Laziz Middle Eastern Restaurant @ Solaris Mont Kiara

Last weekend we had a satisfying dinner at Laziz, a Middle-Eastern restaurant located at Solaris Mont Kiara diagonally opposite Cold Storage. Considering that the 4-course meal cost only RM39 (using the MyDeal‘s e-Voucher) we felt it was a pretty good deal for 2 pax. With this MyDeal e-Voucher you really do not need to spend extra because the basics you would expect from a complete meal is covered. Even the inclusive ice-lemon tea comes in big cups and tasted not too shabby either.


The highlight of the deal would be the Middle Eastern style Grilled Spring Chicken. It looked like exactly what was being promoted on MyDeal, which is always a good thing because we really dislike false marketing. It tastes as good as it looks by the way – well marinated with a unique blend of Middle Eastern herbs and spices.
Since the spring chicken is prepared fresh upon order, it could take a little while to reach your table. But that short wait would be worthwhile because you could enjoy chicken while it is still hot, and savor the freshness and juiciness (even the breast meat is quite succulent) that are so well maintained.


There are two choices of salad – either normal Green or Fattoush – a Lebanese bread and vegetable salad. We chose the latter for the obvious reason that we are in a Middle Eastern restaurant. Taste wise it is not much different from the normal salads but instead of croutouns, crunchy Lebanese bread pieces are in place instead.

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Excellent Coffee @ espressoLAB, Solaris Dutamas (Publika)

Words have it that espressoLAB at Solaris Dutamas (Publika) serves excellent coffee. And I can testify to that. I am not going to compare with the others I had visited previously, but man the coffee here is just so good. For once I could really taste a notably difference in the brew, especially the deep flavor and rich aroma.



Just so you know, the espressoLAB here is mainly a coffee workshop conducting coffee awareness and appreciation to normal consumers like you and me. Because of that the shop is minimalist in style, with only a handful of tables and chairs around. Food wise there is none, so do fill your tummy elsewhere first before coming. And if you have read from somewhere that they serve simple food like pie or sandwich, well I can tell you that is not true at all. I even double-checked with the staff on this.

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Dak Galbi @ Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant, Solaris Mont Kiara

After our awesome Korean BBQ meal at Little Korea, I noticed another Korean restaurant called Uncle Jang that has a rather weird sign – a smiling bald uncle. The sign and restaurant name do not explain much but we found out later that they actually serve Dak Galbi – a popular South Korean dish especially for students who are on a low meal budget. Well, I think that applies only for Korean students.
Now if you are wondering what Dak Galbi is, let me explain after researching with my leet Google skills. This dish originates from the city of Chuncheon in Korea and is made by stir-frying diced-chicken, cabbage, scallions, onions and rice cake on huge pan in a chili-pepper based sauce. Since this dish is pretty much Kimchi free (unless you add it in yourself) we thought it should suit us and decided to give it a try.


A huge gas-powered pan heater sits on every table.


A big frying pan being set up for preparing the Dak Galbi, now you could now see the relative size with the staff behind it.


Free ice water and tissues – these will come handy later.


There is a minimum order of 2 pax and you could choose either the non-spicy or spicy portions. For starters I suggest going for the 1:1 ratio (1 part spicy @ RM22, 1 part non-spicy @ RM19) first to gauge your tolerance towards the spiciness. Although I could handle spicy food very well I would still prefer to play safe, rather than having something too spicy to enjoy.
Besides, you need to consider for your dining partners’ comfort too because they will be eating from the same pan you see. And, as it turns out, 1:1 is just the right ratio, as anything beyond that would not be too pleasant for most people. Extra toppings like mushroom, egg, cheese etc are available too.

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