PRIME Steak House @ Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

Any carnivorous steak connoisseur would have dined at Prime, popularly voted as the best steak house in KL. If you are as much as a steak lover as I am and still haven’t step foot into Prime because of the expensive menu, I feel you – as it took me more than two years to finally gather money and reasons enough to dine here. Nestled in the 5-star Le Meridien Hotel, they have a wide selection of cow and cuts but price should be the biggest factor when deciding which to order.


Some complimentary home baked bread served along with three different types butter. We preferred the walnut bread more for its nutty taste and crunchiness, goes best with the salted butter.


SL’s Australian Black Angus (200 days grain fed) Ribeye @ RM 120 for 8oz/220g. Accompanying sauces available include the house recommended mushroom, white truffle, bernaise etc. We did not expect a slab of 220g steak to be so big but then again who would complain?
Though not comparable to the highly marbled wagyu or kobe, it was still deliciously well worth the price paid. But if you have the extra buck to spend I reckon you would enjoy the a better cut of fillet mignon for the same weight at RM70 more.


Since I am not that loaded to order anything beyond RM200, my best (and sensible) choice would be the grade 9+ Blackmore beef, an award winning 100% full blood Japanese Wagyu named after the owner David Blackmore. It is said to have a marbling that would melt at room temperaute, hence giving the meat its “melt in the mouth” moisture and tenderness fame.
From what I gathered, Blackmore Wagyu cattles are grain fed 500-600 days non stop and flown in from Australia with a tender and intensely sweet flavor. Because of this, it is inarguably the best Wagyu available in the world outside Japan and is only sold to the best restaurants around the world.
At Prime, 3 types of cut are available for the Blackmore Wagyu (all 220g) – Chuck Flap Tail (neck area) @ RM188, D Rump (back part) @ RM188 and Cube Roll (ribeye steak) @ RM340.


I had the Blackmore Wagyu D Rump, medium with a pink center. Despite having a few burnt spots, its superiority over the Black Angus was evident on the palate – the texture and flavor are just a class above. The difference is so much that Black Angus earlier immediately felt just like a normal steak despite being considered quite a premium beef. So I could only imagine how the Master Kobe would taste like.
I should have also had my steak done medium-rare in future to savor the original flavors as much as possible. And if you want the “melt in the mouth” sensation, go for the Chuck Flap Tail portion instead for its tenderness. D Rump is a lean and moderately tough that is more suitable for people who like to chew on their meat.


Prime features an open kitchen where you could see the chefs in action, grilling your steaks in full flame right in front of your eyes. Feel free to peak around.


Actually beef steaks are not the only items you could order here. Prime also has fish, chicken and lamb on the menu for those non-beef eaters. If you parked your car in the hotel, remember to present your parking ticket to the restaurant for a discounted rate (RM6 for first two hours)

PRIME (Pork Free)
Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur
2 Jln Stesen.
KL Sentral
GPS Coordinates: N3 08.126 E101 41.174

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22 Responses

  1. Simon says:

    Just curious, the whole plate only one slab of Blackmore beef? No sides like salad or veges?

    Any sauce for it?

  2. samlee860407 says:

    whao…finally vkeong review this!

    I am so gona comment before i even read anything LOL
    samlee860407´s last blog post ..Homecook- Salted Egg Bitter Gourd

  3. samlee860407 says:

    btw vkeong, you might as well get the starwood privileged card. Its RM600++ per year (gives you 1 free night stay in westin, le meridien or sheraton imperial, and 3 vouchers to stay at each of those hotel)

    but the most important thing is, 50% discount per table of 2 (25% for per table of 4) when dining at restaurants in these hotels, which include Prime.

    Imagine, come here with your gf, everything is like half price :D

    you should try Qba at westin too :)
    samlee860407´s last blog post ..Homecook- Salted Egg Bitter Gourd

  4. I’ve only done lunches here, RM 68 for a 3 course meal. have been returning for a few times becoz its gd value for $$ haha
    kampungboycitygal´s last blog post ..Huck’s Cafe revisit &amp WineActuallycom

  5. Michelle says:

    Sheesh, despite my parents having the starwood card, they have never once brought me there! T_T
    Michelle´s last blog post ..Review- Lunch @ Zipangu- Shangri-La- KL

  6. JD says:

    I didn’t know that they sell the Sherwood Privilige card? Where can I get one? Half price..nice.

  7. nikel says:

    environment look great..
    nikel´s last blog post ..Review DiGi iPhone 4 – Part 3

  8. Baby Sumo says:

    I like the set lunches here…. reasonable and the cut is not bad. Without the card, a la carte is pretty expensive.
    Baby Sumo´s last blog post ..Dongzhi Festival &amp Tong Yuen Glutinous Rice Ball

  9. Cooker says:

    Gorgeous pictures! This post made my stomach grumble and the images of that restaurant look beautiful.

  10. J2Kfm says:

    50% would mean a whole lot! To imagine everything half-priced. And citygal mentioned about the 3 course meal for RM68? That’s value for money.

  11. win carton says:

    Thanks for d genuine review. I’m your steak page fan now because you are a great honest blogger on steak house in Malaysia. Lol

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