Ramadan Bazaar @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail (Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad)

Taman Tun Dr Ismail‘s Ramadan Bazaar is not the biggest around but it is definitely not short of good food. It is extremely easy to look for the bazaar’s site, as the food stalls stretch along Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2 where the Sunday pasar malam is usually at. According to long time visitors of TTDI’s Ramadan Bazaar, some of the must tries here are the Popiah, Putu Piring, Nasi Briyani and Ayam Percik. Our haul that evening totaled up to a little over RM50 – not cheap but satisfying considering all of them were tasty, with most of them bought from randomly selected stalls.


There are also a few other foods that I think are both rare and worthy of trying, like the Murtabak Maggi and Mie Cord Penang Char Koay Teow. The latter is unexpectedly delicious, comes in big portion and the best thing is, it tastes very similar to the authentic Penang version. When the Ramadan month is over I am definitely going to look for their restaurant at Sungai Penchala. So, here’s the photo dump of my visit to the bazaar.



Murtabak Maggi (Ayam/Daging) @ RM4.50 – a tasty and innovative version of the long time Ramadan favorite.


Penang Char Koay Teow by Mie Cord from Sungai Penchala, RM5 for the medium sized packet.. I highly recommend this. Also, opt for the wet version.


Like the name implies, Popiah Power is really powerful with never ending queue of customers.



There are a few Putu Piring stalls here but it doesn’t take a genius to know which is the popular one (Zainab’s)



I didn’t know Apam Balik could come in so many flavors!



The satays here are slightly more expensive compared to the rest (by 10 cents) but I don’t mind paying, because their satay are genuinely meaty with little fat. Plus, their spicy satay sauce is thick and loaded with lots of crushed peanuts too.




There are at least three roast lamb stalls here. I bought some from a random stall and found the lamb meat to be very tender but very pricey @ RM15 for a big portion.. not something I would buy again in future even though it tasted quite good.



Some of the best looking nasi goreng.







Pretty looking agar-agar






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  1. dobo

    vkeong ah. your pictures really capture the real vibrance of the foods. i wented to shah alam wan because i saw your mouth watering pictures years back. 100% the pictures look the same with the food there. eated till want to puke.

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  2. Average Joe

    Went there 1st week of puasa month and bought 3 pieces of popiah, 1 flavour each. When I ate the fried one wah keras macam batu!

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  3. Pohkemon

    Wow..very nice pict and you must go very early because when I reach there around 6.30pm..all almost empty. BTW, I still feel a little worry to shoot photo from too near, Scare get scold :-p

  4. choy meng

    Interesting article.

    Visited the ramadhan bazaar at ttdi one day – superb selection of food, not too pricey either.

    After that just so happens saw a Thai Massage place called amanwadi so decided to try out their thai massage. Wah, really good – exactly like what you would find in bangkok. Only RM52 per hour, so quite reasonable compared to some others like Thai odyssey etc. I think they are on Wan Kadir 2 (opposite the entrance to pasar besar ttdi), and their phone number is 0163322678.

    can’t wait for my next visit to ttdi.

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