The Perfect Chicken Rice @ Restoran Chai Hong, Seremban

When you think of Seremban’s delicacies usually Hakka Mee, Grilled Crab, Siew Pau and Beef Noodle are the ones that come into mind first. Never would I have expected to find a high standard Chicken Rice at Restoran Chai Hong. Then I got to know from a reader that this restaurant is also known as the ‘Diamond Chicken Rice’ to the locals due to the expensiveness. To get here, simply follow the road leading to the town’s police station and you will see the coffee shop on your right immediately after the coffin shops.


According to the signboard Chai Hong is actually serving Teo Chew style steamed chicken rice along with Ipoh bean sprouts. Don’t ask me how different it is from the Hainanese chicken rice though because I have no idea lol. And I actually got to know this chicken rice from my colleague who is from Seremban. He vaguely described Chai Hong’s chicken rice as the best in town but slow in service and a lot more expensive than the rest.

At first I thought “How expensive could a chicken rice get? Moreover in Seremban” And so I ended up paying RM36 that included 2 pax portion of drumstick and thigh meat, one plate of rice and two packets of Yeo’s chrysanthemum drink. Hence making this one of my most memorable chicken rice. If you think about it, it is more than double the price of an equivalent meal in KL. But it was really good, in fact the best food we tried during our one day Seremban food trip so no regrets whatsoever.


The light brown hue of the rice indicates that it was cooked with rich chicken stock. The smell is fragrant and the taste is evidently more flavorful than the rest. I also appreciate the fact that they are able to cook perfect rice that is fluffy with separate grains that doesn’t end up as a sticky mess. In fact this could very well be one of the best chicken rice I ever tasted in Malaysia where the rice is delicious enough to be eaten on its own. The last time I had something like this was when I was still working in Singapore where the chicken rice at Tian Tian is to die for.


And of course the chicken tastes good as well. You know how – firm, smooth and juicy. It is not deliberately undercooked just for the extra tenderness so you won’t get any bloody sight here. While waiting you should observe how the lady boss prepares the chicken too. First, she holds the chopped chicken on one hand, drench it with soya sauce using the other then place them on a plate. Then, instead of serving it immediately, she would strain the excess oil into a bowl and re-drench the chicken with soy sauce.
This process is repeated for a few times and you could tell she isn’t bothered with the number of waiting customers, she just continues doing so at her own pace. And just when you think she is finally done, she carefully pours a few more drops of sauce on the chicken – seemingly wanting to achieve perfectness in every single plate served. I can say this is by far the most meticulous and thorough preparation of chicken rice I have ever seen in my life lol.


Don’t let my meal’s price deter you from trying the chicken rice here because I overheard that a normal serving is at an affordable price of RM6. Slightly pricey than the usual that’s for sure but I am sure you can appreciate the pleasure of enjoying food prepared with heart and soul. Not recommended if you are in a hurry though. If you want to know more you can also refer Headhunterz Zone’s blog of the same shop.

Restoran Chai Hong Chicken Rice
No.50, Jalan Kapitan Tam Yeong
70000, Seremban.
GPS Coordinates: N2 43.759 E101 56.345

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  1. Baby Sumo

    Only ate here once, although I’ve lived in Seremban for many years. Their chicken can sometimes be bloody., but I guess that’s necessary for their chicken not to be overcooked.

  2. Tian Tuck Sum

    You should try the mixed pork porridge as well. They serve the best pork intestine porridge and their chicken is comparable to chai hong as well. They usually finish seling everything in about 2 hours time.

  3. Marcus Lee

    Tried before. I wouldn’t go this restaurant ever again amid the sky-high price matter. 3 person servings chicken rice with drink for RM45++. Wayyyyyy too expensive. I would rather try the famous pig intestine porridge + chicken at Seremban Temiang. Open at 5:30pm and usually finish 7:30pm. Delicious and cheap!

  4. Stephan Hilson

    I haven’t tried Hakka Mee, Grilled Crab, Siew Pau and Beef Noodle so I wish I could have a chance to try these dishes in the near future. As for the chicken dish, it looked very delicious and juicy. You indicated that the rice was cooked in chicken stock. I wonder if they used the chicken stock instead of water while cooking the rice. Anyway, thanks for sharing the photos and your views about the dishes.

  5. Cheers

    I had once with my husband 2years ago, 2 plates of chicken rice costed us RM28.00. We were very shocked with the price! I heard they are using 大山脚鶏, the chicken was nothing special, big and fat. Just had tried once is enough. I don’t feel like going anymore, cos NOT WORTH IT ! I prefer pig intestine porridge & chicken at Seremban Temiang. The chicken is less fat & very nice, with reasonable price. Even better than ipoh sprout chicken! I think Seremban ppl agree with me too.

  6. Simon Food Favourites

    Seremban is my dad’s home town and he brought me here in 2007 to try. It’s the most famous chicken rice in Seremban I believe and the lady chef always was in charge of the cutting and dishing of the chicken. I enjoyed it very much.

  7. 越想越火火火


  8. chunman24

    yesterday just went with family, had been here for 3 times, my mum and sister like it very much. 3 person half a bird, spring sprout plus drink cost almost 90. Price is expensive but the taste is very satisfied. Serving speed is slow because the lady is slowly cutting off the bone from meat. Nowadays cannot find any good chicken rice in KL. Spring sprout is not as good as those in ipoh. The only complaint is very had to find parking and heavy traffic jam.

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  10. piggy

    My hubby n I tried the chic rice today… the taste was ordinary…. but the service n the price were extraordinary. 2 pax with 1 barley = RM36… n the old lady’s mood wasn’t inviting, she was somewhat “celebrity” cos when we wanted to snap some shots while waiting for our food to be served she screamed at us and ask us not to snap (3 tables ahead… waited for 1 hour… guess they must hv measured every piece they cut for consistency … can’t seem to find any reason for such an overwhelming delay) serve the table that came in last whom appear to be the locals… no revisiting ever again

  11. Not Worth It

    Nothing so special. The only special is their price. 5 of us, we ordered half a chicken, a small plate intestines & 5 barley. All in Rm120. 😨 I was shocked and asked how much the half chicken cost, that aunty didn’t want to answer my question, instead she said I gave u more than half chicken. U can estimate how much the whole chicken cost – Rm180. Not even kampung chicken though… but higher than kampung chicken price sell in 5 star hotel restaurant! Definitely NOT worth it.

  12. ck

    The selling price is the most expensive chicken rice stall in the world.
    I ordered 2 person portion with some chicken liver, no drinks.
    Total bill RM38, no doubt the chicken meat is juicy and tender, but for that price I don’t think its worth it at all.

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