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  1. Michelle chin
    January 16, 2012

    Ooh the food looks good! Finally, decent italian fare?

  2. Yvonne
    January 16, 2012

    so tempting!

  3. Baby Sumo
    January 16, 2012

    I’d come here for the risotto! How’s parking on weekdays?

  4. nikel
    January 16, 2012

    Well.. Is near to me.. Must go have a try this Italian food..

  5. JD
    January 20, 2012

    Looks like more and more trattoria is opening, great news for Italian food lover!

  6. hotel in kl
    January 23, 2012

    you know this place kind of reminds me of decanter pj, sec 17 too!

  7. SL
    March 13, 2012

    Is this the same row as decanter?

    • vkeong
      March 13, 2012

      No.. further down if Decanter is on your right along the main road

  8. buy and sell
    April 2, 2012

    nice one vkeong. i’m a regular to decanter. didn’t know there’s this shop near it.

  9. Carmine Iavazzo
    November 14, 2013

    The food at Verona is horrible. Why blogger never talk bad about restaurants?

    • Jee
      December 14, 2013

      How terrible was it?
      I’ve never been there & I’m hesitating if it’s worth a try.

  10. Mrs Choo
    February 16, 2014

    Plan to give a try for this restaurant but receiving very rude service over the phone on reservation made! Not sure if he is the owner with strong accent but sounded arrogant! I was politely called them to cancel appt due to last minutes’ unforeseen circumstances but he refused to listen & started lecturing me! Thank god we didn’t give them a try! After all, there are so many Italian restaurants in town!

  11. May
    February 16, 2014

    Food & services are lousy!! Spasso Milano in Pavilion KL is so much better!

  12. kh
    April 11, 2014

    The food is not too bad..But dont bring any new world wine there because the boss Enzo look down at wine from new world like NZ, Australia ans Chile..I bought a bottle of Pinor from NZ and a good shiraz from Australia He thinks it is dirt cheap wine. When i question him why he sell cheap Italian wine he said we Malsyaisan like cheap wine..I am not going back !!

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