Samira Thai Restaurant @ Sentul Park, Kuala Lumpur

If you liked dining at a private, Zen-ish restaurant such as Subak then you will surely like Samira as well. Nestled deep in the Sentul Park, Samira is a Thai restaurant set within a tropical atmosphere surrounded with lush greeneries. If you are wondering, the restaurant is located just opposite the KL Performance Arts Center, operating side by side with the Sentul Park Koi Centre.



The dining hall offers the guests a beautiful, panaromic view of Sentul Park’s lake.


Food variety is good and it would take you at least a couple of visits to try them all. You might notice that the portion of the dishes is not large because they are prepared for two as stated in the menu. Since it was our first time here, we ordered mostly the signature dishes.
The Thai Hor Mok (Fish Custard) @ RM23 sounds new but you might have known it as Thai Otak-Otak. This delicious dish is generously loaded with seafood (mostly ground fish) and filled with a flavorful blend of coconut milk, chili paste and Thai herbs and spices. Compared with the other Thai Otak-Otak I have had at other places, Samira’s version is moist with an almost creamy texture that goes extremely well with rice.


Thai Fish Cakes with sweet chili sauce @ RM16. Somehow the texture of the fish cakes feel too springy and slightly watery inside, which is a minor annoyance, but taste wise it is not bad. Ultimately, Janwa Thai‘s fish cakes are still the one to beat in my book.


Seafood Omelette Rolls @ RM16 – Also a tad too moist on the inside but nevertheless has a nice flavor. I find that it marries the Hor Mok’s gravy pretty well, in fact making it more appetizing.


We weren’t in the mood for spicy Tomyam so we had the delicious Chicken Tom Kha (Thai Chicken Soup with coconut milk infused with galangal and lemongrass) @ RM16 instead. The spiciness level is a lot milder than Tomyam but you could still expect it to pack a small punch from the chopped cili padi. And although it does not look like it, the soup actually has quite a lot of chicken meat, they are just submerged under the surface.


Yellow Curry Beef @ RM26 – Good and met our expectations but for the rather expensive price tag, we kind of expected a little more for the money.


For desserts we chose the Pumpkin in Coconut Milk @ RM8 – a delightful alternative to the usual Red Ruby. It is served warm and the coconut milk is really rich and creamy – highly enjoyable albeit bad news for your cholesterol.


The wooden path along the Koi fish pond, leading to the restaurant’s entrance. By the way just to let you know, there is no photography allowed in the restaurant compound. Taking pictures of the food is a-okay though.


Verdict: Kind of pricey especially when you include the cost of Jasmine rice and drinks. But if you are willing to overlook that, Samira could be worth at least one visit just for the sake of experiencing the atmosphere. I could imagine how beautiful the place would be when night comes which is great for private functions. Food wise I wouldn’t rate them as bad but there is nothing really fantastic that makes you go ‘wow’ either. As long as you know what is to be expected here, you will do just fine.

Samira Thai Restaurant
Lot 268 Sentul Park Jalan Strachan
Off Jalan Ipoh 51100 KL
Tel: 012-9213880
Business hours: Lunch 12 noon to 3.30pm
Dinner 5.30pm to 11.45pm
Closed on Wednesday

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  1. Jo

    Photo shooting and video shooting not allow is because for the privacy of the diners. It’s good to dine without flashlights around ! And the restaurant & koi center do not allow public photo shooting due to mis used for commercial purpose…. Etc…. Hope everyone understand this…. :)

  2. Yu yer

    Best ambience restaurant which near city center, away from noise and traffic. Good food, romantic ambience, for weddings and gathering.

  3. KLAngie

    Hi Vkeong,
    Thanks for sharing all the precious good foods around Malaysia. I used to lived very nearby to the Jalan Sentul. Personally, I don’t think this is a nice place to raise a family here, however amazingly this place is never far away from all the good foods. althought its not a well-know place. Anyway, just if happen you are around this area, perhaps you might like to check-out some of the good food here eg. the nasi lemak, roti canai (around the corner of the Jalan Union), claypot chicken rice (along the Jln Sentul), Indian rojak and Indian Chedul (right in front of the shoplots along the main road of Jalan Sentul, landmark: opposite the SRJK(C) Sentul). There are also a very good chinese nasi lemak at the kolam air (opposite the Jalan Ipoh Batu 2). I can send you the map if you are interested to find out more. Most of this food stall only operating in the day time (morning till noon). Feel free to check it out!! Cheers, :)

  4. Anonymous

    For the benefit of other users, pls note that the mobile for Samira Thai Restaurant has a typo – should be 012-9213880 and not 016-9213880

    1. Post

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