Sumi Nabe Bincho-tan Charcoal Steamboat @ M-Avenue, Segambut

The special thing about Sumi Nabe‘s steamboat is their Bincho-tan charcoal-fired stove which they use as the restaurant’s main marketing tool. If you are wondering if it is effective, well I did dine here because of that. And the price seemed quite alright too considering it is only RM37 for a two person set. Usually it is around RM14.50 to RM18 per pax in Kepong area.


Here’s the imported Bincho-tan charcoal (備長炭) they use for the steamboat. It is also known as white-charcoal, produced in Japan and has great benefits like not emitting any smoke and burns longer than the usual charcoals. So it is suitable to be used in a closed and air-conditioned area. Needless to say the charcoals also contribute a good part of the sum you pay for the steamboat at Sumi Nabe.






I am going to cut to the chase here and say that Sumi Nabe’s steamboat’s concept is quite unique, food is fresh (organic vegetable and stuff) and the soup tastes very natural – definitely not those laden with MSG. But the portion for the set meal is just not sufficient for a fulfilling meal unless you pile on the a la carte, which by the way is not very affordable either.


For example, a plate of pork slices (8 pcs) like this costs RM15. As tasty and fresh they are, the price is just a bit on the high side if you ask me.


The environment is rather classy for a steamboat restaurant, something unexpected in the Segambut area. In all fairness, I would only recommend Sumi Nabe is you are really curious about the Bincho-tan charcoal thing or if you are after a more comfortable (quiet, clean and air conditioned) steamboat experience.

Sumi Nabe Steamboat
H-0-6, M-Avenue,
No.1, Jalan 1/38A, Segambut Bahagia,
51200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 019-2265512/016-2505790

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  1. Darien

    Portion is too small to justify the high price.

    Service was a mess.

    Food is OK nothing fantastic but still the price and portion is the down side.

    1. Post
  2. Alfred

    If anyone here like to try charcoal steamboat, head on to Restoran Stadium Negara located at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, KL. Opens daily 6pm until close.

    Famous for BBQ chicken wings, sotong etc…

    P/S: You can opt for the normal gas-stove steamboat as well.

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