Sumo Japanese Restaurant @ Subang Business Centre, USJ

I only got to know about Sumo Japanese Restaurant after they approached me to photograph food required for their restaurant’s new menu. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, my photos aren’t great and I am not a professional, which is why I turned it down in the end. Even though the project did not kick off, I was glad I had the opportunity sample some of their food during the project’s initial discussions.
Anyway, I am not going to lie to you: the meals were complimentary but I honestly thought the food was good. Hence SL and I returned as paying customers a few days ago to celebrate my birthday.

Salmon Belly Sashimi by vkeong  on

Sumo serves very fresh salmon and that is also the main reason that got me hooked. The Salmon Sashimi Belly @ RM30 seems expensive for the portion but if you compare it with other Japanese restaurants, the serving size and price are actually similar.

Rainbow Roll by vkeong  on

The Rainbow Roll @ RM19.90 is a combination of tuna, white tuna and salmon served with a creamy and sweet Tobiko (fish roe) Mayonnaise sauce. The rolls have a slightly crunchy texture at the center and taste delicious on their own, but it is the rich dipping sauce that makes the dish so satisfying. Personally, I like this a lot and I feel it would suit those who have strong taste buds.

Salmon Don by vkeong  on

Next would be great for Salmon lovers. The Salmon Don here comes with generous slices of thick, fresh and smooth salmon sashimi. And the price is at a very very reasonable RM19.90.

Salmon Sashimi by vkeong  on

I am not kidding when I say the salmon sashimi slices are thick, just look at them. It gave me a pleasant shock when it arrived.

Unagi Bento Set by vkeong  on

A Special Bento set @ RM36.90 consisting of Unagi on rice, fried gyoza, two ebi fry and two ebi tempura. Everything was good so there was nothing to complain about.

Tempura Moriawase by vkeong  on

I knew the Shrimp Tempura are top notch from my past visits so I couldn’t resist ordering the Tempura Moriawase @ RM18. FYI the Shrimp Tempura in this dish are the same as those in the bento set shown earlier, fresh and meaty with a light and crispy coating that packs a serious crunch. Besides, they still managed to stay crispy even being left untouched for some time, as we only finished them at the end of the meal.

Seafood Chawanmushi by vkeong  on

Lastly, Seafood Chawanmushi @ RM6.50. Looks plain with slices of fish cakes but there are actually bits of shrimps after digging deeper into the cup. Not the best out there but decent enough.

Sumo Japanese Restaurant by vkeong  on

While I do have to admit that the restaurant’s interior and menu are quite dated, the good and reasonable priced food are reasons why you should give Sumo a try. Compared to the other Japanese restaurants (within the same price range) I have been to lately, I feel Sumo is still on top of the list. So I see absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t return to try them.

Sumo Japanese Restaurant USJ by vkeong  on

If you know where Murni Discovery/Ah Koong Eating House USJ are located then finding Sumo would be a breeze since it is just located directly across the street. Else, just refer to the address and GPS Coordinates as follow:

Sumo Japanese Restaurant Sdn Bhd
48, Jalan USJ 9/5P
Subang Business Centre
47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor
GPS Coordinates: N3 02.829 E101 35.244
Tel: 03-80231163

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  1. joel

    Living in the subang area i always love this place. As a japanese food lover i always insist coming here for their quality and reasonable price. Plus the owner is really friendly too know them since my high school days =)


    Am at the place now. It is ok. Would recommend Kin San Kichi in Sri Hartamas. The Salmon and Sukiyaki is much much better.

  3. June Tan

    Been to this shop many times. Bento set is tasty with reasonable price. sushi nicely wrapped and fresh compare with others shop. Small size business good in maintaining sushi qualities. recommended to try.

    Friendly customer service too =)

    1. Post

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