Chan Chan Yong Tau Foo @ Bandar Menjalara, Kepong

Fortunately when it comes to Yong Tau Fu I don’t need to travel far for it. A good one is only 5 minutes away from SL’s house and we visit it quite regularly. Chan Chan Yong Tau Foo has become one of our ‘safe places’ to eat where the service is fast with reasonably priced menu and the food surely won’t fail one.
Most of the restaurants in Kepong are packed to the brim in the weekends so you usually end up spending more time waiting for food instead. Sometimes the waiting time could even exceed 1 hour! So, after a few times we got tired of this and decided to look for alternatives; hence discovering Chan Chan YTF.


For RM1.10 a piece, I would say the yong tau fu’s price here is not cheap but quite standard because I have seen those priced at RM1.20 in PJ, eg. Ampang Yong Tau Fu at SS2. Not only that, Chan Chan is more worthy eating if you take the yong tau fu’s size into consideration too. The fried items are easily double the size of what you would get at some other places. But of course you can even find some YTF restaurants in Kepong selling RM0.60 a piece but those come with terms and conditions so let’s no go there.


The crunchy tau fu pok is my favorite here, easily identified by its distintive blooming shape. As for SL her favorite would be the stuffed brinjals, which are not very oily despite being highly absorbent of oil.
A close competitor of Chan Chan called Ee Sou just opposite Tesco Bandar Menjalara is the perfect bad example of YTF restaurant that serves oily fried brinjals. We complained about it but the boss was adamant that fried brinjals are always and SHOULD be oily, which resulted in us boycotting them for good ever since.


For the YTF that comes with the soup, my favorites are the lady fingers and dumplings.


Besides yong tau fu you can also order a number of other dishes like fish head curry, assam fish, pork ribs curry, ginger duck, steamed chicken etc. Among these I highly recommend the fish head curry @ RM20 (small), the curry is the slightly diluted variation but I find the flavor really good and suited to my taste. Plus, they actually use fish head as the main ingredient hence the authenticity. Sometimes I would come here for the fish head curry alone and order a few pieces of yong tau fu as the side dish instead.


Assam Kampung Fish @ RM6 each is another dish worth trying here, the sournes is done just at the right level and best enjoyed with rice – simply appetizing. If you are already getting the fish head curry I reckon that you shouldn’t order the assam fish as the flavors will clash. But for tasting purpose, what the heck.


Despite being the most famous and having the most branches in Kepong, Ipoh Road Yong Tau Fu is just a hype while Chan Chan Yong Tau Foo is the real deal here. You can trust me on this.

Chan Chan Yong Tau Foo
No. 69, Jalan11/62A,
Bandar Manjalara, Kepong,
52200 Kuala Lumpur.
GPS Coordinates: N3 11.583 E101 37.831

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  1. J2Kfm

    “… the boss was adamant that fried brinjals are always and SHOULD be oily, which resulted in us boycotting them for good ever since. ”

    Actually, there are some truth to this. The older generations, especially the Hakka folks believe that the oilier the fried YTF was the more generous you are with your guests. Or something. Much like if you’re skimping on the oil, then you’re stingy!

    Haha … won’t work in this day and age, I know. Good post.

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  2. denise

    Hey vkeong, i believe Chan2 YTF has increased their YTF price to RM1 something per piece (can’t remember the exact price) recently….

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  3. Apple Foodees

    I’ve been to so many YTF restaurant and E-Soo restaurant serves the worst stuffed fried brinjals ever. Chan Chan Menjalara and Foong Foong Ampang Yong Tau Foo is so much better.

  4. Rebecca

    Ooh.. appetizing! Fish head curry looks so flavorful. This post makes me feel hungry for real food. I always buy pre-cooked food and just reheat them. Hmmmmm…..

  5. andy

    I stopped going to this restaurant for years already coz found the service sucks and the owner business ethic is as lousy. When i was about to make payment after our meal, i realised the fried foo chuk we ordered was not served. Hence, i told the lady boss about it. To my surprise, i was told off rudely that i should have inform the server earlier not during payment time. Can you believe that she totally refused to deduct the item from the bill. Not wanting to argue, i just pay the bill and boycotted chan chan yong tau fo ever since.

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