot also emphasizes a lot on homemade steamboat ingredients especially their meat balls and noodles. Their Homemade Pork Balls (RM6.90 for 4 pieces) is something I would highly recommend to try. Size of a ping pong ball, firm and tender when cooked, they are simply delicious. The obvious tradeoff is the price, which is really expensive at an aveage RM1.70 a piece. The White Crab Roe balls behind are equally recommended too, but also even more expensive @ RM8.80 for 4 pieces.

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Tom, Dick & Harry’s – Porky Pub Grub @ TTDI

Not too long ago a few friends and I were supposed to have an English buffet at a newly opened restaurant at PJ Trade Centre (that ugly brick building just before Kepong toll along LDP) It was their grand opening night, a lot of people came and with that huge crowd around, we felt it would be difficult to have a proper, morever to enjoy our meal. So we decided to go to Tom, Dick & Harry’s at TTDI, which happened to be the next nearest place that we knew had some English food to offer.


Tom, Dick & Harry is actually more of a pub, started by three friends of three nationality: English, Australian and Malaysian. The English dude came to Malaysia after hearing so much about our culture and food and both of them decided to venture into restaurant business. With little experience in F&B operations, luckily they found an Australian dude (called ‘Dick’ because he must be cunning and ruthless, how appropriate) to help them out. Whether this story is true or not – I don’t know but it certainly offered some light moments.

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Heng Kee Hock Kien Klang Bak Kut Teh @ Bandar Menjalara, Kepong

I have been trying Bak Kut Teh quite extensively lately and have discovered some new found favorites, one of them being Heng Kee Hock Kien Klang Bak Kut Teh. I know there is another famous one at PJ Old Town with the same name but they are not the same yeah.
Anyway, Heng Kee (Hock Kien) seems to be doing very well now, as they have like nine branches across Klang Valley with the latest one at Jaya One being more upscale and modern than your average Bak Kut Teh restaurant (air conditioned and equipped with Wi-Fi and LCD TV) .


In total I have made three visits to two different branches of Heng Kee and found the quality to be good and consistent, worth recommending I would say. They also serve some other standard dishes for Bak Kut Teh restaurants like braised pork and rice wine chicken.
Price wise they are reasonable at RM9 for a person’s portion. But don’t expect the same pricing for the Jaya One Branch though, they are about 30-40% more expensive not including the taxes yet.

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