Western Food & Mille Crepe @ Food Foundry, Section 17 PJ

Food Foundry at Section 17 is a popular lunch spot among the office workers nearby. Their menu is mainly Western and complete with a small selection of cakes. The latter consists of mostly Mille Crepe cakes of different flavors, which is also the main contributor to their popularity.


I had the biggest Lamb Chop ever here (Morrocan Lamb Chop) @ RM18. Even though is far from being mind-blowingly tasty, it was decent and the price vs portion value is really hard to beat for PJ standards.


Chocolate Mille Crepe @ RM9, basically a French cake made with thin crepes and cream layered on each other. It tasted as good if not better than the over-rated one at Nadeje.


Mediterranean Chicken @ RM18 – a whole succulent grilled chicken thigh served with a delicious sauce infused with herbs and spices.


Vanilla Mille Crepe @ RM9, which in my opinion is slightly better than the chocolate version. I just feel that Vanilla flavor works better for Mille Crepe, it is the .


The food here is not that cheap to be considered as daily meals, but definitely affordable enough for occasions when you need to have have your cravings for Western food.

Food Foundry
BG-8, Happy Mansion,
Jalan 17/13, Petaling Jaya
GPS Coordinates: N3 07.539 E101 38.102
Business hours: Mon – Sun: 11:00 am – 10:00pm

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  1. JD

    Speaking of Mille Crepe, that’s a pretty nice one at the website called Humblebeginnings. I find that it’s nicer that the one from Food Foundry.

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  2. M@Y

    VK, i gotta tell u my experience last year. 1st time, my Vongole Pasta, the clams were not very thoroughly cook. Still raw. Then, dessert time, the Choco Mille Crepe cake taste sour. I think the milk had gone bad. 2nd time, i ordered 1kg Durian Mille crepe cake through the phone days ago. I got the wrong cake, Vanilla, when i got home. Was promised in their FB official page to claim another cake with discounts applied in another week. Went there, to my horror, no such order were given. In their FB page, i asked is it pet friendly, answered yes. Same day, brought my doggy, i was ‘politely’ shoo-ed away saying its ‘halal’. In the end, no cake, no pets allowed. So, no more Food Foundry and their management team to me :(

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    2. Janet Lee

      After looking at the pics posted in this website, my colleagues and I went to this Food Foundry to try it out. We ordered the chicken chop, spaghetti meatballs, salmon pasta & chicken cordon bleu. The portion for the chicken chop & cordon bleu is so small. My colleague’s chicken chop is barely warm, it is like using microwave to heat it up. For mine, the chicken chop is burnt. Overall, the only food that taste good is only the salmon pasta. For the cake, we have tasted the Chocolate Mille Crepe which is very dry & tasted blend too. The quality is far from Nadeje. Overall, we weren’t satisfied and the price is too pricey. Not worth going again. :(

  3. Sichiri

    I went there today and none of the western food posted here are in the menu anymore.

    No Morrocan lamb chop, only a ‘normal’ lamb chop priced at RM22.

    No Mediterranean Chicken, only saw ‘chicken chop’ on the menu, priced at RM19

    I personally asked one of the waiter for Mediterranean Chicken (because it looked absolutely delicious here) but they say they don’t have it anymore.

    How did so much changed in just a little more than a month?

  4. jc

    Dont quite agree with you.. The food at food foundary is a definite no no. When it first open, things were better now i’ve been living in sect 17 for almost 7 years and i stopped going to FF ever since.. Also dont agree that the crepe is nice.. nope..

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