9 Best Coffee Houses in Berlin

Every year many people fall in love with Berlin. Usually, it happens not because of the luxurious architecture or the capital’s charm. People come here for the very special atmosphere: creative, relaxing, reckless and flamboyant.

Artists and inventors are looking for inspiration, students revel in freedom, entrepreneurs appreciate the insane energy and dynamics of this city. Likewise, there are many Russians in this city so you can figure out all the truth about Russian brides. Do you want to meet them here? Visit Berlin’s coffee houses.

  1. St. Oberholz is a mecca of startupers: the owners of MacBooks and moleskins are gathering here from the early morning, usually they take delicious banana bread and flat white and go to work on some grand idea. People are talking about the latest news from the Valley, discussing technological breakthroughs, and sometimes even presenting the concept to a potential investor or a new employee.
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  3. The Barn – a local alternative to Starbucks, a network of coffee houses all over the city. Here is a student audience, but the quality of coffee is incomparably higher: it is not only brewed here but also fried.
  4. Kaschk lives a double life: coffee is served here in the morning and craft beer – in the evening. Both of them are of the excellent quality, so there are many visitors all the day long.
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  6. Ben Rahim – it’s easy to get past it without a notice. A tiny square inch, lost in the Hackesche courtyards, touts not with a bright signboard, but with a cozy aroma of coffee and baking. On Google this place has a rating of 4.9 – and it is very justified. Get some coffee to go: two feet you can find a spreading tree, under which it’s so cool to dream and catch inspiration.
  7. Rausch Schokoladenhaus is located in the heart of tourist Berlin. On the first floor there is a stunning chocolate shop where you can buy good souvenirs, but on the second floor, there is a coffee house, about which not everyone knows.
  8. Digital Eatery – the best coffee house on Unter den Linden. In winter hot chocolate is served here with marshmallow in addition to excellent coffee, and in summer – refreshing smoothies. But the most important thing is that here you can find the showroom of Microsoft: work on a brand-new laptop, play in the X-box or even try on a helmet of virtual reality – everything is free and without any limits.
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  10. Type Hype was not originally a coffee house, but a design store with an unusual concept – all around the alphabet. Letters are everywhere: for example, in one of the rooms, there is a typographic machine and a cabinet with a set of impressions for newspaper printing.
  11. No Fire No Glory – a noisy, fun place with a fickle audience: daddies with strollers, gender-nonconforming couples and old ladies in strict suits and with perfect styling. It is strange but everyone looks equally organically – might it be about coffee here?
  12. Godshot – it seems that nobody has thought about its interior even a second, and bought furniture at the nearest flea market. The better: coming here is like making a visit to an old neighbor who makes a delicious coffee and tells life stories.

By all that variety you can get to know real Berlin.