‘Kam Mou’ Pahang Durian @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

You don’t need me to tell you that Durian season is here again, those road side durian stalls are surely a good indication. I still remember the durian buffet I had at Donald’s Durian at SS2 for RM10 more than a year ago. Now, the price has gone up to RM15 due to low harvest.


Instead of buffet, we had ala carte durians this time around at the stall opposite Donald’s Durian located just behind the SS2 police station. It has no particular name except for the banner that says “Pahang Durian“. But you could easily identify the owner by his gold-dyed hair, which is also why people usually refer him as ‘Kam Mou’.


We opened a Bamboo Leg (Chook Keok) first but personally I did not fancy even though it is considered second only to the Raja Kunyit. The pulp’s texture is just too dry for my liking and durian is supposed to be creamy, no? Next we went for the XO Durian but found it to be half dry. But being a “Sure Eat Guarantee” stall, you could always request a new one as replacement.


So we got a XO replacement that turned out really creamy and tasted so much better.


Then we had two Red Prawn, known for their sweet and bitter aftertaste. Among the durians we had that night they had the thickest taste, nice to build up the momentum for our last durian – the Raja Kunyit/Musang King/Mao San Wong. Being the number 1 variant, Raja Kunyit is usually taken last so that the flavor won’t overshadow the others that taste more subtle.


Now the Raja Kunyit durian has received a lot of attention recently because Stanley Ho, the Macau casino mogul sent his private jet to Singapore just to pick up 88 of his favorite durians. I am very sure you have read this in the news. Well, I am pretty sure those durians were grown in Malaysia.


But too bad for us the better quality durians are usually exported to Singapore, where the people there could afford it more than us. When I was working in Singapore I would join my colleagues for durian sessions often at Tampines or Geylang. And it is true that their durians are better in overall, nothing surprising.
As for the Raja Kunyit that we had that night, errrr I think it was a major disappointment. Despite the smooth and creamy flesh and the small seeds, the ooomph was just not there and actually paled in comparison to the Red Prawns we had earlier. The best Raja Kunyit I ever had so far and yet to be beaten is still the one I had at Geylang, which costed me $40 a fruit!


In total we spent RM145 for 5 durians, averaging at RM36 per pax (1 Bamboo Leg, 1 XO + 1 replacement, 2 Red Prawn and 1 Raja Kunyit) Raja Kunyit was priced at RM20/kg while the rest was RM12/kg. It was certainly not a cheap meal but at least you get what you paid for unlike the buffet one where only the cheaper durian kampung (RM5/fruit) is served. Thanks to the Red Prawn durians for being the saving grace of an otherwise disappointing durian outing.

‘Kam Mou’ Pahang Durian (buffet @ RM15, subject to durian availability)
Jalan SS2/24 (Behind SS2 Police Station)
GPS Coordinates: N3 07.051 E101 37.415

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  1. Konghulang

    For RM20/kg you can imagine how valuable the durians will be for the planters, the higher the price the more pesticide they will spray. That’s what happen in Penang, I am pretty sure it is the same elsewhere. Durian kampong is much safer, better still … unlike those famous durians which will have predictable taste, durians kampong on the other hand…you wont know what you will get until you put in your mouth.

    1. Post
      1. M@Y

        VK, is this the very same stall that the MaoSangWong sell for RM17/kg? At most, i can find the cheapest is RM25/kg… Haih. I’m speechless :(

        1. Post

          Err.. Where do you read that the MaoSanWang is sold at RM17/kg? On the day of my visit it was RM20/kg. On normal days I was told they would be selling it at RM25/kg

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  2. CK Pang

    The Bamboo Leg u had might not be the genuine one because there should have an orange line in the core of the durian

    1. Post

      hi CK, I didn’t show the bamboo leg durian in this blog post :)
      The first pic is an XO. But like what you mentioned, the bamboo leg we had that day indeed had this orange line at the core

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