Hung Kee Wantan Mee @ Jalan Loke Yew

If you travel along Jalan Loke Yew frequent enough you will notice Hung Kee restaurant, an old institution many claim to serve one of the best Wantan Mee in KL. Now that’s a claim I heartily disagree with. First of all, do know that your noodles are prepared by foreign workers (nothing personal against them, but you ought to know) while the locals only take down the orders.


For no reason, here’s a photo of wooden chopsticks.


I find the roast pork here quite terrible, soggy and tastes somewhat old. The hand-made noodle on the other hand is not bad, thinner than the usual with a nice bouncy texture but honestly nothing fantastic.

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Laem Cha Reon Seafood Restaurant @ Siam Paragon, Bangkok

Bangkok has a lot of seafood restaurants and Laem Cha Reon is one of the popular ones frequented by both locals and tourists alike. Being a chained restaurant, you could find Laem Cha Reon branches in most of the major shopping malls like Siam Paragon and Central World. They have a friendly menu with English and Chinese translation too so it is very convenient to order food here – especially for tourists like us who can’t comprehend Thai.


Just to play safe, most of the dishes we had are the recommended ones in the menu. Moreover, the locals are having them as well so I feel we should have done fine. Deep Fried Marinated Snapper with Sweet Fish Sauce @ 420THB is a specialty here and has received raving reviews from whoever has tried it. If you don’t mind the tad saltiness of the fish sauce, it is quite delicious alright (fresh, crispy and not oily at all) but not mind-blowingly good. For those looking for an extra kick, there is another similar version of this dish using the same fish but topped with loads of garlic and chillis.

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Ril’s Steakhouse @ Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar

For a restaurant that claims to serve ‘the best Steak in KL‘ I expect Ril’s to the very least, be able to prepare my meat properly according to my specified doneness. I don’t know why but the steaks I have had recently all have been less than satisfying due to overcooking. And the fact that they always get it right for my dining partner but not for mine only makes things even more frustrating.


Complimentary buns baked in house, fresh and fluffy. Nice and all but honestly I think just some normal salted butter would do – maybe even better than the fancy ones they provide.


Just for the record I have been to Ril’s Steakhouse at The Warehouse and this post is about their newly opened branch in Bangsar. Since we already tried their grass fed and prime Wagyu in our last visit we decided to give the others a try. I had the Australian Angus Rib Eye (grain fed 300g, RM152) while SL had the Sticky Beef Short Rib @ RM72. Because the latter does not look very appealing I am not going to show it but it was delicious alright – the meat was so tender it falls off the bone literally.


Proof that my steak was overcooked, this was nowhere near medium rare. Thinking back, I regretted not sending it back to have it replaced.

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