fatCUPID @ La Pari-Pari Boutique Hotel, Langkawi

If you’re in the mood for continental meals and the idea of poolside dining appeals to you, then fatCUPID should be one of the places in Langkawi to consider. Located just a stone throw’s away from Sun Cafe, fatCUPID is the resident restaurant of La Pari-Pari, a boutique hotel with a cheerful and relaxing atmosphere.



But first you should know that the food (even a simple breakfast) here is not cheap. Honestly, if your budget is less than RM20/pax you should probably forget about this place and consider eating elsewhere.


Vegetarian Works (two eggs of your choice + sauteed greens + hash browns + baked beans + toast) @ RM25 with a Long Black @ RM8.50. Very pricey even for city standards. I am not sure how the locals could afford this kind of pricing but I am thinking their target customers are mostly KL and foreign expatriates who don’t mind paying a lil extra for the setting.


Lemongrass Freezy @ RM13


3 Eggs Omelette (mushrooms + beef bacon + capsicum + onions + milk & cheese on toast) @ RM22 – you must really love eggs in order to finish this, luckily I am one of those people. In hindsight and in all fairness, maybe we should have came for lunch instead because the lunch/dinner menu looks much more interesting and offers better value for money too. Maybe next time.




Likes: Friendly service, poolside atmosphere and greenery all around
Dislikes: Unexpectedly pricey for Langkawi standards

2273 – Jalan Teluk Baru,
Kampung Tasek Anak,
07000 Langkawi
GPS Coordinates: N6 16.762 E99 44.025

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  1. JD

    I thought the pricing of most eateries in Langkawi is to cater foreigners, hence for us locals, it’s consider pricey. But the 3 eggs omelette sure looks tasty although look plain.

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