Fish Village Steamboat Restaurant @ Pusat Bandar Puchong

A close friend brought me to his favorite restaurant for crabs in Puchong called Fish Village. It is actually a steamboat restaurant but they also serve various seafood dishes that are largely crab related. From what I see their steamboat sets are not too bad because pure seafood is given and the various add-ons like fish dumplings and live crabs are reasonably priced too.


La La Mee Hoon @ RM21 – Personally, I really like this. The noodles is nicely done to a springy texture and fully absorbed the sweet flavors of the clams. They do not stinge on the la la’s portion too, as you can see they are literally scattered all over the noodles. So, you are sure to taste them in each mouthful.

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Mama Mia Restaurant & Bistro @ PJ New Town

Mama Mia is a restaurant and bistro located in PJ New Town that I tried recently. The bistro (serves ‘char chan teng’ like food) and restaurant are two separate but connected individual dining areas in the same building. Because of its fairly large size, catchy name and being located just a few doors away from Poh Kong Jewellery, you won’t miss the restaurant when approaching the big roundabout.


Most dishes we had are heavily seasoned and taste flavorful, those that pair well with rice hence they are very suited to my palate. So now that has been said, it would be no surprise to you that I actually like the food here. 极味排骨 (Ultimate Taste Pork Ribs?) @ RM30 is meaty, appetizingly sweet and savory but the almond flakes serve nothing more than decoration.

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Restoran Home Cooking @ Sungai Way, PJ

Home Cooking Restaurant was recently featued in 8tv’s Ho Chak and the recommended specialties are their ‘Mop Char Siew‘ (拖地叉烧) and Fish Head Curry. The char siew got its funky name because the of way it moves when shaked. It sways back and forth like a mop head does. Like always, I am skeptical when it is recommended by Ho Chak but seeing that the restaurant is less than a minute’s drive away from where I am staying, I figured there is no harm trying.


Pork belly is usually the preferred cut when it comes to char siew but Home Cooking opts to use leaner pork fillets instead. The little but even marbling of fat in the meat helps to keep the char siew taste not so fatty yet tender. This unique style of char siew is quite out of the ordinary so it is worth a try. And for me, that is about it. I still like my char siew to be sinfully fatty, those that melt in your mouth.


I am not sure I could call this Fish Head Curry since no actual fish head was used. Anyway, I was hoping we could try the one cooked with red snapper/garoupa but unfortunately it is subject to availability. So we had to settle for mackerel instead @ RM26.80.
Since the mackerel was deep fried first before being cooked in the curry, the flesh does not -fall apart easily. The trade-off to this obvious though, as some tenderness and its delicate flavor are lost. Not a big issue really but I concur, that it would taste much better with red snapper/garoupa, and without being deep fried. As for the curry, it is not the best tasting one out there but overall it is still delicious – not too rich and has strong flavor of spices.

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