Fatboy’s Burger Bar @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas

Even though Publika is not yet fully occupied, there are quite a number of restaurants to eat at. Most of the busy ones are those which already established themselves in the F&B business and have their very own following of customers. Think Marmalade Cafe, Plan B, Wondermilk, Rakuzen, Chawan, Ichiban Boshi etc.
Among them I consider Fatboy’s Burger Bar to be one of the more interesting ones, because the rest can be pretty much found at other parts of KL especially Bangsar. If you are wondering, Fatboy’s Burger Bar is a Singaporean brand and this outlet at Publika is their very first in Malaysia.


If nothing in the menu suits you, you can opt to build your own burger here. It is quite similar to the Subway’s ordering process where you pick the types of bun, patty and other condiments. Not for me though, as I went for their signature burger with a less than appropriate name – Fat Basterd @ RM28.

The Fat Basterd looks promising and has basically all what it takes to make a great burger – sesame bun, extra thick double beef patties, extra thick bacon, cheddar cheese, fried egg complete with Fatboy’s homemade BBQ sauce. But the truth is it was far from fulfilling for me and I was not too impressed with the dry tasting patties.


SL’s Swiss Shroom @ RM18.50 comes with a whole meal bun and has the same but thinner beef patty, sauteed Shitake mushrooms and melted emmenthal cheese with garlic aioli. Both of us were not really happy with this either but I have to admit that it is partly due to our choice as well. There is hardly any flavor in the mushroom and the whole meal bun’s rough and dry texture makes it a bad burger bun. Strangely, it is quite delicious when eaten on its own.


For those who do not fancy burgers yet had to be dragged here for a meal, don’t fret. Fatboy’s Burger Bar does have some non-burger selections on the menu, which mostly are Western style food like fish and chips, grilled salmon, mac and cheese and fried steak. The Honey Mustard Chicken Kebab @ RM19 is surprisingly delicious and tender, albeit tasting a bit under marinated.


The Chocolate Milkshake @ RM12 is so thick it feels like drinking a Snickers bar in liquid form. Good for those who like their milkshakes super dense, extra chocolatey and sweet as hell. Seriously? I would suggest sharing this instead of having it all by yourself. And with the option of adding extra peanut butter/nutella into this, I can only imagine the truckload of calories it carries.




They are evidently understaffed at the moment but the staff’s efficiency and good attitude, even during a full house is very commendable.


Final verdict? The burgers are totally uncomparable to my all time favorite American Cheeseburger that The Pink Sage (which sadly, has closed down) whips up.

Lot 30, Level G2, Publika
No 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
Solaris Dutamas, 50480 KL
Tel: 03-6206 1352

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    1. Post
  1. M@Y

    VK, is it non-halal? I passed by this restaurant once last month. Quite a booming business. By the way, u gotta try Nambawan’s pork burger, i recommended it. Google it. Operated by a couple. Husband is the main chef. If u go from Kepong, use SS2 then follow the GPS provided by the bloggers. If u want lunch, be there before 2.30pm and closed on Monday :-)

    1. Post

      Hey M@Y, this is non halal as they use pork bacon for the burger :D
      Thanks for the recommendation.. will try one day if I need to have a burger fix

  2. jason

    very small burger and very expensive.
    better go to asiacafe puchong there is a burger shop inside the food court who sell Big burger very cheap.

  3. Mr.Muffin

    Nice concept and catchy menu names but fail in executing it. Very poor burgers, the mashed potatoes the served with the panfried salmon and chicken kebab are cold!! and make from powder…..sigh.

  4. Tehrawnojamz

    Just got into there last week … did not see the comments from the readers .

    1. yup d patty lack a punch
    2. d sauce was too sweet for my liking
    3. while the service staff was trying their best, my burger came cold

    place is very much into style and lacks substance ..

  5. Yin

    Think it’s just crowded due the hype. Tried their burgers, expensive and so not worth the money. Have your money better spent elsewhere, McD and Carl’s Jr are way better.

  6. Jasmine

    You should try Buns Burger Bar at Hartamas if you get the chance to. They serve great tapas appetizers and their burgers really leave you wanting for more.

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